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Inside this Issue March 2021 Newsletter

Personal Shopping Experiences

Would you like to walk through our Showroom, and select your own crystals? Now you can do just that!

No matter where you are in the world, you can now shop in our Showroom or Warehouse, even from the comfort of your own home in your pjs, with a Virtual Personal Shopping Experience.

Alternatively, make an appointment to visit the Showroom for an In Person Shopping Experience and shop around (strictly one customer per appointment in the Showroom only).

Shop Virtually or In Person on a Wednesday. Give us a call at (703) 828-4325 to schedule an appointment!

Every Wednesday we have designated time slots available for Virtual Shopping via Zoom (see below schedule), and 30 minute In Person Shopping appointments can be made from 9:00AM to 3:00PM.

Virtual Personal Shopping Experience Available Time Slots
Shop Virtually or In Person on a Wednesday. Give us a call at (703) 828-4325 to schedule an appointment!

Spring is Coming

March 2021 - Spring Crystals

The Spring Equinox falls on March 20th, but not everyone is going to see the first blooms of spring from then. Why not celebrate spring with excitement and a little crystal magic? Throughout March we are going to be featuring our favorite Green Crystals as well as Spring Crystals! Winter is almost over and the announcement of spring brings with it the warmth and joy that is much needed!

Remember to join us every FRIDAY for our online Live Sales in our exclusive Facebook Group. We showcase some special items, some only available in the showroom and it's a great time to see grab of the new items before anyone else!

Healing Crystals Product Feature: Bumble Bee Jasper

Did you know that we have some beautiful Bumble Bee Jasper Cabs?

The perfect color for spring to warm up your energy and get you going!

Bumble Bee Jasper enables you to accept change, find new opportunities, increase your self-esteem and make decisions without relying on emotions. Who doesn't need some of that goodness right?

Love and Crystal Blessings always,
The Healing Crystals Team

This month we feature a Crystal Grid Recipe for Wellness by Ashley Leavy from the Love and Light School. Ashley shows you what crystals to use, how to place your crystals and how to activate your grid. It's not only beautiful, but also really easy to do for your own wellness and health! We encourage you to make your own grid following her recipe, take a photo and then tag her on Instagram so she can share some of your creations!

We still receive queries about the fantastic videos Lourdes and Tara used to make for us, and while these two amazing women are now on their own journey, we thought we'd include one of Lourdes' Reiki videos for you! This is a great video where Lourdes shares Reiki Energy to Revitalize, so start your day by putting this on and having a meditation to receive that energy.

We finish off the newsletter with Siobhan's Crystal Talk. This month it's about Green Aventurine. Something green and spring-inspired for the month.

A Crystal Grid Recipe for Wellness

By Ashley Leavy from the Love and Light School

Crystal grids are an amazing and effective way to work with crystal energy. Plus, they’re absolutely stunning to look at! You can use grids to create positive energy flows, for protection and to enhance your manifestation practice. You can even create a crystal grid for wellness and health, which is what you’ll learn to create in today’s blog and podcast!

Crystal Grid for Wellness
This grid recipe for wellness is from my book, Crystals for Energy Healing, and can be used to energetically support your health and wellness.

Creating Your Crystal Grid for Wellness

Crystal Grid for Wellness

Begin by gathering your supplies and making sure that all of your crystals have been cleansed. Create an intention statement for your grid such as, “My physical body is healthy and well.” Your intention may be general if you’d just like to focus on overall physical health. You may also get as specific as you like to your idea of wellness when crafting your intention statement.

Your Crystal Grid for Wellness Supplies:

Build Your Crystal Grid for Wellness

Place your red paper or cloth (if you’re using one) in the area where you will set up your grid. Place your green cloth (if you’re using one) on top of the red cloth, but turn it so that only the four corners of the red cloth show beneath the green square.

Set the Emerald crystal (or a green stone if you’re making a substitution) in the center of the grid. This represents physical healing and wellness. Be sure to state your intention, aloud or to yourself, when placing this stone. Doing this will anchor your intention into the grid. 

