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Inside this Issue October 2019 Newsletter

“Magic is really very simple, all you've got to do is want something and then let yourself have it.” - Aggie Cromwell, Halloweentown

October has arrived and what is October most well-known for? Halloween, jack-o-lanterns and pumpkin spice of course! I know many people look forward to October for those very reasons but if Halloween is not your type of party and you prefer to stay indoors with a good book, you may be delighted to know that October is also National Book Month.

However you decided to celebrate this month, remember to have fun, don't eat too much candy and keep warm as the weather starts to get a lilttle more mild!

Healing Crystals Clearance Extravaganza Sale!

What's happening in October at

50% off over 100+ different Crystals!

We are in the process of clearing out the shelves, boxes and crystal storage in our Showroom to make room for the Clearance Extravaganza Sale that is taking place until the end of the Year! This month, our Natural Crystals will be on clearance for 50% off or MORE!

Our Favorites from the Clearance Extravaganza

In spirit of the above mentioned sale happening, here are 15 of our favorite items. There will be 100+ more, so visit the Clearance Extravaganza to see what you can add to your cart this month!

Amethyst Stalactite with Wooden BaseClear Quartz Twins or Clusters SpecimensChrome Diopside ChipsClear Quartz Grid SetGarnet Gemstone Chips

Amethyst Stalactites with Wood Base - Protection, Purification, Spirituality - Opening your heart to the infinite possibilities that are available to you.

Clear Quartz Twins/Cluster Specimens - Healing, Enhancing, Amplification - Reminding you that you are a radiant being filled with all frequencies of light.

Chrome Diopside Chips/Chunks (B-Grade) - Compassion, Forgiveness, Reconciliation - Affirming that you are emotionally and physically healed and whole.

Garnet Gemstone Chips - Love, Loyalty, Commitment - Reminding you that you are loyal to yourself and others.

Clear Quartz Points Grid Set - Healing, Enhancing, Amplification - Reminding you that you are a radiant being filled with all frequencies of light.

Topaz Chips or ChunksGreen Sphene ChipsHimalayan Clear Quartz PointsNatural Prasiolite ChipsSpodumene Crystals

Topaz Chips/Chunks - Awareness, Creativity, Manifestation - Reminding you to trust that your intuition will answer all of your questions.

Green Sphene Chips/Chunks - Health and Healing, Animal/Plant Connections, Calming/Soothing - Connecting you to all of the flora and fauna of the Universe.

Himalayan Clear Quartz Points - Healing, Enhancing, Amplification - Reminding you that you are a radiant being filled with all frequencies of light.

Prasiolite/Green Amethyst Chips - Heart Healing, Self Worth/Confidence, Connection to the Divine - Assisting you to feel the healing energy of the Universe which flows through you and into the earth.

Spodumene Crystals - High Vibration, Divine Connection, Energy Transmitter - Filling you with divine peace.

Hiddenite ChipsNatural Blue Aventurine Chunks SpecimensZoned MicaNatural Aragonite Chunk SpecimenClear Quartz Twins and Clusters

Hiddenite Chips - Unconditional Love, Hope, Gratitude - Filling you with universal love and enabling you to share it freely with others.

Natural Blue Aventurine Chunks - Awareness, Empathy, Understanding - Helping you find wisdom and maturity through spiritual growth.

Zoned Bicolor Mica with Lepidolote - Protection, Peace, Strength - Affirming that you are physically and etherically shielded from negativity.

Natural Aragonite Chunk Specimen - Grounding, Centering, Stabilizing - Grounding and connecting you to the energy of the earth.

Clear Quartz Twins/Clusters - Healing, Enhancing, Amplification - Reminding you that you are a radiant being filled with all frequencies of light.

Crystal Talk in October

In South Africa, October is just a regular month for us and Halloween isn't celebrated so it's not a topic I can talk about. Therefore, in celebration of "Love your Pets" week from October 04-10, I am sharing with you my top crystals for pets. They make my world go around and I'm sure many pepole can relate to that so let's dive in shall we!

