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For many people, March seems to come in like a lion and go out like a lamb weather-wise and energetically. It is a month of transitions and new beginnings. 

In our first article, "Crystals and Color", Sonia Acone shares with us the energetic properties of various colors and what this means about the crystals  that you are drawn to.

Our second article, also from Sonia, gives tips on how to use crystals to complement your green thumb. In "Crystals in the Garden", she shares how crystals can help make your garden more beautiful and productive. 

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Crystal Blessings, 

The Staff of Healing Crystals

Crystals and Color

By Sonia Acone

Here’s the scenario – you walk into your favorite crystal shop (or, if you shop online, the crystal catalog opens) and, most likely, the first thing that draws your attention is the array of colors represented by those shimmering gemstones. Whether they’re lying in little bowls on a table, hanging in strands on the wall, set behind glass cases or peer from stunning photos on the internet, they call to you like little sirens. You’re hooked now and can hardly hold in your giddiness. You wander and can’t help but want to touch (you know you do!).

But we don’t always choose our crystals – they choose us and, like it or not, it’s because we need the particular healing energy that a certain stone carries and wears proudly by its color. Perhaps it’s the vitality of red stones, the grounding energy of black, the soothing of blue or the energizing yellows. Color is as important in crystals as the energy they produce.  Crystals are treasures of the Earth, packed with energy. They carry with them a variety of metaphysical properties that have been widely used for thousands of years. They can be used for healing, luck and prosperity to love, protection and removing negativity.

Energy Qualities

Gemstones possess either receptive or projective energies. Receptive stones are magnetic, soothing; promoting love, calm and peace. They can be used for meditation and de-stressing and can promote wisdom, love, sleep, friendship, prosperity, fertility and growth. Projective stones are energizing; used for healing, luck, success, courage and self-confidence.

Red, Orange & Yellow

These are projective gemstones. Red crystals, such as, Red Tiger EyeRubyRed Jasper, and Garnet provide courage, vitality, will-power, passion and protection. Physically, red stones help boost the immune system, aid in blood circulation and help with problems associated with the reproductive organs.  They are associated with the Root Chakra.
Orange stones relate to personal power and are excellent for those with low self-esteem. They promote joy and give you a boost of confidence. Orange crystals, such as CarnelianSunstone, or Orange Calcite are helpful with kidney or bladder problems, exhaustion, food allergies and eating disorders. They are associated with the Sacral Chakra.
Yellow stones, like CitrineYellow Tiger Eye, and Yellow Calcite are attributed to communication, concentration and self-expression as well as skin problems and digestive system disorders. They offer a “sunny” outlook and can increase prosperity. Use these stones on the Solar Plexus Chakra.

Green, Blue & Purple

These are receptive stones. Green stones are useful for healing, bringing luck or money and working with nature. Physically, green crystals keep the heart and respiratory system functioning properly as well as the immune system. They also help calm those that may suffer from anxiety, panic attacks and addictions. Green crystals are often associated with the Heart Chakra. Examples are MalachiteGreen AventurineMoss Agate and Peridot.
Blue stones promote peace and restful sleep (think ‘deep ocean’). They are also used for healing, especially for reducing pain, inflammation, fevers and headaches. Blue crystals are good for increasing communication skills, intuition, helping with legal matters and long-distance travel. Examples are Lapis LazuliBlue Lace AgateSodalite and Kyanite. They are associated with the Throat or Third Eye Chakras.
Purple gemstones, such as AmethystLepidolite, and Sugilite promote harmony, aid in meditation and reduce stress. They increase psychic awareness and inner wisdom. Physically, purple stones are great healing stones – relieving migraines, sleep disorders, asthma/allergy symptoms and problems from ear, nose and throat ailments. Purple crystals are often linked to the Brow Chakra.

