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Inside this Issue January 2022 Newsletter

Welcoming the New Year of 2022

The new year brings a blank canvas upon which we can paint anything that we desire. If you are looking to be more intentional this year, try writing down a few goals and simple action steps for them. You can combine those intentions with crystals to complement and enhance the energy. If writing down goals and action plans overwhelm you, then go for a word-of-the-year. Let it carry the energy of what you want to manifest in 2022 and of course, you can pair that with a crystal too!

If you need crystal inspiration, scroll through our Common Conditions Guide that lists crystals for this and that, and anything you can think of!

May 2022 bring you everything that you desire and may your crystals support you through it all!

Crystals for 2022

Through the month we are going to be sharing our favorite crystals that can support you through 2022 with anything you want to accomplish or any goals/intentions you may have!

From Hiddenite for gratitude, Sodalite for letting go of the old, Clear Quartz for amplification, Golden Tiger Eye for courage, Imperial Topaz for perseverance, Hematite for motivation and MORE! There will be a crystal for every intention and if you don't happen to see any suggestions for the goals you have in mind, send us a message!

Crystal Live Sale Calendar for January 2022

Look forward to our Online Crystal Show & Tell Live Sales back in January! YES! Every Friday at 3pm EST we'll be live on the Website and Facebook for the party!

Replays are available through the weekend so even if you cannot make it live, catch the replay to purchase any of the crystals which remain available.

New Crystals Available

Visit our New Arrivals page to see what else is new on the website.

Black Tourmaline Wrapped PendantsLarimar Single Strand BraceletsLabradorite Wrapped Pendants
Sacred Geometry SetsChakra DT SetsLemurian Power Cube
Golden Muscovite ClustersTumbled Indigo AuraGreen Quartz Specimen

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Gift Vouchers

Don't know what to get your crystal friend who seems to own ALL the crystals known to man? Why not get them a special Gift Voucher to use online or in our Showroom!

Choose from $10 to $100 and everything in between, and they will be 15% off on January 15 for National Use Your Gift Card Day so bookmark the date! wink

Want us to include a special hand-written note for a friend or loved one? We'd love to and now you have the option to include a Handwritten Note with your order!

We are also able to Gift Wrap your order for you. It will go into a small gift box and we shall wrap it up with some charming paper for a sweet suprise.

We don't gift wrap international orders, but we're happy to include a handwritten note.

Gift Notes and Gift Wrapping
Pyrite Cluster Specimen

Did you know that in renaissance times hundreds of tons of Pyrite were shipped from the new world in the mistaken belief that it was actually Gold, and ironically small quantities of actual gold are sometimes found in Pyrite?

Our Pyrite Specimen Cluster is 20% off this January. Perfect to keep in your space or office to open yourself up to a more abundant vibration from the Universe.

The "flash" and "fire" of Garnet inspires a sense of lightness and brightness, illuminating to dark places and dark souls. Garnet's fire stimulates the survival instinct, bringing willpower and courage to a situation. Garnet will quickly "light a fire" under you, bringing those internalized ideas and feeling you have to the surface to be acted upon and carried out.

All Garnet will be 10% off through January 2022.

Hand Polished Garnet Nuggets

Personal Shopping

We are unable to take photos of every single crystal available on the website so a Virtual Shopping appointment is great for anyone who would prefer to personally select the crystals for their orders.

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We also have appointments available to shop in the Showroom if you're local.

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Posts Featured This Month

  • Don't Charge your Crystals by Nicholas Pearson from The Luminous Pearl. This may be a bit controversial but why not start the new year with updated concepts. Crystals indeed aren't batteries and if you're charging your stones, do you really know what that means? Has it just become another version of cleansing? Dive in with Nicholas in his short Instagram post and longer video! Well worth the watch so make some tea or coffee, get comfy and join his chat!
  • How to Trust + Follow Spirit with Crystal Allies by Krista Mitchell. Sticking with the blank canvas start for the new year, I know that many people had a rough 2021 and sitting down to even think of one goal may be hard. Don't be ashamed to take time to rekindle your connection with Spirit and the Universe to find direction within your life again. Krista offers some beautiful tips and crystal companions!
  • Crystal Talk: Purpurite with its bright, metallic purple color, that teaches us to walk through the storms of life with grace, and helps relieve stress and worries!

Don't Charge your Crystals

By Nicholas Pearson from the The Luminous Pearl (source: Instagram)

Don't Charge your Crystals - By Nicholas Pearson
(Click to watch on Instagram - about 1 minute watch)


Don’t charge your crystals!

Or, more truthfully, what you think of as “charging” is probably cleansing.
Crystals aren’t batteries that get depleted, so they don’t have to be “charged” to work after use. Crystals do, however, record the energies they meet. Regular cleansing wipes away those energies not in alignment with the work you are doing. Programming is sometimes called charging, and it’s a technique for imbuing an intention into a stone. Think of it as an invitation you extend to the crystal to work on a specific task.

