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Have you ever picked up a stone to skip across the water?  Or have you found, as you were walking, the perfect stone to kick along with you? 

As you place an order for a crystal do you have a purpose in mind? Or do you ask the Spirit World or Universe to guide you in your choices?

At we ask our pickers to pick with purpose, with the customer in mind.  We feel, more often than not, perhaps the crystal is choosing you.

This month our Newsletter articles support Crystals with a purpose.  Our first article, by Rachel Niemczyk, gives you guidance in Crystals for Spirit Communication.  Our second article, by Crystal Cosmopolitan gives direction for those in need of Crystals for Love.

We hope you find these articles enjoyable and informative!


Crystal  Blessings,


Shawn Adler

Founder and President


Now, on to our newsletter...

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Crystals for Spirit Communication

By Rachel Niemczyk

There are many times in life when we feel stuck, unsure of what direction to take next or how to resolve a certain situation.  I always suggest looking inward for answers first.  I am a firm believer that we all carry the answers we seek inside ourselves.  Even so, sometimes we are so close to our own situations that we cannot see the answers clearly.   At these times we need help; guidance and clues to the best available option.

I find that some of the best helpers we have are spirits from the other side, whether they are angels, spirit guides, members of our soul family, or any of the numerous spiritual aides available.  But how do we connect with a spirit to gain this help?  And how can we make sure we get the clearest information possible?

Sometimes the clearest way to get the information you need and to connect with a spirit is to meditate with crystals.  You can also ask for signs throughout the day and carry crystals with you that day.  Certain crystals facilitate spiritual awareness, spirit communication, and clarity to help you receive and understand the messages given to you.

All of the crystals described below can be held in your hand while you meditate, placed under a pillow while you sleep, or worn as jewelry throughout the day to gain insights about your life.  The important aspect of this process is that you use crystals in the best way for you personally.  If you are more of an auditory or sensory learner then you might want to meditate while holding the crystals.  If you are more visual you might want to use the crystals under a pillow while you sleep or carry them with you throughout the day.  Just make sure that you do what feels best for you.  Spirit communication is always a personal journey.

During and after the communication process, please hold a grounding stone for approximately ten minutes (two examples given at bottom of article). Grounding crystals raise the amount of energy being received from the earth and stabilize your vibrations so that you are not lightheaded or dizzy (always a strong possibility) after communication.  A clear head always helps when deciphering any messages you have received.


Connecting to the Spirit Realms

Amethyst opens up the upper chakras, clearing the energy pathways.  It helps alleviate anxiety and impatience so you can concentrate better during meditation.  A wonderful aid for spiritual journeys, it helps the user gain greater insights while protecting the user.  It is particularly powerful for dream messages.

Angelite is especially good for communicating with angels.  Angelite is a facilitator for connections and communications with the divine.  It promotes spiritual awareness and raises your spiritual senses, enabling you to open yourself to new information.

Apophyllite is fantastic for communicating with spirits.  It connects you with spirits, enhances meditation practices, and helps you to remember dreams which have messages from the other side.  It also boosts your intuition, aids mental clarity, and increases your concentration so you can achieve those “aha” moments afterwards.  Definitely a crystal worth having!

Well known for aiding the communication process, Blue Lace Agate is amazing for spirit communication.  It balances your emotions so that you can more easily raise your energy to receive information from spirits.

Celestite opens your connections to higher realms.  It begins to do so by helping you relax, clearing away thoughts, worries, or stresses you might have.  Then it strengthens your link to higher beings, particularly angels.  A very soothing stone, it can gently transition you into a dream state and help you recall and interpret the information you gain.

Charoite is wonderful for channeling and communicating with spirits.  It helps you connect with the divine by enhancing your natural intuitive talents.  Often we receive messages through sight, sounds, and impressions.  Whether meditating or going through the motions, it will help you to receive information from spirits.

Clear Quartz is the ultimate amplifier.  It boosts the energy of any crystal you use and concentrates your energies towards your goal.  Not only does it do this, but it also creates a bond with the spirit realm in and of itself.  It acts as a fantastic channel for higher beings and helps you sense and commune with those spirits.

Phenacite is an incredible choice for meditation.  Not only does it cleanse your energetic field, but it focuses your mind and increases your awareness.  You’ll definitely be able to receive intuitive messages when using this crystal.

Selenite is probably my favorite crystal to use while preparing to communicate with higher realms.  I primarily use it to cleanse my aura, but it is a fantastic aid for spirit interactions.  It also promotes dream recall.


Grounding Your Energies Afterward

Jet is especially protective during travels, both of the physical and spiritual kind.  As a grounding stone it helps bring you back to earth so you are not as lightheaded after your adventure.