Rose Quartz Tumbled Dalmation Jasper

Rose Quartz - Humans love Rose Quartz and so do our pets. It's a great, loving stone that you may find is just as soothing for pets as it is for us.

Dalmation Jasper - Any time people want to work with animals, I recommend Dalmation Jasper. It is calming, balancing and can help with cramps.

Rainbow Fluorite Cabochons Blue Calcite Chunks Tumbled Carnelian

Rainbow Fluorite - Often people ask about crystals for their pets because they are older and/or in pain. Rainbow Fluorite is really good for pain relief, and if your furbaby will allow it, give them a light massage with it.

Blue Calcite - Blue Calcite can assist with inflammation problems, especially if your pet has arthritis. For humans, we go to Malachite but I find Blue Calcite works just as well with pets.

Carnelian - Carnelian is the one I go to for older furbabies because most often you find that they spend their time sleeping and lying down so when they get up, their muscles and body is stiff. A good massage with Carnelian can help warm things up again.


Many people want to work with crystals for their pets and I think that's fantastic, so here are my top tips:

  • Always choose crystals that are bigger in size because you don't want your furbaby to swallow the crystal.
  • If you keep crystals in their bed, remove it regularly to clear them. I also don't recommend you keeping it in their bed permanently. Allow your pets to soak up the crystal energy and then take it away. No one likes an energy overdose.
  • Trust your intuition, even when choosing crystals for your furbaby. They cannot talk to you but if you trust your intuition, you'll choose the right ones for them and if you pay attention to the subtle cues they offer, you'll pick up when they've had enough crystal energy and what they really like. For instance, my Jack Russell Terror Terrior gets hyped up around warm stones like Sunstone, Carnelian and Citrine, but get a Rose Quartz near her and she is a calm, puddle of love. She loves her Rose Quartz massages!

Creative Crystal Blessings,

This month we have two, awesome articles to share with you. Nicole Marie shares with us an article about shadow work and exploring your dark side, because honestly, we are NOT all love and light. We all have a dark side that deserves recognition. Terreasa Burgess gets into the Halloween spirit and shares with us her favorite crystals for protection during spirit communication and divination!

Shadow Work - Exploring your Dark Side

Shadow Work and Exploring your Dark Side by Nicole Marie

Duality is a very important theme in life. Without dark, there cannot be light. Without bad, there cannot be good. We would have no concept of one without the other. Even in ourselves, this dichotomy exists. The path to enlightenment begins with awareness and a restructuring of thought patterns, and for many people, that is a lot of work for one lifetime, and they are content to stop there for now, but for some of us, we are ready to take that next step, which is known as "shadow work." Shadow work is meeting that part of yourself that isn't always sunshine and rainbows, acknowledging it, and embracing it so that you can balance both parts of yourself and move on to the next step in the path of spiritual enlightenment. When we repress any part of ourselves (including aspects of yourself that you are afraid or ashamed of), illness, bad luck, and obstacles/barriers can manifest in our lives that can prevent us from achieving the things we want the most. When we balance our light and dark, deep healing on a profound level can occur. Crystals can be a great way to begin this work. You can use them to meditate/dream, which is useful for exploring this part of yourself.

If you are someone who is ready for shadow work, here are four crystals to help you on your journey. (I strongly encourage you to research this topic yourself before you begin, as it is very in-depth and you'll need to be well-informed.)

