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May 2019 Newsletter

This May, we are honoring so many important figures in our lives, namely our moms, the Earth as well as those who have sacrified their life so that we can have a free and safer life.
I quickly want to talk about Memorial Day. Originally designated as a tribute for those men and women who gave their lives while serving their country. It is a time to recognise and honor those who have given us so much, including those who are currently serving as well as the families of our armed forces. Take a moment to remember these people and even if they are not in the armed forces, appreciate those who are fighting for a better tomorrow. You don't have to know the person or family personally in order to open your heart and send them love.

This month, the beautiful Jaime Pfeffer and Jenn Amptman share their articles with us. Jaime is sharing her article that dives into 5 crystals specifically for moms and how they can benefit. Remember that a mom is any woman because we are all moms birthing creations. Jenn shares her article about crystals for the garden. Perfect for if you are planning on growing some herbs, plants or flowers this season!

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Memorial Day sale happening from May 24-31, 2019 so diarize the date and visit our website to see what's going to happen.
You may also be happy to hear that throughout the month of May, you can get our our Crystal Information / Oracle Deck #1 as well as our Healing Crystals, an A-Z Guide PDF eBook for $1 each!!

Love, Light and Gratitude
The Healing Crystals Team


Healing Crystals Feature

This month let's take inspiration from our flag and take a look at my favorite red, white and blue crystals.

Crystal Ball Spheres Red Jasper Crystal Hearts White Aventurine Tumbled Stones Blue Chalcedony

Red for Red Jasper - grounding and full of vitality, ready to get you into action and keep you going steadily.

White for White Aventurine - the mirror to our soul, reminding us that we all have flaws, but can choose to continue sending love to everyone (and ourselves). 

Blue for Blue Chalcedony - so soothing and calming, your best friend when you need some assurance and a positive word that things will be quite alright with a little bit of faith. I admit that I have been obsessed with Blue Chalcedony lately and here I thought "meh, I don't need it". It sure showed me!

Creative Crystal Blessings,

5 Amazing Benefits of Crystals for Moms

by Jaime Pfeffer, MA, CCR from

5 Amazing Benefits of Crystals for Moms

Mothers are amazing.

From teacher and caregiver to advocate, chauffeur and referee, a mother's ability to juggle multiple schedules, tasks, and personalities is no small feat.

Luckily, today's moms have a variety of options when it comes to replenishing their needs, staying balanced, and growing with their families. One such resource, healing crystals, are at the top of that list.

Much like the multi-talented, incredible moms they assist, gems and crystals come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes - each with special benefits.

Here are five of my top crystal benefits for moms, along with some crystal recommendations for each:

Crystal Benefit for Moms #1: Love. There is perhaps no greater characteristic that a mother needs or gives than love. From baby's first boo-boo to teen squabbles to everything in between, love's potent, powerful energy serves mom's needs, too. When it comes to tapping into crystals for loving energy, Rose Quartz, Kunzite, and Morganite are classic choices.

Crystal Benefit for Moms #2: More Peace. If mom suffers from a busy mind, a cluttered home, or occasional overwhelming feelings, there are several crystals available to lend her some peace. Blue Calcite and Howlite work to calm energies, while Aventurine clears the mind during chaos or upheaval. On a related front, Hematite and Smoky Quartz are effective at releasing stagnancy and protecting against negative energies.

Crystal Benefit for Moms #3: Better Balance. Most people know how much today's moms have on their plates. Given that, what better benefit than a few crystals to help even things out? To bring more equilibrium into one's life, reach for Shiva Lingham and Mahogany Obsidian to ground and balance yin and yang energies. If emotional stability is lacking, Lepidolite, Lithium Quartz, and Sunstone are great bets. 

Crystal Benefit for Moms #4: Patience. Whoever said, "Patience is a Virtue", was definitely on to something; just ask any mom. Fortunately, today's matriarchs can receive a helping hand in this department from several members of the crystal family. Dumortierite and Black Onyx, for example, enhance tolerance and self-restraint, while Picture Jasper and Pietersite help Mom rise above pettiness and obstacles.

Crystal Benefit for Moms #5: Strength. Whether chasing down a toddler or watching her first-born get married, most moms can benefit from added physical and emotional strength. Top picks for staying physically fit and in shape include Apatite, Tiger Iron, and Pyrite. For emotional strength and support, Ruby, Tiger Eye, and Sapphire make the grade.

Like the women they assist, crystals are multi-talented and amazing. They serve mothers in a variety of ways, from boosting love and peace to achieving balance, and building patience and strength.

Crystal Blessings,
Jaime Pfeffer

Crystals for the Garden

by Jenn Amptman from Feather Spirit Healing

Crystals for the Garden by Jenn Amptman

It's planting time! 

May brings the promise of spring, growth and blooms. What better way to honor the fertility of Mother Earth and provide for her creatures by planting a garden or placing potted plants in your home? Houseplants clean the air, put off good vibes and serve as a daily reminder of the beauty of nature. If you're outdoorsy, a beautiful garden can provide food for your family, herbs for healing and a delicious buffet for butterflies, bees and birds. Whether you're an avid gardener or someone that struggles with a green thumb, adding crystals to the mix can help your plants grow stronger, bigger and healthier! 

Moss agate is a stone of abundance and encourages the healthy growth of plants and crops. Deeply connected to Mother Earth, moss agate can improve your green thumb and enhance the bond you share with your garden. The beautiful colors of this stone radiate a powerful Earthy vibe, calling in the nature spirits and devas. 

Green aventurine has a strong connection with Mother Earth and nature spirits, bringing about a deeper understanding and appreciation of natural beauty. It protects against electromagnetic smog, environmental pollution and geopathic stress. 

Tree Agate is another excellent crystal for healing geopathic stress. Associated with tree spirits, tree agate promotes healthy growth of plants and a deep connection to the Earth. 

Clear Quartz is the "Master Healer," with the ability to amplify the energies of other stones as well as intention. Program clear quartz for growth and vitality of your plants and if using a quartz point, bury it pointing up or down, depending on where you wish to direct the energy (roots or leaves/fruit). 

Happy Gardening!


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Posted on May 15, 2019
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