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This month we have a very special newsletter for you that should give you some interesting ideas for Mother's Day on May 10th!

“Crystals as Gifts” by Sarah Duni Bourland, is a great article that gives suggestions for gift-giving, as well as why crystals make wonderfully significant gifts for many people. “Calling All Mommies” is Stephanie Arnold's offering this month. It covers the various stages of motherhood and beyond, as well as crystals that are energetically supportive during these times.

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Warm crystal blessings from the staff of!

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Now, on to our Newsletter...

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Calling All Mommies!

By Stephanie Arnold


With Mother’s Day approaching and spring in the air, we see new life everywhere and it reminds us of our own life, a gift from our parents. Mother’s Day originated with the ancient Greeks and Romans who celebrated an annual spring festival dedicated to their maternal goddesses. Today we celebrate Mother’s Day and honor all mothers, moms, mommies, grandmas, grammies, grannies and nanas, thanking them for the gifts of life and love that they provide for us and their constant support. What a brilliant way to show mom how much you care by giving her crystals this Mother’s Day!

Pregnancy and becoming a mother is a fantastic time in any woman’s life. For those moms-to-be, pregnancy is filled with joy and anticipation for the journey of motherhood. Moonstone’s gentle, feminine energies are very supportive of pregnancy and childbirth. It can also encourage fertility in those wishing to get pregnant. Some other crystals include Unakite, which is supportive of healthy pregnancies, and Azurite to assist in the development of the fetus. The mom-to-be can even place crystals directly on her “momma belly” for the baby to feel all the wonderful energies.

Once the baby arrives, undoubtedly there will be non-stop activity for the new mother. Chalcedony can help get those maternal instincts going and is also a great crystal for nursing mothers. When mom is finally able to lie down at night, Amethyst under the pillow can help her sleep to be more restful. Rose Quartz on the nightstand and placed throughout the house will bring in love to help combat the stress of having a new baby around and help remind the parents of their love for each other. The new baby will enjoy the loving energies too. When baby is having trouble resting, Charoite can help him/her to calm and rest peacefully. A well-rested baby and some mommy-time will help to keep mom balanced and focused for when baby is ready to experience the world.

Once those babies start moving, they don’t seem to slow down for much, and mom will have to stay on her toes to keep up. Gem elixirs are a great way for a busy mom to get more from her crystals when on the go. For reference, here is an article and a YouTube video with directions on how to make your own elixir. She can even add a crystal to her bottle of water when on the go. Rose Quartz, Amethyst and Clear Quartz are an excellent combination to keep mom energized and balanced during the entire day. If stress starts to feel overwhelming, she could try a Blue Lace Agate Crystal in her water to encourage relaxing energies and bring her peace of mind.

Working moms are truly amazing at how they can balance work, home and family in a seemingly effortless fashion. Juggling schedules for all members of the family while trying to maintain your own career is an exhausting endeavor for anyone. For mom’s workspace, Black Tourmaline is great for deflecting negativity and Honey Calcite can help keep her safe from office gossip. Celestite is a wonderful friend after a long day at work. Adding Celestite to bath water will make mom’s bath even more relaxing as it eases away muscle and mental tensions. When mom’s feet are sore from a long day on her feet, suggest she try using a crystal wand to massage her achy feet. A Sodalite wand can have just the soothing effect she needs.

One of the most challenging times in a mother’s life can be dealing with their teenage children. When at the end of the rope, Red Garnet can help mom control her anger and Chrysoprase can help her to avoid speaking from anger. Obsidian can help to overcome frustrations from dealing with a stubborn or difficult child. Mom should turn to Black Onyx when having worries or fears for her children. It always helps to have Moonstone around for those teenagers too. Moonstone will help to balance the hormones that can create mood swings.

After the children have moved on to families of their own, mom moves on to a new role in her life too, as a grandmother. For Grandma, Morganite encourages unconditional love and encourages her to enjoy life to the fullest. Amber can bring vitality and Sunstone fills mom’s life with energy and happiness. When Grandma is babysitting, she may find Howlite helps her to be patient with the little ones. Of course grandma could still use a relaxing crystal bath too after all the family heads home. A blend of Mangano Calcite and Green Calcite will create a bath that releases tension and anxiety, but also helps with inflammation and boosts the immune system.

