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Healing Crystals CHTANG CHTANG
I am loving all the hearts - perfect for holding and for my pocket. They make great little gifts to offer for heart connections
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These hearts are gorgeous. Nice and chunky, beautiful color, and delicious, serene energy. Love, love, love!!
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A great product.When I teach about angels I make sure these are shown.
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A very vivid blue.Very nice!
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Carries a beautiful gentle energy, very soothing. Surely to connect with the angelic realm. Im very happy with my purchase. Thank you So much!
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I bought these stones and sent them to my grandsons to help keep the as they put it scarey monsters in their room away. Trust me they work, the power of the stones when placed under their pillow stops all bad dreams and kees the monsters from under the bed. you can also place them under the bed to keep the monsters out of the room.
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Hearts - Angelite Heart (Peru)    [CHTANG]

Instock $ 2024-02-09
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