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Inside this Issue November 2019 Newsletter

“Gratitude is a powerful catalyst for happiness. It’s the spark that lights a fire of joy in your soul.” - Amy Collette

Healing Crystals Clearance Extravaganza Sale!

What's happening in November at

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By now many of you know that we are in the process of clearing out the shelves, boxes and crystal storage in our Showroom for the Clearance Extravaganza Sale BUT this November, we are taking it a step further and now you can take 66% off all the crystals that are on already clearance!

Our Favorites from the Clearance Extravaganza

Here are 12 top picks from the Clearance Extravaganza this month. There will be 100+ more, so visit the Clearance Extravaganza to see what you can add to your cart this month!

Tumbled Banded CarnelianTumbled Leopard Skin JasperClear Quartz Clusters from ArkansasTangerine Quartz Clusters and Twins

Tumbled Banded Carnelian - Creativity, Physical Vitality, Grounding - Filling you with inner peace and joy.

Tumbled Leopardskin Japser - Protection, Harmony, Journeying - Reminding you to treat yourself and others with gentleness and kindness.

Clear Quartz Clusters from Arkansas - Healing, Enhancing, Amplification - Affirming that you are a radiant being filled with all frequencies of light.

Tangerine Quartz Clusters and Twins - Understanding, Acceptance, Growth - Encouraging you to release all judgment so that you can grow spiritually.

Green Aventurine Star of David PendantClear Quartz point with Amethyst PendantChakra Pendulum Sets in 3, 7 or 10 piece setsCabochon Sets in 3, 7 and 10 piece sets

Green Aventurine Star of David Pendant - Healing, Abundance, Growth - Letting your soul know that you are part of the Tree of Life.

Clear Quartz "Rose Cut" with Amethyst Pendant - Protection, Purification, Spirituality - Opening your mind up to the infinite possibilities that are available to you.

Chakra Pendulum Sets (3, 7 or 10 pc sets) - Use for Divination or Chakra Work - Work with Pendulums that have multiple facets which help guide the energy of this crystal during scrying sessions.

Cabochon Sets (3, 7 and 10pc sets) - Energize and Balance the Chakras - Allowing you to participate in your healing journey with crystals for your Chakras.

Hessonite Garnet ChipsSpotted Agate SpecimensLapis Lazuli AngelsGolden Tiger Eye Merkaba

Hessonite Garnet Chips - Creativity, Meditation, Confidence - Reminding you that your journey through life is filled with good health and happiness.

Spotted Agate Specimens - Grounding, Protection, Memory - Assisting you to be an inspiration to others.

Lapis Lazuli Angels - Communication, Intuition, Inner Power - Helping you to see clearly and speak with confidence..

Golden Tiger Eye Merkaba - Protection, Creativity, Balance - Filling you with warmth and light.

Crystal Talk in November

November, the month before Christmas and marked with the holiday of Thanksgiving, a time of giving thanks. If you're looking to bring in a little more gratitude into your life, then I'm really excited to be talking about Green Fluorite this month. It's one of the stones with the strongest gratitude "roots" for and I have been dying to just chat about this incredible stone for ages now!

Green Fluorite Mandala

I was gifted the most beautiful natural Green Fluorite pieces from Namibia some time ago from a dear friend. She isn't into crystals or "woo woo" all that much and she told me that she couldn't wait for me to pick it up, because she was constantly in a bright and sunny mood which was uncharacteristic for her. I thought nothing of it at the time because well, crystals effect us all so differently and perhaps at the time, she just needed some extra sunshine in her life. I then started working with this bad boy.

If you feel like lately you've been overlooking or just not noticing all the blessings that is in your life, work with some Green Fluorite. You'll find your heart opening, your spirit in a higher vibration and ready to be thankful for the smallest of things as well as the bigger things. Meditate with it in the morning and carry it with you to keep that essence mixing with yours throughout the day.

Green Fluorite in a Nutshell: A gentle healer that clears and energizes all Chakras (especially the Heart and Throat Chakra), allows healing from heart-based issues, brings more order out of chaos, dispels negative energy especially in group situations, keeps you focused, enhances growth, and encourages a deeper connection to nature.

Creative Crystal Blessings,

This month we have two, awesome articles to share with you. Trace Preston, a Tarot Reader based in South Africa, shares with us her favorite crystals for the in-between seasons just as we are preparing to say good-bye to Fall. Beth Dalvi tackles crystals that we can turn to for protection while traveling and stress relief, as so many of us are going to be doing just that as the holiday season approaches.

The Magick of the "inbetweener" Seasons

The Magick of the Inbetween Seasons by Trace Preston

In South Africa, spring is drawing to an end and the verdant, greenness of awakening is fully upon us, as Summer draws nearer. Up North, Fall/Autumn is bringing the slowing of life, the surrender and closing of fertility, as Winter creeps in.

