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Inside this Issue January 2021 Newsletter

Hello 2021! What's Happening this Month?

January 2021

Our Warehouse will be closed on January 1st but we'll be back in the Showroom and Warehouse picking, packing and shipping your orders from the 4th! Looking forward to 2021 with all of you!

January, a new month and a new year! This month we will have a range of NEW Crystals and Specimens to show you, from Crystal Lamps to Water Bottles, and everything in between. Expect loads of drool worthy goodies!

Don't forget to visit our Sale Page to see the smorgasbord of crystals and items on sale because there is always delicious crystals over there!!

Crystal Live Sales: Join us every Friday in January for our Live Sales. We showcase some special items, some only available in the showroom and it's a good opportunity to jump in, especially if you want to see some of the new items we get in! Join the exclusive Facebook Group and remember to answer the 3 entry questions and accept the rules. 

Coming Soon: Virtual Shopping!!! Make an appointment to shop the Showroom virtually.

Love and Crystal Blessings always,
The Healing Crystals Team

This month we have some awesome articles to share with you:

We found this awesome article about Your Lucky Crystal for 2021, based on your Life Path Number by Astrology Answers. It was too good not to share and is perfect if you're looking for a crystal companion for the new year. If you feel like the crystal doesn't resonate with you, then you're going to love the video feature of the month.

HibiscusMoon shares how to choose a crystal! Maybe you received some crystals and you don't know which to work with, or maybe you're uncertain about what crystal can support you with some of your goals for the year. She offers some short tips in her video and great advice in her companion blogpost. Well worth checking out!

We finish off the newsletter with some Smokey Crystal Talk from Siobhan! A stone to support clearing the negative to make way for the positive.


Your Lucky Crystal for 2021, Based on Your Life Path Number

Astrology Answers - Your Lucky Crystal for 2021 Based on your Life Path Number

2020 has certainly been a year of ups and downs so far, and chances are you’ve been frantically going through your crystal collection to help you get through these turbulent times. Maybe you’ve been wearing your rose quartz pendant to help promote Universal love or your tiger’s eye bracelet to bring you greater courage.

Crystals are wonderful things.

To tap into the magic of a crystal is to tap into the essence of the Earth itself. We have crystals for all different things: crystals for healing, crystals for traveling, crystals for strength, crystals for love, crystals for wisdom – and so forth.

We want to make 2021 a bit easier for you when it comes to choosing the perfect crystal for you. That’s not to say that 2021 won’t come without its own challenges (though it’ll likely be a case of “building” things up again, as implied by the Year of the Ox), but it’s good to have a crystal that works with your own personal energy throughout the year.

Life Path Numbers & Crystals

Your Life Path number is a major clue when it comes to the best crystal that works for you!

The Life Path number is all about the soul, and your soul knows a little bit more about the direction your life is going in. Therefore, it’s important to find the crystal that will work best with your soul. At the same time, you want a crystal that will work with the energies of 2021, which will center around building, rebuilding, and repairing.

To find out your Life Path number, use our numerology calculator before reading ahead!

Your Lucky Crystal for 2021, Based on Your Life Path Number

Life Path Number 1: Citrine

Life Path 1 is all about independence, determination, and leadership.

In the determined and focused year of 2021, you need a crystal that emphasizes your natural leadership qualities so you can get the job done and inspire others around you. Citrine is perfect for you. It promotes motivation and self-confidence, encouraging your individual self-expression.

How To Use Citrine

Wear this crystal around your wrist as a bracelet. Keep a stone in your pocket, especially to meditate with if you find yourself lacking confidence or experiencing uncertainty.

Tumbled Citrine

Life Path Number 2: Sodalite

As a Life Path 2, you’re sensitive and diplomatic with a kind heart.

2021 is going to require you to speak out more and use your voice. This is why sodalite is your lucky crystal for this year. Sodalite provides you with the confidence to speak out and helps to open up your Throat chakra. 2021 will be a time of bringing your own personal truth into the world, and sodalite can help you achieve this.

How To Use Sodalite

This is best worn around the neck next to the Throat chakra to stimulate your voice and bring greater self-confidence. Use particularly when you have a presentation to deliver or important topics to discuss.

Sodalite Specimen

Life Path Number 3: Shungite

Life Path 3 is all about networking, communicating, and being inquisitive.

2021 may see you being more curious than usual and exploring all kinds of new interests, which is wonderful. At the same time, you must maintain a sense of grounding. That’s why the grounding crystal, shungite, is perfect for you.

Connected to the Root chakra, it helps to ground you mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, ensuring you have a good balance between the physical world and the spiritual world.

How To Use Shungite

Carrying a piece with you is the best way to harness the energy of this stone. It is also effective to place a piece on your desk when working or keeping by your bed.

Tumbled Shungite

Life Path Number 4: Tiger’s Eye

As a Life Path 4, you are giving, caring, and compassionate. In 2021, you may find your nurturing and caring qualities going into overdrive.

Therefore, you’re going to need your strength. Inner strength, that is, and what better crystal to help you along than the mighty tiger’s eye. This crystal bestows you with courage, strength, and resilience, no matter the situation.

How To Use Tiger’s Eye

This is best worn as a bracelet around the wrist or a pendant around the neck (and also looks very pretty!).