Complementary Full Video on Instagram: Crystal Myths and Misconceptions (Definitely worth watching!!)


Nicholas Pearson has been immersed in all aspects of the mineral kingdom for more than 20 years. He began teaching crystal workshops in high school, later studying mineral science at Stetson University’s Gillespie Museum. A certified teacher of Usui Reiki Ryoho, he teaches crystal and Reiki classes throughout the United States. The author of The Seven Archetypal Stones and Crystals for Karmic Healing, he lives in Orlando, Florida.

Visit his WebsiteFacebook Page, or Instagram, and check out his Crystal Masterclass about Calcite in January.

How to Trust + Follow Spirit with Crystal Allies

By Krista Mitchell

How to Trust + Follow Spirit with Crystal Allies /

Times of great challenge are also times of great reclaiming:

Reclaiming our feelings of resilience, personal power, faith, magic, and healing wisdom.

Reclaiming old ways while adopting new.

Reclaiming our sense of purpose, and conviction in what truly matters.

It is often in times of challenge or recovery that we turn more deeply to Spirit - for guidance, understanding, support.

One could argue that it’s a sign of spiritual evolution when one turns more deeply to Spirit in times of ease, thriving, without need for overcoming great challenge.

One could also argue that we are always facing some great challenge, in one form or another, as we turn each bend in the labyrinth of our lives.

To me, Spirit encompasses many things: God/dess, the consciousness of the stones, ethereal spirits, nature spirits, spirit guides, spirits of the departed, our own spirits or souls.

It’s through being able to deeply listen to my own spirit, my own voice + truth, and that of my Guidance that has gently yet powerfully steered me through some of the hardest challenges in my life.

But I know from my own experience, and that which I witness in others, that being able to truly listen to + follow our own voice and Spirit can be a challenge in and of itself.

How do you listen deeply? How do you hear Spirit? How do you trust what you’re hearing enough to follow?

My friends: I know it takes an enormous amount of courage to surrender and follow Spirit, to say yes to the truth of your soul.

Many of us are neither conditioned nor encouraged to listen to anything other than outside authority.

But when we do take the time to listen to ourselves, to follow the guidance of Spirit, we tend to be richly rewarded.


The word spirit come from the latin spiritus, meaning breath. In meditation work we are often first guided to listen to our breath, to become aware of our breathing. This helps drop us down into a place of centeredness, quiet, calm. An inner place where we can hear our own true spirit.

They say that God/dess or Great Spirit speaks to us in silence, and that everything else is just noise. Many people avoid silence through a myriad form of distractions. They’re afraid of the silence, afraid of what they might hear or feel. I have seen how this opens floodgates of trapped emotion or truth when they’re willing to drop down and be in the silence, anyway.

This is how you first begin to listen - not by trying to hear anything, but by embracing and being enveloped by inner silence.

It’s from this place that we hear Spirit, hear the whisperings of the stones or trees or winds, and those of our heart and soul.

If you find this challenging, here are a few crystal that can help support you in this working:

AmazoniteBlue kyaniteNuummiteLapis lazuliRose quartz

Amazonite helps connect us to our true feelings and honour them.

Blue kyanite acts like a filter to help us listen with greater clarity.

Nuummite is a stone of inner/outer mastery that brings us into our true soul essence.

Lapis helps us become more aware and aligned with our spirit.

Rose quartz helps us to honour our true selves and listen to our hearts.

Hold in meditation or wear over your heart whichever one(s) call to your attention.


Spirit speaks to us in many ways: it could be through sound, or vision, words that come to mind or are “randomly” spoken by another. Maybe it’s just a feeling, or a cool breeze that sparks a “Yes!” in your heart.

It’s not always literal, and messages can be interpreted by different people in different ways.

That may seem at first confusing - but when you’re in your silence, your soul always knows, and the messages will be made clear to you.

Where some people mess up in listening to Spirit is when they reject or block the messages they’re receiving because it’s not what they wanted to hear, or wasn’t what they expected to hear.

The mind loves to edit and censor, and this can be misleading.

Listening to Spirit requires an openness and a level of humility or surrender. Not surrendering your sovereignty or power, mind, but surrendering your expectation or desire for control. If you want to control the narrative, sit down and write a book. To hear Spirit you have to give it the freedom to speak.

Begin from your place of inner silence and inner trust. Speak or silently intend your question or purpose with feeling. Then quietly + compassionately stay open to the response.

It may happen in a matter of moments or minutes, it may take a few days. Keep a space open in your heart as you go about your day and the messages will come through.

Crystals that can support you in this working:

Congo citrineAmethystLemurian seed quartzCathedral quartzCavansite

Congo citrine (aka. kundalini quartz) raises your frequency and helps you to connect with your light body, enabling all forms of clear Spirit communication.

