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Inside this Issue May 2021 Newsletter

Highlights for the month of May

May 2021 - Promotions and Highlights

This month, we put our hands on our hearts to honor and remember all who have lost their lives during war times on Memorial Day. Also, we honor our all the Mothers on our beautiful planet. Mothers come in all shapes and sizes: grandmothers, aunts, sisters, our biological mothers, women who are like mothers to us, furbaby moms, and mamas who have loved and lost. You are all so wonderful! We see you and salute you!

Sweet reminder: be kind to animals week starts on May 3rd so remember to give your furkids extra cuddles and donate some food or blankets to your local animal shelter.

Here are a few highlights of some crystalicious items and offers you'll find from us online this month:

Emerald Rods in Matrix

Use Emerald to bring love, loyalty, unity, and wisdom to your life. Emerald is often used to attract prosperity to the owner, strengthening the courage to follow your heart's wisdom to its logical outcome, and allowing for the amplification of hope and encouragement. It can help you clarify and strengthen your intention for that positive outcome. Emerald can also be used to alert you of any blocks to progress, so they can be addressed and released.

This month, all Emerald crystals will be 10% off as they are the stone of the month!

Our amazing 220 Lb. Halite Salt Lamp is 20% off this month. It has a built-in Neem wooden base and comes with an Electric Cord and a standard nite-lite bulb. Halite Salt Lamps are often used to cleanse the atmosphere of indoor pollutants and harmful electromagnetic emissions. They are said to be very beneficial to those who suffer from asthma, allergies from pets, hay fever and mold. Their soft glow also helps one feel better emotionally as well, especially for those who may have Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

Halite Salt Lamp 200lbs

Mother's Day Mix Mommy Assortment Mix

This May get 10% off our Mother's Day Mix and Mommy Assortment Mix.

The Mother's Day Mix represents "Maternal Love" and includes a Ruby Chip and a Tumbled Moonstone in a light blue organza pouch with a crystal info reference card. Wonderful for any woman who has fulfilled the role of a Mother in one's life.

Our Mommy Assortment contains stones that support expecting Mothers as well as her baby in the womb. Included in this mix are 5 tumbled stones and a reference card placed in a delicate pink organza pouch to help support the Sacred Feminine and the energy of Mommies.

Personal Shopping Experiences

Personal Shopping

30 minute Virtual Shopping appointments are available from Monday to Friday between 10AM and 3PM. Your appointment will take place on Zoom with one of our amazing ladies to guide your shopping experience! Appointments for In-Person Shopping Experience are available on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9AM to 3Pm. Only one customer is allowed per appointment.

Call (703) 828-4325 or eMail us to book your appointment

Crystal Live Sales

Crystal Live Sales

You are invited to join our team for our Crystal Live Sales where we showcase special crystals and items, some only available during our Live Sales in our exclusive Facebook Group so you don't want to miss out! Want to join our Live Sales? Sign up for an account on our website, then request to join the group by answering all 4 entry questions.

Live Sales are held every Friday at 3PM EST during April!

Featuring This Month

Crystals for Abundance, Prosperity and Manifestation by Kim Grandal to address all those manifestation, wealth and abundance queries you may be having. Kim shares her favorite combo as well as other crystal suggestions that you can consider.

A Crystal Layout for Shielding Your Energy Body by Ashley from the Love & Light School, which is so easy to do! Taking preventative measures to shield your energy is one of the first steps you can take (and do) for daily protection and to help you with your boundaries.

We finish off the newsletter with Imperial Topaz for our Crystal Talk Segment.

Crystals for Abundance, Prosperity and Manifestation

By Kim Grandal from SpiritualReSOULutions by Re-CreativeResources

Crystals for Abundance, Prosperity and Manifestation by Kim Grandal
(Click the above image to watch in YouTube - just over 8 minute watch)


I am often asked, "What crystals are good for manifesting? For abundance and prosperity? For good luck?" When we work with crystals, we are basically manifesting. The crystal energy enters into our own energy field and starts working its magic, so in a sense, ALL crystals are wonderful for manifestation! Remember the most important this is your personal intentions and the actions that you take to truly manifest your dreams. There are some, however, that I use as a general manifestation tool.

