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Inside this Issue July 2022 Newsletter

Welcoming July!

We are happy to share that we are settling into our new space in Clear Brook quite beautifully and if you're in the area, give us a call to shop by appointment. Our new Showroom and Store address is 4462 Martinsburg Pike, Clear Brook, VA 22624!

If you can't visit us, why not get out of the office or house and head over to the nearest park. Let the warmth, fresh air and nurturing earth vibrations wash over you as you bask in its energy with your crystals. Remember to jot down anything that comes to you while being present and enjoying the sunshine!

Go and enjoy the sunshine with some fresh air, an iced coffee or tea, and some new crystals from our Christmas in July sales!

Christmas in July Promo

July is always a fun month at Healing Crystals HQ because of Christmas in July and this year is no exception! Celebrate the whole month long with us with a new sale happening every Friday through the month.

We are kicking off with 20% off our Tumbled Stones Category from July 1-7 with the code TUM20!

Current Crystal Favorites

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Use a Red Jasper Merkaba to amplify your intuition, gain a greater understanding of Earthly events and also understand why change can be necessary in your own life.

All Red Jasper is 10% off through July 2022.

Red Jasper Merkaba
Clear Quartz Specimen Towers

Towers are designed to stand up with the point directed towards the sky, so as to direct the energy through the point of the crystal. They're great for the center of a crystal grid or energizing a room.

Our Clear Quartz Specimen Towers which would look great in any space are 20% off this month.

Crystal Show & Tell Sales Coming Back Soon! It's still on hold for now, but stay tuned for an email with our next sale date which should be sometime in July after we get our crystals in a row! Show and Tell Update

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Posts Featured This Month

  • What Is Moldavite, and How to Spot Fake Moldavite? by - We've had a few folks email in to ask about Moldavite and spotting fake ones so we thought we'd offer you a post with some tips and tricks if Moldavite is still one you're hoping to purchase.
  • Crystal Talk: Peach Moonstone - A requested stone to chat about so if it's been on your mind, let's talk about the peach variety of Moonstone!

What Is Moldavite, and How to Spot Fake Moldavite?


What Is Moldavite, and How to Spot Fake Moldavite?
Real Moldavite from Besednice, Czech Republic. Photos: GoldenHourMinerals

As Moldavite's Value Grows, So Does the Market for Fakes & How to Spot Fake Moldavite

Tectites are members of a large group of impact glasses, formed by the collision of a meteorite on the Earth’s surface and the subsequent melting of surrounding rocks.

The most famous tectites used as gemstones are moldavites from southern Bohemia in the Czech Republic. These were formed by a meteorite’s impact in the Ries crater in southern Germany 14.7 million years ago, about 500 km from their occurrence.

Moldavite is an impact glass, produced when terrestrial silica is fused in the intense heat and pressure created by the crash of large meteorites.

The chemical formula of moldavite is SiO2 (+ Al2O3 ). Its properties are similar to that of other types of glass, and reported Mohs hardness varies from 5.5 to 7. Moldavite can be transparent or translucent with a mossy green color, with swirls and bubbles accentuating its mossy appearance. Moldavites can be distinguished from green glass imitations by observing their worm-like inclusions of lechatelierite.

As true genuine Moldavite is getting more rare and the price is going up, the counterfeiters are getting better at their craft. The identification of moldavite with a natural-looking surface is much more difficult.

Moldavites are popular for their pleasant green color, enigmatic origin, and interesting etched texture. They are used in jewelry, in either faceted or natural form. The price of moldavite has risen in the last few years, and as a logical consequence imitations have become more widespread.

How to Spot Fake Moldavite?
Huge moldavite fakes seen in Hanoi. Photo by Jaroslav Hyršl.

As true genuine Moldavite is getting more rare and the price is going up, the counterfeiters are getting better at their craft. The identification of moldavite with a natural-looking surface is much more difficult.

The identification of faceted moldavite is simple. Besides their flow texture and abundant bubbles (almost always much more abundant than in an artificial glass), moldavites contain “wires” of lechatelierite, a high-temperature form of SiO2. Lechatelierite is very easy to see with a loupe due to its lower RI.

Tips to look for in fake stones:

  1. If these all appear to be the same shape or resemble the pictures on this page
  2. If they appear Shiny / Wet looking
  3. Faceted stones do not have bubbles, or inclusions, it appears flawless or clean like glass

Some counterfeiters are even now creating a mold from an actual genuine piece of Moldavite and replicating the color and texture to almost close to perfection. The best way to catch this is by noticing the stone is flawless and the price asked, which is a very low price usually.

Fake Moldavite
Fake Moldavites

If the Moldavite you are examining is bright vibrant green in color, you are most likely looking at a fake Moldavite that was produced by melting green glass bottles. Also, be aware that the larger the Moldavite, the higher the price, as most genuine Moldavite is sold by the gram.

If the seller claims the stone was mined anywhere but the Moldau River valley in the Czech Republic, it is most definitively a fake. 

If the Moldavite looks really wet or shiny, like melted glass, you are more than likely looking at a fake Moldavite. Now, there are some sellers that state up front that their Moldavite is lab-created, created or synthetic, which is just green glass made and formed to look like Moldavite.

Just be aware that if it states lab-created, created or synthetic, you are getting green glass or maybe worse. Some fake Moldavite on the market isn't even green, which is a true sign that it is definitely fake. Below I will include some pictures of real and fake Moldavite so that you may see the difference for yourself.

Further reading:
Moldavites: Natural Or Fake?


Visit Geology In via their WebsiteFacebookTwitter or Pinterest.

Crystal Talk

Crystal Talk: Peach Moonstone

We received a request to chat about Peach Moonstone and your wish is our command so enjoy laugh

Moonstone is a member of the Feldspar family of minerals and can come in a range of colors from pearly white, to gray, black and peach or orange. Peach Moonstone is a peach to orange crystal that often has swirls of both colors throughout. Orange moonstone is pearly, milky, or opalescent, with a moon-like sheen.

Similar to all Moonstone, Peach Moonstone is also a Divine Feminine stone and supports enhanced levels of intuition.

Peach Moonstone brings soothing relief to emotional issues, such as depression or anger. It can also help to eliminate any worry or fear we may be carrying around, as unnecessary, as all fear and worry is. Due to it's soothing vibration, it can help to relieve stress too and bring balance.

Peach Moonstone can be especially helpful for indigos and those who wish to more deeply connect with the Divine Feminine.

You can use/place Peach Moonstone in your bedroom to support a healthy libido and passion.

Physically, Moonstone supports the digestive and reproductive systems. Many women like Moonstone for its ability to balance hormonal and menstrual cycles.

(We don't have any specific Peach Moonstone crystals at this time, but if you email our team, we'd be happy to take a look through our Moonstone Tumbles for a peachy-orange one for you!)

Posted on July 01, 2022
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