Obsidian protects your aura and grounds you.  It also brings wisdom to your thoughts and helps your intuition, a wonderful stone to use when going over messages you have received from the other side.





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Crystals for Love

By Crystal Cosmopolitan

Crystals for Attracting New Love: Ruby in Zoisite, Chrysocolla, Rainbow Obsidian, Morganite

 “Love is the ultimate healer. In the near future some attributes of this energy will be studied scientifically, will be quantified, measured, and understood. Other attributes will remain mysterious, transcendent and beyond measurement. Fortunately, when the energy of love is deeply felt, its healing effects are experienced whether or not it is measured or understood.”

-Brian Weiss, Messages from the Masters: Tapping Into the Power of Love


This article is for those who have given up on love, those who have been disappointed one too many times, those who have decided to shut their hearts and enjoy everything else that life has to offer. This article is here to tell you—try one more time. This article is also for you, dear crystal lovers, who are ready for a new relationship and want it to be everything that you desire it to be. Working with these crystals and with affirmations, meditating, journaling and other spiritual practices will help you draw more love into your life.

 Ruby in Zoisite (a.k.a. Anyolite)

We have probably all been hurt by those we love at some point in our lives and our hearts may have at times felt empty. Sometimes it could have been almost like a physical pain. Maybe it hurt so much that you were not able to properly function in the world for a while. And while many dismiss the “lovelorn” feelings as something trivial, scientific research has shown that this is highly relevant for our overall health:

“The heart is, in fact, a highly complex, self-organized information processing center with its own functional "brain" that communicates with and influences the cranial brain via the nervous system, hormonal system and other pathways. These influences profoundly affect brain function and most of the body’s major organs, and ultimately determine the quality of life.” (Science of The Heart: Exploring the Role of the Heart in Human Performance: An Overview of Research Conducted by the Institute of HeartMath)

Many crystals can assist us in “filling the tank” of our heart, but probably one of the strongest and fastest working one is Ruby in Zoisite. A combination of two minerals - red Ruby and green Zoisite, with black inclusions - it combines their properties in a wonderful way. Its most noticeable effect is a feeling of peace and calmness, when placed upon the heart. It helps transmute the negative feelings and hurt from past relationships into a feeling of deep peace. The longer you work with it and the more consistent you are--the greater the benefits. It is a consoling stone, and it refills the heart with a healing and soothing energy. While it primarily works with the heart, it also spreads the feeling of peace throughout the whole chakra system of the body and strengthens the energy of the whole body. Hold it over the heart and in the middle of your chest for 15 minutes every night before falling asleep and every morning upon waking up.


Our throat chakra is often blocked as a result of things we were not able to say, feelings of anger we were not able to express; this creates a blockage in the throat chakra and a feeling of tightness and pain. Chrysocolla will first soothe your anger and provide insights into how it can be communicated in a peaceful way. Being angry only inflames your whole energetic field but does not bring relief or release. Chrysocolla helps in connecting the heart and throat chakra and expressing your truth in a way that is good for your whole energetic body by gently dissolving negative emotions and yet helping you process what needs to be processed and understand your past relationship in a different light.

Hold on your throat chakra for about 15 minutes in the morning, as soon as you wake up. Have a piece of paper and a pen next to your bed so you can immediately jot down what comes up at the surface.  In that way you can release these feelings from your energetic field without having to discuss them directly with the person who brought them up, since that may not be practical or possible. Do this as many times as you feel you need. If you do this consistently and on a daily basis, your feelings will be processed in a shorter amount of time.

Rainbow Obsidian

While you are working with Ruby in Zoisite in the evening and morning, and the Chrysocolla in the morning, you might want to work with Rainbow Obsidian during the day. This stone is grounding, connecting you to your roots.  It provides emotional safety and makes an energetic shield around your body. However, it also brings to light that which we contributed to the situation of not receiving the love that we wanted. It paints a picture of our role in the relationship, points out the way we showed up in that relationship and provides insights into solutions. It does not allow us to dwell in negativity and dispels any unloving thoughts and self-criticism. It creates a safe emotional space for understanding how we can grow emotionally and have a greater emotional satisfaction in the future. In addition, it strengthens our self-esteem and makes us confident about our future relationships.


After working with all of these crystals, it is time to bring new love in with Morganite. Morganite gently and joyfully brings hope, opens our heart for happiness, and instills inner peace. It clears the last remnants of the emotional imbalance and connects our heart to the Angelic realms. Its high frequency balances emotions, bringing us patience, lightness, and joy and helps open up the path for our beautiful divine souls to unite with their soul mates.


Posted on June 08, 2012

    (Submitted by: DENISE M on June 09, 2012)

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