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Summer is upon us here in the Northern hemisphere and hot weather reigns. Here at Healing Crystals, we have been sorting lots of new and wonderful items to put on our site. Watch out for some amazing pendants and cabochons making their way to our website this July and August.

While the warm weather continues, many of us may spend more time in the company of others. For some, that can be challenging due to the amount of unwanted energies that some people may carry. Check out the “Block that Negativity” article by Stephanie Arnold below with crystal suggestions that can assist you in these situations.

Sometimes it is not the people in a place that is the challenge, but the place itself. Lourdes Lebron wrote an article, “Clearing Unwanted Energies from a Place”, with many tips on how to get a space to feel better and more welcoming.

Stephanie Arnold, Lourdes Lebron, Brana Mijatovic, and Rachel Niemczyk now have Facebook pages, each dealing with their energetic specialties. They welcome new friends and have lots of great tips! Lourdes - Grids; Stephanie- Orgonite; Brana - Oracle Cards; and Rachel - Feng Shui and Crystal Organization.

Lourdes, Tara, and Stephanie A. are very excited to be part of the Crystal and Stone Guardian Telesummit. This Telesummit is completely free! Speakers also include Naisha Ahsian from the Book of Stones. It start on 7/29/14. Here is the link for more information.

Last, but not least, we have our special code for the month. Use code HCJULY14 for an additional 10% off and a free medium/large Green Aventurine!

The Healing Crystals Team

Now, on to our Newsletter...

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Block that Negativity!

By Stephanie Arnold


Wouldn’t it be great if you could protect yourself from that negative co-worker at your office? You can! There are many different crystals that can help with this. Wearing them, carrying them in your pocket, or even placing them on a shelf in the room can help draw off negativity that can adversely influence you. Negativity can manifest itself through symptoms similar to stress, such as upset stomach, feeling tired or a general lack of energy, and can even cause you to become angry or negative yourself.

One of the best stones for purifying negativity is Black Tourmaline, also known as Schorl. This powerful stone is also excellent for grounding, relieving stress and protecting against electromagnetic stress. It was used in ancient times in the Mediterranean region, and by the 1700s was being imported to Europe by Dutch traders. Most Tourmaline now comes from Brazil, the United States (near Maine), Madagascar, Sri Lanka and Russia. Black Tourmaline pendants, such as these naturally terminated pendants, can be worn when around people with a negative attitude. While displaying this pendant, you will notice that your energy will be unaffected by them and you will be able to maintain your positive mood. This crystal is especially useful for those under a lot of stress. Also try placing Black Tourmaline tumbled stones around your home to keep harmony and an uplifting atmosphere.

Another great crystal for combatting negativity is Topaz. Ancient Egyptians and Romans wore Topaz, as did eighteenth century royalty from France and Spain. During the Middle Ages it was widely believed that it prevented insanity and strengthened mental powers. Because of Topaz’s amazing ability to bring joy into your life, negativity cannot endure in its presence. Topaz is also great for relieving tension and stress. It promotes health and stabilizes the emotions. Try wearing a Topaz Pendant, as it works best when placed on the skin, and experience the benefits for yourself.

If you are looking to control emotional negativity within yourself, Carnelian is a crystal for you. Carnelian, named after the Kornel cherry with its orange and reddish color, is a high energy stone that resonates best with the Sacral chakra. Protecting from jealousy, rage and resentment, this stone can help the person carrying it as well as those around them at the same time. Tumbled stones are perfect for carrying in your pocket. Carnelian also has another wonderful quality. It can be placed amongst other crystals and will clear the energy of the other stones. Carnelian is one of the few stones that never needs clearing. In Feng Shui, placing Carnelian near your front door encourages abundance in your home.

Smokey Quartz will quickly draw negative energy to itself and away from you. Another excellent grounding stone, natural irradiation gives this quartz its smokey color. This crystal comes from the United States, as well as Brazil, Madagascar, Australia and Switzerland. Smokey Quartz encourages organization, and is very useful for students to help them focus and can also help teachers to have patience. It reduces stress, lifts depression and fear, and promotes calmness. This crystal works well with Black Tourmaline, and also protects against electromagnetic stress and the negative effects of radiation, therefore making it an ideal stone for chemotherapy patients. Although it resonates with the Root chakra, Smokey Quartz also has the ability to raise your energy, while neutralizing negative vibrations. Placing a sphere by your bedside can offer relief from nightmares.

Of course, there are many other crystals that can block negativity too and all crystals that can help block you from negativity also pick up the negativity themselves. Remember it is always important to clear the energy of these crystals regularly. Over time you will notice the effectiveness of the crystals has diminished. This is a sign that it is time to clear them. This can be done by leaving the crystals overnight in the moonlight, placing them in sea salt, playing the right sounds, and also by smudging. Smudging is a Native American process of burning incense, usually sage or sweetgrass, and passing the crystals through the smoke. There are a few stones, like Carnelian, that have the ability to clear other stones around them. One way to use Carnelian for this purpose is to store it in a small pouch with other crystals that need clearing, when it's not in use. Once the crystals have been "cleared" they will regain their original effectiveness.