She is your mother. She loves you above everyone else, cares for you in times of need, and is your biggest fan. She looks past our flaws to see the radiance shining from within. You have her heart forever and mom holds a special place in your heart too. May every mom have a blessed Mother’s Day filled with love and family! Crystal Blessings!


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Crystals as Gifts

By Sarah Duni Bourland

Crystals make wonderful gifts for you or for others. They are easy to appreciate, they last forever and bring good energy, and they can be given for practically any occasion. The first crystal I purchased was a small blue geode slice I got on vacation when I was a child while traveling around the southwest. At the time I didn’t know anything about crystals, but I liked that geode slice enough that I still have it to this day. I thought it was amazing that on the outside geodes look like plain rocks, but inside they are filled with beautiful crystals. I also always liked worry stones as a kid. There was something very comforting about them to me.

It was not until a few years ago that I began to feel in tune with crystals and started collecting them. My interest in them was spawned by some friends who were crystal lovers. Their house and farm were dotted everywhere with crystals. One of the first times I met them they handed me a chunk of Rose Quartz and I immediately felt the good vibes running through it. I was so enamored by the crystals that I asked if I could borrow some to take home with me. Instead they gave me a piece of Clear Quartz as a gift! I was so happy because it felt so magical and I knew it was charged with such positive energy. A few days later I went to my local crystal store and bought some crystals that I felt drawn to, and that was how I really got started on my crystal journey.

Around that same time, those same friends of mine were going to a crystal convention and said they would bring some crystals back for me. They brought back a Lemurian Seed Crystal and a lovely Garnet. They said there had been a box of the Lemurian crystals and they had each separately ran their hand over the box and asked which one was for me. The same crystal called out to both of them. That is just the magic of crystals. They are out there waiting for you, and often they have specific people they want to go to.

I have given Rose Quartz as a birthday present for a friend, Smokey Quartz as a present to my dad, and Clear Quartz Clusters to my mom and mother-in-law. One of the first crystals I bought was a piece of oval Selenite. I happened to have it on me when I was going to meet with a friend, and I kept getting this feeling that I should give the Selenite to this person. I wasn’t sure what to make of it at first, but as we were saying good-bye I was still getting that feeling that I should give the Selenite away. So I said something like, “I was told to give this to you” and handed it over! Luckily they seemed very appreciative.

I think of crystals as gifts from the earth to us, here to help us on our journey. It’s said that they have a mind of their own, which I definitely believe is true. I have had crystals go missing for no good reason, only to turn up unexpectedly. That has happened twice with the original Clear Quartz that was given to me. Since that was the first crystal given to me, I think it is special and I have spent a lot of time studying it and meditating with it. I try to keep track of it, but twice it has disappeared for over a month. The first time I really thought it was gone for good, so I was very happy when it showed up. The second time I lost it, I had a strong feeling that I had just misplaced it and it would come back, which it did. Lately I have noticed that it seems extra jewel-like and shinier than when I first got it. I’ll take that as a sign that it’s in a good place.

I associate different crystals with different people. One of my friends loves Labradorite, and she was the first to tell me about it. She brought a piece of it over once and of course I loved it too! So now I associate Labradorite with her. Labradorite is a mystical stone and is associated with the Third Eye Chakra—and I do seem to have a strong psychic connection with this friend.

Crystals are also great for jewelry. I have made bracelets and necklaces and given them as gifts. I created a Green Aventurine bracelet for my mom and a Jet necklace for my husband. It is easy to find crystal beads at craft stores.

If you are thinking of giving someone a crystal as a gift, but are not sure what to get them, a good starting point might be to think of the intention behind it. From there you could research which crystals are best for whatever specific intention you have. Or you could simply go into a store (even an online store) and browse around and let your intuition guide you.

I remember reading an article talking about the different energy layers of the human auric field. It mentioned that there can be a crystal layer. I liked that idea a lot, and I do use crystals to help clear and protect the energy around me. So now, during meditations, I will imagine people surrounded and protected by a crystal layer. Sometimes I hand out crystals in my mind to people to help fill out this layer. Even as psychic gifts crystals can be helpful!

I work with crystals every day and I think of them as gifts from the earth. Every day they help remind me that life itself is a gift, filled with things to help us along the way.



Gem Water by Michael Gienger and Joachim Goebel

The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall

The Book of Stones: Who They Are and What They Teach by Robert Simmons & Naisha Ahsian

Posted on May 01, 2015
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