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May is the month for many celebrations. May Day, Cinco de Mayo, Beltane, and Mother's Day all fall within the month. May is a month for honoring beginnings, fertility, and revolution. But, May is also a month for remembrance, as Memorial Day is celebrated in the United States on the last Monday of the month. Memorial Day is an American tradition that dates back to just after the American Civil War and was originally called Decoration Day. Members of both the Union and Confederate armies who died in service were remembered for their bravery and sacrifice by laying flags and wreaths on their graves, memorials, and cenotaphs.

Memorial Day is not about politics or glorifying war, it is a day to honor and remember the dedicated men and women who died while in service to their country. It is about remembering heroes. Great deeds and recognition do not make heroes; great deeds and recognition merely make one famous. Commitment and sacrifice are what makes these service men and women, known and unknown, our heroes. When the call to service came, they answered. As Bob Dylan once said, "I think of a hero as someone who understands the degree of responsibility that comes with his freedom."

To honor heroes everywhere, living and dead, crystal healer and Reiki master Tara Mideaker offers us "Memorial Day Crystals to Honor Our Heroes". In this article, Tara suggests a number of patriotically themed crystals from all over the world that you can use to honor heroes in many different countries. And who better to honor as a hero than your own father as we prepare for Father's Day next month? In "Observing Father's Day With Crystals" Deborah Elaine, a crystal healer and intuitive, offers us a variety of crystals to use to honor the man who is the hero to so many of us, our own fathers. Check out these interesting articles for crystals that can help you remember the heroes in your life.

If you are a traditionalist like me, you may want to light a candle to honor the heroes who have impacted your life. Why not light a soy votive candle from Healing Crystals to remember those who laid down their lives in the pursuit of duty? They come in a variety of scents and are on sale now. However you celebrate and honor your heroes, be safe and happy, and we will see you next month.

Jim Boland

General Manager

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Observing Fathers Day with Crystals

By Deborah Elaine of Healing Crystals


Father’s Day is an emotional day for many people, but there is quite a spectrum of emotions that can come up with this annual tribute to Dads. Whether you will be honoring an inspiring Dad, mourning a Dad who has passed, or longing for an unknown Father your crystals can be helpful in your observance of the day.

If your Father appreciates crystals (or like some Dads, tolerates them), a crystal gift like Black Onyx or Black Obsidian in a strong shape like a tower might be appreciated. A child could even add a “World’s Best Dad” card to it to make it a crystal trophy of sorts.

For Dads who are in need of strength and protection while they serve the Armed Forces, sending them Hematite or meditating with Hematite to send them strength and protection energies would be fitting.

If you are remembering a Dad who has passed on, Rose Quartz may help you with your grief. Programming a Quartz to send love to your Father and leaving it at his graveside is a way to give the gift of healing and love that can reach him through time and space. You could also create a grid of crystals that make you think of your father’s personality and send love to him through that grid. Remember that crystals can cross boundaries of time and space. Trust that your loving intentions will be received.

Some of you may long for the ideal fatherly energies of strength, wisdom, and protection thatyou may not have received as children. Petrified Wood combines the energy of ancient trees with the energy of Quartz which slowly replaced the organic material of the tree as it fossilized over millennia. This energy is grounding, protective, and simple but powerful.

However you choose to Honor your Father this Father’s Day, be kind to yourself and to him. Walk in love and gratitude for the lessons you’ve learned and the ones yet to be learned from your connection to this man. ~Blessings, Debbie



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Memorial Day Crystals To Honor Our Hereos

By Tara Mideaker

Memorial Day is an opportunity to honor those who have given us so much. This American holiday was originally designated as a tribute for those men and women who gave their lives while serving their country. Today we use this time to recognize all those who sacrifice so that others can live freely and safely, including those currently serving and the families of our armed forces. One of the many symbols that we use for remembrance and gratitude of this occasion is the flag. The traditional red, white, and blue flag of the United States of America represents the results of their bravery and sacrifice; it is a wonderful way to honor their memory. Each branch of the Armed Forces has its own flag which can be used to signify how they served their country. We can further honor someone by including the flags of their ancestral countries. It is easy to forget, but America is a country of immigrants and we all have ties to other countries. A combination of these unique symbols will make a very special and personal honorarium on this Memorial Day.

The use of colors in each of these flags is an intrinsic element that enhances their power and energy. This is also true of the varying colors of crystals, so let's explore the meaning of some of the most common colors used in flags and the crystals that will enhance their symbolism.

RED is the color of confidence and courage. Use Red Jasper and Red Tiger's Eye to recognize the unshakeable conviction and courage of our Armed Forces.

WHITE is the color of purity and light. White Agate is an excellent choice to recognize how much others have chosen to give freely. Scolecite will connect us to those we are remembering, and to society as a whole, as we come together to remember our heroes.

BLUE is the color for perception and peace. Blue Kyanite can give us valuable insight while Blue Quartz will serve as a reminder that the ultimate goal of their sacrifice is world peace.

GOLD is the color for wisdom and prosperity. Rutilated Quartz will help us communicate our positive intentions. Pyrite will balance feelings of loss and remorse, and replace them with understanding.

BLACK is the color of resilience and preparation. Use Black Obsidian to consider the endless possibilities that we have to heal and help each other. Onyx symbolizes the enduring strength of those who give us so much.

BROWN is the color of order and consistency. Bronzite will help us to understand the importance and harmony of cycles. Smokey Quartz embodies the spirit of transformation and protection.

GREEN is the color of nature and balance. Rhyolite will heal and provide strength to remember with less sorrow. Seraphinite will lift your spirits and provide insight on the higher purpose of our universal connection.



Posted on May 07, 2013
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