My favorite manifestation combination is:

  • Citrine (enhances our power center/solar plexus chakra, joy, vitality, abundance, manifestation).
  • Pyrite (enhances our power center/solar plexus chakra and grounds the energies).
  • Lodestone (grounds but also attracts energies because of it’s magnetic properties).
  • Black Tourmaline is great too for it transmutes negative energies into positive.
  • Clear Quartz (amplifies energies, helps with clarity, and it’s programmable). You can program it for whatever purpose.

Customize your combination by adding crystals that are more specific to what you seek, such as:


Kim has an on-line crystal store, and offers crystal coaching, crystal healing, and oracle readings.

Visit her WebsiteFacebook Page, and/or YouTube.

A Crystal Layout for Shielding Your Energy Body

By Ashley Leavy from the Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy

Keeping yourself protected is an important part of health and wellness. Setting boundaries is an important part of this work – and crystals can help to energetically support you during this process. 

This crystal layout for shielding your energy body can help to protect you from the energy of others or from outside energies in your environment. When you work preventatively to stay protected, you keep yourself from being depleted and you’re better able to stay in balance and alignment.

Crystal Layout for Shielding

Remove Outside Energies from Your Aura:

Start creating this crystal layout  for shielding by placing a vertical line of four Smoky Quartz crystals on either side of the body. There should be a total of eight stones placed in two separate lines. These crystals help to energetically dissolve any outside energy or psychic debris that has accumulated in your field. By removing this energy, you’re bringing your own energy back into balance. This way, you’re better able to deal with new incoming energies as they emerge. 

Crystal Layout for Shielding

Protect Yourself from Incoming Energy:

Crystal Layout for Shielding

Next, you should place a Tektite stone a few inches above your head. This will help to create a psychic shield around your physical body and your aura.

Then, place a piece of Hematite between and just below your feet. This will help to keep you grounded and connected to the earth. When you’re rooted into the earth, you can continuously pull in a stream of energy into your aura to keep your energy reserves full. This will stop you from getting depleted easily.

In each of your hands, hold a piece of Labradorite (so two pieces total) to shield your physical and energetic bodies from picking up on outside energy. This is especially helpful for those who are highly sensitive or for those who have trouble setting boundaries.

Simplify When You Don’t Have Time or Space for a Full Crystal Layout:

If you’re in need of some quick support with shielding or boundary setting, try just holding a Labradorite stone in your hands (or one in each hand). Doing something small like this is much better than doing nothing at all because you’re lacking in time or space. You may find it helpful to keep a piece of Labradorite with you for anytime the need may arise. You can also keep things convenient by wearing a Labradorite pendant or bracelet to use in a pinch!


Hi, I’m Ashley Leavy, Founder & Educational Director of the Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy – where our mission is to share the power of crystal healing with people all over the world. If you are curious about using crystals to make positive changes for yourself, your friends & family, or your clients, then you’ve come to the right place. We offer a broad range of
 training programs & free resources for wellness professionals and crystal enthusiasts from all around the world.

Visit their WebsiteFacebook PageInstagram or YouTube.

Crystal Talk

Crystal of the Month - Imperial Topaz

Imperial Topaz is a yellow crystal with golden tones. It is often transparent to translucent, with naturally terminated crystals. Imperial topaz can have a glassy luster and long striations.

A “stone of good fortune”, Imperial Topaz has been credited with bringing prosperity and abundance to the wearer. Imperial Topaz is supportive of visualization, manifestation, creativity and generosity, which will attract prosperity into one's life.

Imperial Topaz facilitates strengthening of the personal will, as long as it is aligned with the highest good. Meditating with Imperial Topaz can assist one in synchronizing thoughts and actions with intention, to help with the manifestation of desires and goals.

Imperial Topaz is especially good for those who feel they have lost their faith, as it will bring Divine energies from the Crown Chakra into the Heart and Solar Plexus Chakras. The Golden Rays of Imperial Topaz will recharge the holder, both physically and spiritually.

Imperial Topaz will help to attract teachers and mentors into your life at the exact time they are needed. This Topaz will allow you to overcome self imposed limitations, helping to recognize your abilities and move forward with generosity and an open heart.

Physically, vibrant, golden-colored Topaz (Imperial Topaz) is beneficial for general health as well as for eyesight. Golden Topaz can bring healing to ailments of the endocrine glands, gallbladder, liver, and kidneys. Golden Topaz can be placed in body-layouts, on affected areas, and can also work well in manifestation grids.

Posted on May 01, 2021
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