  1. Indigo Gabbro (aka Mystic Merlinite) - Not for the faint of heart, this stone will reveal the darkest parts of yourself. It will make you look at your past, it will show you the true motivation behind your actions, and it will dig up all that stuff you've spent your life burying and lay them all out in front you. This may sound unpleasant, but once you are able to see and acknowledge these things, Indigo Gabbro will then show you how these dark things fit in to your highest self. Examining these pieces of your puzzle can open you up to understanding yourself in a way you didn't know was possible.
  2. Clam Shell Jasper - This stone is incredibly useful for exploring and implementing balance within yourself. It also protects and nurtures you if you're feeling nervous about taking on shadow work. It will show you your light and dark in relation to each other and then will inspire you to keep moving forward with positive motives.
  3. Snowflake Obsidian - This crystal is helpful for shadow work as it shows you your hopes and fears and also shows you the patterns in your life that an inner imbalance may be causing. It's also a very good grounding stone that will help you feel safe when you are examining these topics.
  4. Spider Web Jasper - This crystal is great for aligning and balancing yourself. It will help you slow your thoughts and calm your mind as you meditate or dream to begin this process. This crystal has been called "The Master of the Subconscious Mind", which pretty much tells you why it's a great stone for this purpose. Like Indigo Gabbro (but maybe in a more gentle way), it will dig up the things that are causing you problems in your life, and it will also show you what those problems are. You may be so used to something in your life, you don't realize it's actually hindering you in any way.

So, roll up your sleeves, take a deep breath, and prepare for some life-changing revelations that will ultimately lead you toward that which is for your highest good. You needn't be afraid to take on this task, but certainly only approach it if you are ready to make some big changes. Hold the intention that whatever surfaces must be for your benefit, and you'll do just fine!


Nicole Marie, Sol Path Tarot and Crystal Magick

Crystals for Protection during Spirit Communication and Divination

Crystals for Protection during Spirit Communication and Divination on Halloween

Samhain, All Hallows Eve or Halloween, whichever term you use for it, it is a time of year that can be truly magical and mysterious. Costumes, candy, parties and fun on October 31st is how many pagans celebrate their New Year. It is also the time of year when seances, card reading and divination of all types are attempted as the veil between worlds gets thin so we can reach out to our ancestors and loved ones for guidance. And whether it is cards, runes or spirit boards, being protected from unseen harm is important. So let's check out some crystals that are helpful for spirit communication and protection.

One of my very favorite crystals for any type of divination is Labradorite. Labradorite can be used to protect the aura from attack or shield it from unwanted energies. It is also connected to the Third Eye and Crown chakras making it very good for connecting to guides, spirits, ancestors or your higher power. It has an excellent balance of protection, transformation, intuition and strength helping you to be open to receive messages from beyond the veil. I use Labradorite with a Clear Quartz point when I am doing card readings. The Clear Quartz, which enhances the properties of crystals used with it, helps to boost my intuition and strengthen the bubble of protection around me.

If being open to connect with spirit is what you want, you could try using some Lapis Lazuli. Lapis Lazuli has long been a stone associated with mystery, divination and for thousands of years associated with the Divine. It is also connected to the Third Eye, Crown and Throat chakras making it wonderful for communication, inner power and intuition. Meditation with Lapis Lazuli can open us up to our higher self or power creating a strong bond to help us move forward in our spiritual journey.

There is also a crystal most everyone is familiar with and is readily available at most shops, Amethyst. Amethyst encourages communication with the divine, spiritual wisdom and can help us bring out our natural psychic abilities. What some consider to be a simple healing crystal, is also a powerful protection stone for blocking negative energy, guarding against psychic attack and helping to keep the aura pure. Connected to the Third Eye and Crown chakras it helps to bring about protection, spirituality and purification.

I always consider protection to be a high priority when I am reading cards or using other forms of divination. I try to use a stone that is connected to my Root chakra to keep me grounded, protected and calm, so my choice for protection is Black Tourmaline. It can block all negative energies on both sides of the veil, clear blockages so that communication can be facilitated easily and protect against psychic attack. I like to imagine a shield of Black Tourmaline around me while holding it in my hand as I prepare for a card reading session.

These are but a few crystals that you can use during divination and there are many more to be explored. Always trust you instincts when choosing crystals to assist in your divination work and you can never go wrong!


Many Blessings
Terreasa Burgess, CCH and owner, Enchanted Thyme Gift Shop / Facebook Page


Posted on October 08, 2019
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