Amethyst helps us to powerfully tune in to our intuition and the voice of our soul.

Lemurian seed crystal helps us to open to channel and receive messages from the Divine heart and Spirit.

Cathedral quartz powerfully connects us to the stone consciousness, the divine intelligence of Nature, and the Universal source of all creation and wisdom.

Cavansite helps us to hear Spirit and energy from a place of wisdom and clarity.

Hold in meditation or wear over your heart whichever one(s) call to your attention.


This is where the conversation gets trickier: How do you trust and follow Spirit?

First - trust should not be lightly given. Our 3D physical reality is really only one realm, and the Universe of Spirit is full of infinite realms (consistently multiplying). Just as there are predators and not-so-nice people in our realm, so too will you find predators and not-so-nice spirits in the ethers.

Some can even masquerade as light beings, or your late uncle Fred, or voices of wisdom.

But remember: in your silence, your soul always knows. Anything dark typically feels off, sounds negative, is guiding you to do something that sets off alarm bells inside.

There’s fear that holds you back, but there’s also fear that keeps you safe.

My general rule of thumb: If in doubt, do without.

You are never, ever under any obligation to follow guidance that doesn’t feel right to you, and no light being will ever ask you to submit to their will or power because all light beings honour the Law of Free Will. If you encounter anything that you suspect might be dark, pull back into your inner silence, say no thank you, and let it go.

If you receive guidance or messages that sink your spirit, feed your fear/hate/greed, or leave you feeling diminished instead of centered, joyful, certain, or grounded, then it’s likely dark.

Messages from Spirit that resonate as truth to your heart and soul (remember, your soul always knows) will feel right and feel like truth - yes even if it’s not what you wanted to hear. Loving guidance sometimes says no to what we really really want to say yes to, because it knows we’re lined up for something better.

In this case, you can choose to trust.

What stops us most in listening to and following guidance is the voice of doubt in our minds. It always thinks it knows better, and will lead you to question yourself and turn away from your guidance over and over again. Start to pay attention to this, challenge it, cultivate a healthy distrust of the doubt-monger in your mind. This is part of the conditioning that leads you astray.

Practice saying yes to your intuition, or to a message or sign that feels right and hopeful, and risk seeing what happens.

I always tell my crystal healing + reading students: “Risk being wrong - this is the only way to find out if you’re right.”

Sometimes I can be feeling so lost, or upset, or fearful that it’s hard for me to quiet, centre, and listen. So I go through the steps as listed earlier in this article to help me drop into my place of centre and silence, and open to Spirit.

If you feel like you need help amplifying the open channel, clarifying what the messages you’re receiving (or even what you should ask), or if you need support in following your guidance, these crystals can help you:

VivianiteShiva lingamBrandberg amethystHerkimer diamondEpidote

Vivianite helps you to stay centered in the heart, and to be mystically open to oneself and the light of truth.

Shiva lingam helps to ground feelings of intuitive insight in the body, helping you to feel more certain and willing to follow guidance.

Brandberg amethyst helps us to evolve from 3D concerns and open to Spirit and spirit guidance on all levels.

Herkimer diamonds help to sharpen + focus our psychic abilities, intentions, and receptivity.

Epidote is a teacher crystals that helps us to see what we’re feeling and call to us what we most need at this time to evolve and thrive.

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Master Crystal Healing Teacher and Author of "Change Your Energy: Healing Crystals for Health, Wealth, Love & Luck”, and "Crystal Reiki", and teaching people how to heal themselves and others with crystals since 2005.

For further support, guidance or instruction, check out her classes or services!

Visit her WebsiteFacebook PageInstagram, and YouTube.

Crystal Talk

Crystal of the Month - Purpurite

Purpurite is a dark purple to vivid purple-red crystal that can be veined. It is opaque, with a dull, earth-toned, semi-metallic luster. In its natural form this crystal has jagged edges and ridges, with a rough texture and occasional black or white spots. Its name is derived from its bright purple color.

Purpurite teaches you how to walk on the Earth and remain spiritually aware and conscious. It encourages spiritual enlightenment as it links and aligns the chakras, but it can also be used for psychic protection and to feel grounded.

When worried or anxious, work with Purpurite to walk through the storms of life with grace and to help relieve stress and worries.

Purpurite can be used to release old habits and patterns which no longer serve you. It helps lift despair while breaking old habits so that you can move forward and grow.

Purpurite aligns the mind with the heart so as to lead you onto the highest path of expression for your spiritual purpose.

Wear a piece when you are speaking in public for confidence and clear expression as Purpurite promotes better communication through clarity and focus.

Physically, Purpurite stimulates brain function, and supports buidling electromagnetic bridges between neurons. Also, it can be used to treat radiation poisioning from sunburn, or radiation therapy.

Posted on January 01, 2022
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