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Inside this Issue October 2020 Newsletter

Something not so Spooky for Halloween!

October 2020 ft Tumbled Honey Calcite

Join us on Halloween weekend from October 29 to November 1 to celebrate 20% sitewide! No costumes necessary and there will be lots of crystal treats to go around!

Through the month we are also going to be featuring our favorite Halloween Inspired Specimen and Crystals so make sure you like our Facebook Page or Instagram.

In addition, there is going to be a smorgasbord of crystals and items on sale which you're NOT going to want to miss and don't forget to ask us about our Monthly Specials advertised on our Social Media!

Love and Crystal Blessings always,
The Healing Crystals Online and Showroom Team

Crystal Talk in October

Stichtite Infographic

This month I wanted to feature a sweet little stone, something we've recently received stock of. Allow me to introduce to you, Stichtite in Serpentine, also known as Atlantisite.

Stichtite is the purple spots you see embedded in the lovely, healthy green Serpentine; and what a compatible match they are! Stichtite on its own brings compassion, tranquility and forgiveness. When combined with Serpentine, it also offers abundance and healing, as well as helping you manifest your desires!

It helps you to reconnect with nature and Mother Earth, especially if you (like me) are spending most of your time only at home and/or work. Isn't this just the perfect companion for us right now?

Ashley from the Love and Light School actually recommends placing a piece near your favorite garden spot, tree or in a faerie garden to encourage nature spirits to visit your space. This could be a lovely area to escape to after a long day at home working *wink*

Because this stone is also known as Atlantisite, you can also work with it to connect with that Ancient Land, knowledge and energy.

In whatever way you decide to connect with Atlantisite, I hope it captures your heart as it has mine and I probably need to move mine off of my desk to my succulent garden outside!

Creative Crystal Blessings,

This month we have two, awesome articles to share with you:

Dawn from Dawn Marino Energy Healing shares with us her article about Sacred Space & Tools for Honoring Samhain! Perfect for Halloween and Samhain this month.

We finish the newsletter with a beautiful video by Caroline Jalango about Shadow Work: why she LOVES it and easy tips on how to dive into that inner work! Many people undertake doing shadow work during October as it's known as that darker time, which shadow work is characteristically known to be as well. It doesn't need to be dark or intimidating and Caroline offers a great perspective if you want to start doing inner work!


Sacred Space & Tools for Honoring Samhain

Sacred Space & Tools for Honoring Samhain by Dawn Marino - Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

With the last day of October comes the celebration of Samhain, a day rooted in Celtic spiritual traditions and rituals. October 31st marks the midpoint between both the Autumn Equinox and Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, winding down the end of the summer season. This fire festival is traditionally celebrated to honor the harvest and the spirits wandering in our realm. This day of the year is believed to have a thinner veil between the physical and spirit world, allowing for easier interaction and communication. Today, we celebrate Samhain to honor Mother Earth, nature, ancestral spirits and the passing of the year.

Many honor Samhain by creating a sacred space for their rituals. For creating your own sacred space to pay homage on the last night of the month, choose an area in your living space or outside where you will not be disturbed. Altars serve as an ideal tool when it comes to setting up your area. Here you can recite mantras, pray, set intentions, reflect and meditate. Altars allow you to leave offerings and work on manifesting intentions. If you do not have an Altar or an object to serve as one, you can still place your tools around your chosen area with the same intended effect.

Samhain rituals often entail the burning of candles and herbs, and the diffusing of oils. An incense burner or bowl for your herbs is recommended, as well as designated candles for your ceremony.  Candles may be chosen by color and the corresponding intentions, such as white for purification of energy, or orange and yellow to represent the Fall season. Herbs for Samhain often include Rosemary, Mugwort, Sage and Bay Leaf. Other herbs that represent Autumn harvest and sacred intentions may also be burned or placed in your space. Oils for grounding, such as Patchouli and Vetiver will compliment your Altar, as well as Rosemary and other earthy oils.

You may choose a cloth for your Altar, and have it be colors that symbolize gratitude for those whose memories are being honored. Samhain also acknowledges the act of releasing what no longer serves us, so as you create your space you may choose items to reflect this. Decor can also include Autumn harvest items, such as pumpkins and gourds, dried corn stalks and colorful flowers. Offerings of fruit and candies, such as apples and butterscotch, are another option to consider. Bells and singing bowls also add to the energy, as well as raising the vibration. The decor adds to the intention and feeling of the space you are creating.

Having some intention paper or a journal nearby allows for you to write your intentions or what you choose to release, as well as mark down any thoughts, feelings or observations during the time you spend reflecting in your sacred space. You may also choose to express gratitude, as well as recognition to Mother Earth. 

When it comes to crystals for your sacred Samhain space, crystals that connect to the Earth, have properties of rebirth, gratitude, abundance and release are all ideal. Citrine for abundance, Green Aventurine for gratitude, Moonstone for rebirth, Smokey Quartz for release and Black Obsidian for Earth connections are some crystal suggestions for your Altar. When you are done with your ritual, grounding is important, so Black Tourmaline or Shungite can offer grounding support after.

Natural Citrine Chunks Tumbled Moonstone Green Aventurine Sphere Tumbled Black Obsidian Smokey Quartz Chunks

May your sacred Samhain space offer the desired area and elements for your rituals and ceremonies. Blessings & happy Samhain!

With gratitude,


ABOUT DAWN MARINO: Dawn Marino is a Psychic Energy Healer, Intuitive Tarot Reader and Spiritual Writer. She provides Distance Energy Healing, allowing clients from all over the globe to experience her healing sessions.

Visit her Website, Facebook Page, and/or Instagram.

Why I Love Inner Work (Shadow Work) & How to Do Inner Work! (EASY TIPS)

(Click the above image to watch in YouTube - 12 minute watch)

Caroline Jalango shares a simple process of how she does her Inner Work or Shadow work to release recurring thoughts, emotions, fears, limitations, behaviors that sabotage her life. Inner work/shadow work is a necessary process of personal transformation, soul growth and evolution. Releasing and letting go of dense energies is crucial for our light and love to shine brightly and for the maximum enjoyment of LIFE.


ABOUT CAROLINE JALANGO: Caroline Jalango, founder of Crystals Talk, is a Higher Consciousness and Personal Transformation Teacher and Intuitive Coach. Through her work with tools of Awakening and Higher Consciousness, she helps others find FREEDOM within and without, Heal themselves, Love themselves, Awaken and Remember who they are. She offers guidance to help you raise your frequency, clear emotional, mental, physical and energetic blockages so that you can enjoy your exciting and beautiful life in THIS physical reality.

Visit her WebsiteFacebook Page, Instagram and/or YouTube.

Posted on October 01, 2020
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