Black & White

These two colors are receptive stones. White is used for safe travel, psychic abilities and intuition, as well as a true sense of purpose, and inspiration. Physically, white crystals help with bones and teeth and heal both the physical and spiritual body. MoonstoneQuartz CrystalSelenite andApophyllite are good examples. They are associated with the Crown, Brow or Sacral Chakras.
Black crystals, such as OnyxObsidian and Jet, aid in getting rid of negativity, grounding and protection. They help one to move away from destructive influences and keep you from making the same mistakes repeatedly. Physically, black stones help with overstressed nerves, shock and trauma, as well as alleviating spinal problems. Black crystals are often associated with the Root Chakra.

Rainbow Colors

Gemstones that are multi-colored, such as Tourmaline and Opal, are multi-purpose stones and carry the metaphysical properties associated with the colors that they possess.

So, while you wander amidst the beautiful crystals and have your heart set on a specific color, you may just find yourself going home with something totally different and unexpected – the crystals have chosen you, for they know you need them, whether you realize it or not. Enjoy your crystals!

Sonia Acone

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Crystals in the Garden

By Sonia Acone

Crystals, being born of the earth, are not only useful in healing body and mind, but also in healing the earth itself. If your surroundings aren't healthy, this will reflect back upon you. Take a look at your garden. Whether it's a container garden on an urban balcony, cottage garden in the country or a flowerbed in the suburbs, any garden can benefit from a bit of crystal help. No matter where you live or how big or small your garden is, crystals placed in and around your space will make for healthier, more productive plants. I use the term 'garden' loosely, for it can really encompass your entire property. Trees, shrubs, plants, flowers, water features and containers can all make up a garden.        

All living things have energy. And flowers, plants and trees are no different. And just as certain crystals are used to heal certain physical ailments in the body or aid in easing a troubled mind, there are certain crystals that can be used to make your garden more productive, healthy, and beautiful.

Moss Agate is probably the most beneficial stone when you want increased plant growth. It is known as “the gardener's talisman” for this very reason. Moss agate is often used to attract prosperity and abundance. It's also a healing stone. This crystal is associated with nature spirits. Wearing moss agate while gardening can increase your energy, relieve a stiff neck, and “tune” you in to the energies of your garden. Placing moss agate stones in a container pot or in the ground will increase flower and plant growth. I made a moss agate wind chime suspended from three bamboo stakes tied together at the top and placed this “tee-pee” in a part of my garden where the Phlox weren't doing so well. Within a couple of weeks, I was overrun. A little goes a long way when it comes to crystals. If you have fruit trees, try hanging a small moss agate stone from one of the branches to promote a healthy harvest.

Malachite is another green stone useful in the garden. The Ancient Egyptians used malachite as a fertility symbol and it was associated with vegetation, agriculture and healthy crops. Malachite is a healing crystal and as such, can be placed in the garden to encourage growth and abundance. It is also a protective stone, shielding us from the negative influences of electromagnetic fields, such as power lines. Placing a stone in the garden will protect your home from these sources. Wearing one while working in the garden will also help if you don't want to bury a malachite in the earth. Even setting one in shade of a bush or underneath a flower will help. Indoors, malachite is very effective when placed near computers and televisions to remove the negative energies from these devices.

Another crystal useful in the garden is Green Calcite, a pale green stone that is said to belong to the small earth spirits of the woods and meadows. Offering a small stone with thanks to these elementals can result in a lush and beautiful garden. Green calcite is also a healing stone and is often used to calm and soothe. If your property is too loud, crowded or over active, you can place a green calcite crystal in a flowerpot or under a tree to soothe the area.

Moonstone is a crystal associated with - you guessed it - the moon. It's also a symbol of fertility and is used in the garden. A favorite of Native American healers, it encourages healthy plants and flowers and promotes a soothing, restful area. You can wear moonstone while watering your flowers, clipping herbs or mowing the lawn. Carrying one in your pocket is just as helpful. You can even hang one in a tree to increase growth.


The last crystal on our list is also associated with the moon but it's not used in the garden. Instead, it is the stone of the sea, Aquamarine. For those who have a pond or lake that contains fish or other water creatures, a small aquamarine crystal placed in the water will keep fish and plants healthy.

Posted on March 09, 2016

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