By using crystals to block and neutralize negativity, you will immediately notice the results. Any symptoms you were beginning to have, will dissipate and you will be more relaxed, even around the most stressful people. Be sure to carry your crystals with you everywhere. Take steps today to protect yourself from negativity!


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Clearing Unwanted Energies from a Place

by Lourdes Lebron

Unfortunately, in this world where positive energy exists, there is also a high probability of encountering negative energy. Many people sense this negative energy but do not realize it at the time. It may come across as a “gut feeling”, pain, or sense of unease. For some, it manifests itself as a headache, nausea, pressure on the body, chills, a humming sound, a dark mist, or even a sense of doom. For others, emotions may shift quickly and, where a person was happy, a feeling of anger and sadness is now present.

If you suspect you may be encountering negative energy you may wonder what actions you can take to get rid of it. The first step is always to rule out any physical pollutants causing this reaction. Many chemicals and ingredients in our modern society can cause the same reactions. If physical, environmental pollutants are ruled out, then the presence of negative energy can be considered as a strong possibility.

The next step in working to remove unwanted energy is to physically remove objects that are contributing to energy blockages. Negative vibes like to collect where energy is stagnant. Energy can become stagnant if there is too much clutter, no sunlight, no air circulation, or little room to move around. Corners are prime areas that collect unwanted vibes. Get rid of anything that you no longer use or don’t have a particularly fond association with. Even if it something “valuable,” if you don’t like it, the energy connected with that piece is not favorable. Donate it, give it to someone who would appreciate it, or sell it. The goal is to have only things that you love or have a positive association with surrounding you.

Once you have removed broken, unwanted, or unneeded pieces, it is time to physically clean. The most important aspect of cleaning is having the intention to remove the unwanted energies. Intention is the key to making this cleansing work. First, open any windows. Depending on the season you are doing this, you may not wish to open the windows fully; even opening them a crack will help. If curtains are blocking light, move them out of the way and possibly wash them, at very least vacuum them. Clean your windows with a natural product that may have an essential oil product to add more positive vibes to your space. If you have a bucket with water, add a few drops of an essential oil like Clary Sage or Peppermint to help with energetic cleansing. As you dust, sweep, mop, vacuum, and wipe away the physical grime, imagine removing the unwanted energies also. Personally, I like to go North to South, East to West so the elements can aide me.

After cleaning the space you may wish to use music, tingshas, chimes, tuning forks, or singing bowls to disperse more energy. I like to go corner to corner with any of the tools above and ding (with tingshas, chimes, tuning forks, etc...) each area. If you don’t have any of the above, you can play drumming music or music from singing bowls in the space.

Another great tool for energetic cleansing is smoke that is produced from Sage, Palo Alto sticks and incense. You can place any of them in a fireproof /heatproof container and walk around the room, letting the smoke waft into each corner. Visualize it going through the walls and floor and dissolving anything that is polluting your space.

To seal in the good vibes, I like to use water that has a pinch of sea salt in it (can use regular table salt too). I spray this mixture in the air and imagine white light or droplets permeating the space. If you work with a particular deity, you can ask their assistance in cleaning and protecting the room as you spray. Use caution when spraying near electronics, woods, upholstery, curtains, or any other object that may be damaged by water.

Once you are finished, it is time to protect the space. Selenite rods in the corners of the room work well to grid the room. You can take the Selenite rods and infuse them with the intention to protect your space from unwanted energies. As you place them in the corners, imagine lines coming forth from them and connecting with each other to form a protective barrier. Placing Smokey Quartz or Obsidian on each window sill will also aid in adding more protection. If you are familiar with Runes, you can draw the Algiz symbol with your hand or a crystal about 5 - 6 inches from the window. If you practice Reiki, you can use the CKR symbol in the same fashion. As you draw, imagine either of these symbols becoming three- dimensional and infusing itself onto the surface it was drawn upon. Proceed to do the same thing to any doors.

The final touch is placing an Amethyst Druze or protective grid in the room. Placing either one high on a book case, mantle, or shelf allows it to emit a spiritually protective light into the space more easily. It can be infused with the intention to protect or you can let it vibrate without an intention. If you are unfamiliar with making grids, here is a link to a video that shows you how to make one. If you don’t have an Amethyst, you can use a large Smokey Quartz, Black Tourmaline, Jet, Black Onyx, or Black Obsidian for protection.

If you don’t have the crystals mentioned above, use pictures of them until you can get some. Let your intention permeate through the image and use them like you would the actual stone.

What will make the biggest difference throughout this process is intention. You can clean the whole day but without the intention, the work you did will not carry the same weight as someone who only did half the work, but had the intention to remove the negative vibrations.



Ashworth, David. Dancing with the Devil. Bath, UK: Crucible, 2001

Belanger, Michelle. The Ghost Hunter’s Survival Guide. Woodbury, MN: Llewellyn, 2009

Posted on July 18, 2014

  I find your information in the "Daily Nugget" and in this letter exceptionally helpful and insightful. Thank you for your knowledge!  (Submitted by: Anita on July 26, 2014)
    (Submitted by: Deb on July 20, 2014)
    (Submitted by: Chrissie on July 20, 2014)
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