It's incredible to me how little nature cares for "time" as a concept, and that dates on a man-made calendar have no bearing on the processes that other sentient beings experience when their intuition lets them know it's time.

Spring is officially 1 September here, but our garden was vibrant with life long before that. The first signs of life having edged in, in early August, which is still the "dead of winter" on a calendar.

That raw 'knowing' that pulses through the wild, animals and plants alike, is never more noticeable to humans than in the "in-between seasons".

Radical change comes, and it's all completely natural. It's imprinted on the souls of those that live wild. They don't question it, they don't try to capture or change it, to make it fit their timelines. They flow with it. It is how and why they thrive.

These seasons, the inbetweenies, are for me, the most powerful times for my own intuition. The seasons in which I feel I grow, tune in and expand the most.

It's been years since I looked at a calendar and thought "Spring is coming soon, it's nearly 1st September".  I allow my intuition to guide me. I feel. I see I hear, I sense.

It's the slightly more dewy smell in the pre-dawn air, the way the light falls differently on my walls at sunset. The time at which the birds wake and roost and the sound and pitch of their calls, the feel of the grass beneath my feet. The showing of tiny pre-buds where the leaves will come on the trees. It's a feeling in my being.

Intuition is a knowing. But it is born of a sense. One we are often discouraged from developing, in lieu of conforming to societal norms. It's a sixth sense and like all others, can be honed and fed.

Allowing myself to tune into the wild around me, especially in these in-between seasons, when there is so much intuitive chatter about, is when I can grow this sense the most.

When the wild speaks most clearly.

I find at these times, meditation comes easier, and when I do, I am drawn to both the green and also the fiery orangy stones to guide my connection with Source.

Spring sings in my heart Chaka. It opens me to new love, expansion, growth and to work with stones that feed into that, works best for me. Green Fluorite, Aventurine, delicious Moss Agate. Opening my heart and lifting me to places of higher connection.

As the Fall comes, I feel myself settling into my Sacral and Root Chakras. Going back to basics, nurturing, feeding creativity and grounding myself before the winter comes. Red Jasper, Carnelian, Orange Calcite, and Garnet warms my soul for the coming lean times. 

Wherever you are on our magnificent planet, whatever season you are in, I wish you gentle days, open hearts and minds, and peaceful souls.

Blessed Be, Sweet Souls.
Trace, Owner of Four Crows In a Row

Crystals for Protection and the Stress of Being on the Go

Crystals for Protection with Travelling and Stress Relief by Beth Dalvi (Image by Romana-Anita from Pixabay)

The holiday season is coming, and for some, the travel. According to the US Department of Transportation, travel over Thanksgiving weekend increases by 54% more than any other time of the year. Over 51 MILLION Americans travel at least 50 miles or more during this holiday weekend.

No matter if you are travelling over the holiday, or travelling every day, there are crystals that can help with the protection and stress of being on the go.

Crystals for travel are perfect for anyone who drives on a daily basis, or travels often. When we travel in our cars around town, or on a flight out of town, we can be subjected to other's emotions and actions, as well as unforeseen circumstances of our own. These emotions, actions, and situations can be un-grounding and can throw off our balance of energy.

Hematite – Helps with jet lag, Amethyst – Reduces anxiety bringing a sense of control, Black Tourmaline – Shields you from the energies of others around you, Smokey Quartz – Stone of cooperation, and having an Evil Eye Amulet, or any other amulet that helps with energy or that protects one from misfortune or injury is perfect to round out your travel collection!

The above crystals help with travelling, but what about the stress that goes along with travelling? If you are one of the 51 million driving to grandma's house over the holidays, it is a given that you will be stuck in traffic at some point. Or, if you are one of the 51 million to fly, there is always that crowded airport with all the questionable energy swirling around, flight delays, or even flight cancellations all together.

Just as there are crystals for travelling, there are crystals for stress and calming. There are four crystals in which I use on a regular basis that aid in releasing stress and struggle and promotes calm and soothing energy. Black Agate – Finds inner strength, Moss Agate – Releases fear and let's go of anxiety and stress, Shiva Lingham – Lets go of emotions that are not for your highest good, and Rose Quartz – Brings love and calming, soothing energy.

When using these crystals for the soothing calm, I also add a bit of Lavender essential oil to help as it is a mood stabilizer, relieves stress and promotes calm, and when used at night, lavender helps with the sleep process. It also doesn't hurt that Lavender is known to be an anti-bacterial either. That means maybe it's doing extra duty to help keep the germs away!! *fingers crossed*

What are your plans for the upcoming holidays?

With peace,
Owner of Dignity Holistic Care and DH Crystal Company


Posted on November 08, 2019
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