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Inside this Issue July 2020 Newsletter



Christmas in July - Get Excited with Us!!!

Christmas in July Smorgasbord of Crystals

If you haven't heard the news yet, we have indeed re-opened and are accepting online orders again, YAY! And it's just in time for one of our favorite months here at Healing Crystals HQ because it is Christmas in July!

This July we are offering 25% off a different category each week so if you have had your eye on a beautiful Jewelry item, luscious Geode, manifesting Tower or bunch of sweet Tumbled Stones, now will be the time to grab it for yourself, friends or family. It's Christmas in July so share the crystal love!

In addition, there is going to be a bunch of crystals and items on sale during July which you're NOT going to want to miss!

Love and Crystal Blessings always,
The Healing Crystals Online and Showroom Team

Crystal Talk in June

A lot of planets are going into or are already in retrograde right now and it seems like everything is upside down so I'm offering some crystal guidance!

Black Tourmaline

The first one to pop into my mind is Black Tourmaline but I also See all items related to Dravite (Champagne Tourmaline) peeping in the background. Tourmaline helps us navigate through challenges and reminds us to see the light at the end of the tunnel aka what we can learn from a challenge. With all these retrogrades and things being upside down, I do believe there are some things coming to the forefront that we couldn't see before and through that, we are going to learn and see new things.

Back to Dravite quickly: it is really connected to the earth, and can help us to remain present. The stars up above may be going crazy, but we are here right now and Dravide supports this. In addition to this, if you feel uncomfortable in a crowd, carry a piece of Dravite with you, as it will put you at ease.

I thought it odd that a Record Keeper would show up during meditation for support but stick with me! A Record Keeper has triangular shaped symbol(s) which can be raised or engraved on one or more of the crystal's faces. Record Keepers are one of the most sacred of all crystals because they hold the knowledge of the Universe. It was said that the Atlantians programmed record keepers to safeguard their knowledge, much like the Lemurians programmed the Lemurian Crystals; and that when you attune yourself to these crystals, you can access that ancient knowledge. I feel that Record Keepers may assist us to tap into all that ancient knowledge from our ancestors who had to navigate through life's natural phases and challenges without internet assistance. It's time to reconnect with our ancestors.

On the emotional front we have Ruby and Golden Healer for companions.

Ruby heals and balances emotions, making you more emotionally aware, as well as helping you to connect to others emotionally. Also, it is a very helpful tool to use when shielding against, and protecting from, unwanted energies such as emotional or psychic intrusions.

Golden Healer Quartz can ease the process of change and soothe your emotions, gently bathing your heart center in healing energy. There's a lot going on and it is easy to feel as if you're drowning in it all.

Champagne Tourmaline ST RodsRuby Tabular CrystalsRuby Natural ChunksGolden Healer Point

Remember to clear your aura regularly and consciously, be present when you clear your aura. Selenite/Satin Spar can assist you with clearing your aura. In addition, stretch! Don't stagnate too much and move the energy physically.

Creative Crystal Blessings,

This month we have two, awesome articles to share with you:
We share a video from Caroline Jalango from Crystals Talk and she addresses a question we receive regularly: How many crystals should you wear for effective results? Caroline has an infectious energy and her videos are enjoyable to watch or listen to.
For those wondering whether hand sanitizer is going to ruin their crystal jewelry, we investigated and provide some clarity as well as guidance. Tap into the beautiful offerings below!

How Many Crystals Should You Use (Wear) for Effective Results

How many crystals are you currently wearing? The number of Healing Crystals you use matters. For effective results your crystal combination matters. So... pay attention. The number of crystals & the different types of crystals you work with affects results. Using few or too many Healing Crystals at once or together or using multiple crystals for a specific purpose may not benefit you! There is a wisdom behind how to work with crystals for healing to get the benefits of crystals and to get results.


Caroline Jalango, founder of Crystals Talk, is a Higher Consciousness and Personal Transformation Teacher and Intuitive Coach. Through her work with tools of Awakening and Higher Consciousness, she helps others find FREEDOM within and without, Heal themselves, Love themselves, Awaken and Remember who they are. She offers guidance to help you raise your frequency, clear emotional, mental, physical and energetic blockages so that you can enjoy your exciting and beautiful life in THIS physical reality. Visit her Website, Facebook Page or YouTube.

