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Inside this Issue March 2022 Newsletter

Happy March!

Crystal Flower made with Yellow Jasper, Clear Quartz and EmeraldCrystal Flower made with Yellow Jasper, Clear Quartz and EmeraldCrystal Flower made with Yellow Jasper, Clear Quartz and Emerald

With March comes the promise of a new season - spring! As the snow thaws and the sun shines, nature starts to come alive. Flowers begin to bud, tree leaves unfold, and all of nature is filled with renewed energy. This time of year is a reminder of the cycles of life, and serves as an opportunity to contemplate what seeds we want to plant for our own growth and development. Spring is a season of new beginnings, and we can use this time to plan for our best year yet.

While we are in the process of our own transformations here at Healing Crystals, we hope that you will continue to find a crystal home with us online or at our Showroom, and that you can find the crystal to help you on your journey towards your new season heart

Going our of business sale 50% off

For all the crystal lovers out there, the time has come to get your hands on some fantastic crystals at our Going Out of Business Sale - everything is 50% off this March!

With such great prices, you won't want to miss out on this opportunity to get your own special piece of crystal magic. So don't hesitate - come and pick up your piece of crystal energy today, and experience the wondrous effects it can have on your life!

March will also be the last month that we have onesies (single items) available on the website as we steadily move toward only stocking and selling in bulk for the rest of 2023. If there was something you were eyeing, March is going to be the month to get it if you only want the individual piece/s.

Wholesale & Bulk Crystal Favs

And remember to check out our Wholesale & Bulk Discount Boxes if you're looking for the perfect deal for bulk crystal-stock in your crystal shop. Points, Pyramids, Lemurians, Towers, Chips, Tumbles and MORE can be found in our Featured Wholesale/Bulk Items!

Tumbled Dalmatian Jasper Himalayan Clusters Wholesale Black Tourmaline Chips
Tumbled Ametrine Clear Quartz Towers Tumbled Yellow Aventurine
Tourmalated Quartz Lemurian Points Quartz Laser Wands

Green Fluorite is known as a gentle healer and allows us to heal from heart based issues, whether emotional or physical. It dispels negative energy, especially from the environment, and then re-energizes the atmosphere. A great stone for the garden to connect with the nature realm or simply enhance your garden! Green Fluorite Specimen
Green Quartz Specimen Green Quartz brings in the knowledge of Universal Love and imparts a sense of wholeness to the owner. It is also known to attract prosperity and success as well as stimulate your creativity. Green Quartz is uniquely helpful in teaching one to live from the heart.

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Crystal Talk: Our Favorite Green Crystals!

Our favorite Green Crystals

In March, we tend to fall in love all over again with our green crystals. There's so many to choose from and enjoy, that choosing only 8 was quite challenging.

Our favorites include Fuchsite, Chrysoprase, Emerald, Malachite, Green Fluorite, Green Tourmaline (Verdelite), Hiddenite, and Green Aventurine. Does your favorite green crystal appear on the list?

Metaphysically, green stones are useful for healing, growth and expansion, bringing luck or money, and working with nature. On the physical front, green crystals can help to support your heart and respiratory system function properly as well as the immune system. Green stones also can help calm those that may suffer from anxiety, panic attacks and addictions.

The Crystal Luck of the Irish

We were doing a little research looking for crystals and minerals that could be found in and from Ireland (source: Mindat). Isn't it cool how some of the stones we love and adore can be found from different localities all over the world? It's magnificent!

While we don't have any stones in stock specifically from Ireland, here are 6 which can be found from Ireland:

Chiastolite CabCelestiteClear Quartz Tower
(Chiastolite, Celestite, and Quartz)
Chalcedony on MatrixChrysocolla ChipsBlack Tourmaline Rod
(Chalcedony, Chrysocolla, and Black Tourmaline)

Posted on March 01, 2023
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