Next, place the four Ruby crystals (for vitality), on top of the corners of the red cloth. Do this in a square shape, around your central stone. 

Then, place the four Red Pyrope Garnet crystals in a square shape between the Ruby stones (one in each corner of the green cloth). This represents grounding and stability.

Finally, place the eight clear Quartz crystal points, one between the Emerald stone and each of the eight red stones, with the points facing in toward the Emerald. These will act to amplify your intention.

Activating Your Crystal Grid

After all of your crystals have been placed, you’ll need to activate your crystal grid.  Activation is the process of connecting the energy of the stones within your grid and unifying them to work together toward a common purpose.  This process enhances the energy of the stones so that the energy of the grid becomes greater than the sum of its individual crystal parts. For step by step instructions on how to activate your grid, check out my article How to Create and Use a Crystal Grid Step-by-Step here.

Grid Activation
(Click the image above to watch in YouTube - under 1 minute long)

Leave this grid in place for as long as you feel you need the healing energy, but be sure to update your intention statement as needed if your health situation changes.


Hi, I’m Ashley Leavy, Founder & Educational Director of the Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy – where our mission is to share the power of crystal healing with people all over the world. If you are curious about using crystals to make positive changes for yourself, your friends & family, or your clients, then you’ve come to the right place. We offer a broad range of
 training programs & free resources for wellness professionals and crystal enthusiasts from all around the world.

Visit their WebsiteFacebook PageInstagram or YouTube.

Energy to Revitalize

By Lourdes Lebron from Reiki with Lourdes

(Watch in YouTube - just over 12 minute receive)

Use this video when you are tired and worn our mentally, emotionally or physically. Try this with Reiki to Energize You. The Reiki videos on this channel do not have sound. To receive the energy, sit back, close your eyes and relax. These videos do not have sound when Lourdes raises her hands.


Lourdes Lebron founded Rest, Relaxation, and Reiki to help people heal their past, find peace in the present, and gain hope for the future. She has a worldwide following and enjoys sharing Reiki with humans and animals alike. As a Reiki Master, Crystal Healer, Intuitive, Writer, and Spiritual Advisor Lourdes is always learning new ways to work with Reiki to advance the well-being of her students and clients. Her Rest, Relaxation, and Reiki YouTube channel currently has over 1050 videos that introduce people to the transformational effects of Reiki and energy work. Her other social media platforms showcase Reiki infused photos, inspirational photos, and crystal grids.

Visit her WebsiteFacebook PageInstagram, and YouTube.

Crystal Talk in March 2021

Crystal of the Month - Green Aventurine

I was thinking about what crystal would be a good fit that was both green (for St Patrick's Day) and spring-like but I couldn't think of any. Then, in the shower, out of the blue, Green Aventurine popped into my head so let's dive into this stone!!

Green Aventurine has one of our most beautiful affirmations in my opinion:

"I am part of the Tree of Life"

How does that make you feel? Green Aventurine encourages us to remember that we are part of this earth and we are here for a reason, even if we may wonder what that is much of the time.

While I never really talk about crystals supporting us physically, Green Aventurine really carries this health and healing vibration for me. If you're feeling a little sick and under the weather, Green Aventurine may offer you a boost. Try resting with a piece in your pillowcase or charging your water or green tea with this crystal.

Some interesting nuggets about Green Aventurine:

  • Green Aventurine is soothing, comforting and harmonizing.

  • It can help attract love later in life - and I personally feel this is love of any kind, not just romantic.

  • It is useful to attract luck, abundance and success, especially when used with its partner in crime, Citrine. Keep it in your cash box, register or purse. Alternatively, when working on your stories around money, keep Green Aventurine around when you do this.

  • This stone is a handy companion when working through unresolved emotional issues and can offer opportunites for learning about yourself and your place in this world.

Here are my favorite Green Aventurine picks for you - the cube has definitely stolen my heart, but what Aventurine is going to call to your heart?

Green Aventurine CubesGreen Aventurine TumblesGreen Aventurine Cluster Bracelet

Creative Crystal Blessings,

Posted on March 01, 2021

    (Submitted by: Janis on March 12, 2021)

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