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Hello everyone! March has traditionally and astrologically been a month of new beginnings and, in many world traditions, it is celebrated as a time of renewal and rebirth. In our March newsletter, two of our crystal experts discuss topics that can renew and support your sense of excitement about the year that is largely still ahead of us.

In her article “Bringing Luck and Abundance Your Way,” Rachel Niemczyk discusses how to release limiting beliefs, change your thoughts, and increase the amount of luck and abundance that flow into your life. She discusses how specific crystals can be used to support these intentions. Some of the crystals that she mentions are Ruby, Pyrite, and Orange Aventurine.

Stephanie Arnold’s article, “Pendulum Dowsing,” expands upon the notion that opening and following the flow of energy is highly beneficial for our personal well-being. Her article focuses on how to use a pendulum for a variety of purposes, from determining the energies of your chakras to connecting to Divine guidance and more.

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Now, on to our Newsletter...

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Bringing Luck & Abundance Your Way

By Rachel Niemczyk


Luck and abundance are very popular topics in metaphysical communities for good reason; who doesn’t want to be lucky in life or have a lot of abundance flowing to them? Unfortunately, most people have a very limited way of viewing luck and abundance, and that actually prevents them from attracting luck and abundance into their life.

Having a lucky and abundant life isn’t just about being financially successful (although that certainly is a part of it!). In reality, you can be lucky and abundant in your relationships with people (be it familial, friendship, or romantic), creativity, health, reputation, etc. It only takes positive thinking, imagination, and being open to the possibilities to bring some luck and abundance your way.

First of all, you want to release any negative thoughts, patterns, or habits that affirm you do not have what you want in life. So any time you might have thought, “I can’t do this” or “I don’t have that”, replace it with “I can do this!” and “I will have that!” Carrying Moss Agate, Pyrite, and Charoite throughout the day can consciously remind you to release your old ways and make room for the new in your life. Sleeping with them under your pillow works subconsciously towards the same goal.

Now that you’ve let go of what holds you back, you can focus your energies on what you do want in your life. Making a manifestation board with the words and pictures of things you want to have is a fun visualization technique. Place Green Aventurine and Sunstone nearby it, either with the actual crystals or images of the crystals on your manifestation board, to remind you of how happy and lucky you will be with these items or ideas in your life.

Grids are another fantastic way to use crystals for luck and abundance. You can color in a grid with colors that remind you of luck and abundance, or use the colors green, gold, purple, and red which are generally associated with those ideas. Citrine, Pyrite, and Imperial Topaz can help you manifest what you want in your life. Ruby and Cinnabar work well towards financial abundance specifically.

If you don’t have the time to create something new like a manifestation board or grid, work with what you already have! Place a crystal like Red Aventurine and Orange Aventurine in your wallet with the purpose of attracting abundance and new opportunities. Wear Gold and Silver jewelry which help you attract luck and manifest what you want in your life. The most important thing is the intention you are putting out.

Many of the crystals for luck and abundance are interchangeable, so experiment to find what crystal feels best for you. And remember: luck and abundance come in a variety of forms. Be open to receiving both in different forms at different times because you never know when lady luck is going to come your way.


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Pendulum Dowsing

By Stephanie Arnold

Dowsing has been used for thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians used dowsing to locate minerals and ground water. However, it is widely believed that dowsing originated much earlier than this. Different tools can be used to dowse, such as dowsing rods, a forked branch or a pendulum. Pendulum dowsing was used by Marines during the Vietnam War to locate underground tunnels and mines, and has also been popular to determine an unborn baby’s sex. French doctors regularly use pendulums to help them make diagnoses for their patients. Because of the diversity in pendulum dowsers, there are also a number of different ways to use pendulums.

First, pendulums, such as these made of Rose Quartz, can be used in alternative healing to analyze the flow of energy in the chakras. When the pendulum is suspended over the person’s body, it can be used to locate the chakras and any other energy blockages. When over a properly working chakra, the pendulum should spin clockwise. If it spins counter- clockwise or not at all, the chakra is blocked and not working properly. Energy healing, such as Reiki, can be performed on the person to correct this and reopen the chakras. It is important to have all chakras open and working correctly, because areas of blockages can have further issues and even cause illness in that area.

Pendulums, can also be used as a tool for divine connection. You can ask your pendulum questions and receive responses. When beginning, you will need to determine what the different answers are by asking your pendulum to “show” you the responses. You may want it to show you “yes”, “no”, “I don’t know” and “Not now”. If the pendulum does not respond at first, continue to ask until an answer is clear. These responses are often different for everyone. This method is the one commonly used by doctors to determine what your body needs at a particular time.You can ask the pendulum if any item is right for you by holding the pendulum over it and watching for a yes or no response.  This works great to determine the right crystal for you, but this is also helpful in other ways, like choosing which food to eat or if a vitamin is something your body needs. Charts are available online and in stores that have written answers around a circle for pendulum dowsing.  These can be letters, numbers or even words, and as the pendulum is suspended over the cart, you can ask a question and it will point to the answers below.  This is similar to using an Ouija board.

Another use for pendulums is to determine the energy coming from an item. Holding the pendulum over a crystal or piece of orgone, you will be able to see the flow of energy the item emits as it affects the pendulum’s movement. A clockwise spin is positive energy flow and the larger the diameter of the spin circle, the greater the energy. A counter-clockwise spin is negative energy.

When looking for a pendulum, you will be confronted with an overwhelming variety of colors, shapes, materials and sizes. So how do you know which one is for you? The easiest way to decide is by using your intuition. Most people will find they are attracted to one over all the others. Once you have been drawn to one, test it to see if it works well for you. You may find that certain materials work better for you than others. The most common materials for pendulums to be made of are crystals, metals and wood. Technically, a pendulum need only be an object suspended from your hand. This could be as simple as a stone tied to a piece of string, but most pendulums have metal chains with an object at the end shaped to a downward- facing point.

Dowsing is useful in a variety of different ways. Whether you are locating ground water in your backyard or determining if your body needs more vitamin C, dowsing can help you daily.



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Posted on March 13, 2015
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