Can Hand Sanitizer Damage my Crystal Rings?

Sterling Silver Amethyst Ring

"With all of the hand sanitizer that we are putting on our hands, can it damage the crystals in our rings?" - this is a great question friends! Let's investigate!

Many crystals are hardy (read more about the Mohs Hardness Scale) and can take some beating with sanitizing and hand washing, however some softer stones like perhaps Kyanite Blades, Selenite Rods, and Calcite may not do too well or like being exposed to water at all (read more about crystals that can be damaged by water). You'd also need to take into consideration how fragile your crystal jewelry item is.

Does Hand Sanitizer Hurt Gemstones?

The purpose of hand sanitizer is pretty self-explanatory: it helps kill bacteria and prevent the growth of harmful microorganisms. Compounds and chemicals like alcohol and povidone-iodine act as antiseptics to prevent the spread and growth of disease-causing germs. Of course, you’ll want to keep hand sanitizer in your purse and back pocket with you at all times right now.

Yet as you spread sanitizer onto your hands repeatedly throughout the day, what’s happening to your jewelry and gemstones? Is your diamond engagement ring loving the sanitary bath? Turns out, not so much. Hand sanitizer isn’t necessarily going to damage your diamonds, but it certainly will generate residue.

Ultimately, you’ll notice less sparkle and shine, and who wants that? A residue of film covering your usually sparkling rock isn’t the look you’re going for. But at the end of the day, minimizing germs and bacteria exposure is more important.

Fortunately, you don’t have to choose one over the other, because a little pivot in your routine will keep your hands clean and your gemstones shimmering. - Source: Gem Rock Auctions

If you find that you want to continue wearing your crystals, something small that you can do is to take off your crystal jewelry when you use your hand sanitizer or wash your hands so as to limit their exposure. Put them back on once your hands are thoroughly dry. If you're worried about germ buildup on your jewelry, we have seen some UV and Ultrasonic cleaners available on the market which are said to be powerful and potent. And that is one option, but we've also read that the use of some of them could potentially loosen stones in your rings. It may be a better idea to gently wash your crystal jewelry and be sure to dry it thoroughly.

A factor you may want to take into consideration is how sanitizer and washing is going to effect the metals of your crystal jewelry. Some plated metals can quickly tarnish or rust from exposure to water, and while the alcohol in sanitizer does dissolve relatively quickly, the exposure may cause the metal (if plated) to be wet more often, and may cause some rust and/or weakening down the line.

Answered: Is Hand Sanitizer Bad For Your Gemstones?

If we’re talking exclusively about gemstones, hand sanitizer isn’t necessarily going to tarnish or ruin them. However, the repeated application will lead to a buildup of residue and film around the gemstones.

You also need to consider your jewelry. Are you wearing a diamond with a white gold band? Hand sanitizer can actually wear down the plating on the band. The safest way to avoid any damage to your gemstones and jewelry is to clean your gemstones every day.

Gemstones can still be your go-to accessory, but the increased usage of hand sanitizer means you need to up your maintenance routine. When in doubt, remove your gemstone jewelry before you apply hand sanitizer. At the end of the day, hand sanitizer isn’t going to harm hard gemstones like diamonds and sapphires. However, if you are wearing softer jewels like opal or pearl, it’s simply not worth the risk to expose them to abrasives like hand sanitizer.

The best way to keep your gemstones’ everlasting sparkle is to limit the mingling of gemstones with hand sanitizer... - Source: Gem Rock Auctions

Hand Sanitizer may not damage your crystal babies all too much but if we're being honest, let's keep the hand washing and the sanitizer for the hands and our crystal babies safe, especially if you have a special piece that you know doesn't fair too well with water. Now may be a great time to give our jewelry a recharging break and rather carry some tumbled crystals in the pocket, bra or a mojo bag.


Posted on July 01, 2020
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