Natural Golden Tiger Eye

Life Path Number 5: Moss Agate

Life Path 5 brings you creativity, mental stimulation, and a desire to get to the truth.

In 2021, you may find yourself up against all kinds of opinions and different types of people as you navigate yourself on your soul journey. Moss agate is the perfect crystal for you as it promotes tolerance and corrects any imbalances between the right and left brain, enabling you to see things from all different perspectives.

How To Use Moss Agate

It is good to carry a piece of moss agate around with you. If you find yourself being particularly stubborn or unwilling to listen to others, take some time out with this crystal and meditate with it for five minutes.

Tumbled Moss Agate

Life Path Number 6: Carnelian

As a Life Path 6, you are responsible and focused. 2021 has the type of energy that works very well with your own, as it is all about building and grafting.

You may find yourself becoming a little one-track minded, though, which is why carnelian is the perfect crystal for you. This fun orange crystal stimulates your passion and creativity, so if things get a little dull or monotonous, this crystal will help brighten your day and keep you looking on the bright side of life!

How To Use Carnelian

Carnelian is best worn around the neck. It is also good to keep a piece under your pillow to keep your thoughts positive while you sleep and carried around in your pocket for you to meditate on whenever you feel down.

Tumbled Carnelian Mini Chips

Life Path Number 7: Selenite

As a Life Path 7, you are balanced, intuitive, and harmony-loving. 2021 may present its own challenges for you, and you don’t do too well with conflict.

Therefore, selenite is the luckiest crystal for you. This crystal has a powerful feminine energy that is connected to the Moon. It enables you to tap into the Divine Feminine and bring inner balance and peace to yourself.

How To Use Selenite

This is a wonderful crystal to carry around with you and meditate with when you feel particularly stressed. When used in conjunction with the New or Full Moon, it is especially potent, bringing you greater balance and aiding you in manifestation rituals.

Selenite Skyscraper Lamps

Life Path Number 8: Rose Quartz

As a Life Path 8, you are ambitious, strong, and influential.

2021 enables you to move forward with long-term plans, but you have to be careful of being a little ruthless in your endeavors! Rose quartz is your lucky crystal this year as it helps promote universal love, as well as love for yourself.

If you find yourself feeling disconnected from others or the world, use rose quartz to help you get by.

How To Use Rose Quartz

Wear this as a bracelet or around the neck. This helps to radiate the energy of rose quartz to others. You can also keep a piece under your pillow to help promote good dreams.

Tumbled Rose Quartz Keychain

Life Path 9: Preseli Bluestone

As a Life Path 9, you are an idealist and a humanitarian with a strong connection to the spiritual world.

2021 may involve transcendence for you and out-of-the-ordinary experiences. To enhance your natural intuition, Preseli bluestone is your special crystal. This crystal is made from the ancient rocks at Stonehenge, which is known for its magical properties.

This crystal can grant you greater awareness and strengthen your natural gifts.

How To Use Preseli Bluestone

This crystal is best used meditating with when you have some quiet time. This is a powerful crystal that requires your concentration. Play some soft music and sit in a dimly-lit room while meditating with Preseli to reap the benefit of its properties.

Preseli Bluestone from Healing Crystals for You
(Image Source: Healing Crystals for You)

Wishing You Luck for 2021!

Make sure to get your lucky crystal before the end of the year if you haven’t already got one in your crystal collection!

Remember, the Life Path number is like a blueprint, a map that helps navigate your soul’s journey. Souls like crystals, and one thing we all need is a lucky one to help us through the coming year.

What does your lucky crystal say to you? Do you already have one in your collection? Let this crystal be a clue as to what to expect in the coming year, and remember, your crystal is there to help and guide you!


ABOUT ASTROLOGY ANSWERS: At Astrology Answers, we provide content, products and programs that unlock the path to
self-discovery and enhance your personal transformation. We believe that no matter where you are on your journey, a new idea can elevate your quality of life. Our goal is to help you discover those ideas and make them work for you.

Visit their WebsiteFacebook Page, and/or Instagram.

How to Choose Your Crystal

How to Choose a Crystal by HibiscusMoon
(Click the above image to watch in YouTube - under 7 minute watch)

How to Choose Your Crystal // Ask questions + find all of the resources and links on my companion blog post here: How to Choose Your Crystal

Wondering what crystal to work with? This is a question I get asked a LOT...

Tune in to find out:

  • 3 simple methods to know how to choose the crystal you need to work with
  • If you need a fancy book to tell you what crystal to use
  • Whether programming your crystal is an important step
  • Can you choose the wrong crystal

Tune in for the answers, but for the full info you will want to head to the resources and links here: How to Choose Your Crystal


This is the place to learn all about the art & science of crystal healing. We enjoy exploring the physics & metaphysics behind crystal therapy while having loads of FUN. The academy is taught by me, Hibiscus Moon, best-selling author of the book Crystal Grids: How and Why They Work. Visit her WebsiteFacebook PageInstagram or YouTube.

Crystal Talk in January 2021

Crystals for Christmas Inspiration Stilbite (Infographic)

2020 saw me deepening my relationship with the Quartz family and for a lot of the year I worked with Smokey Quartz. In the final days of last year when I sat down to write this segment, it shared with me a beautiful message:

"It's okay to let go of the old because when you do, you make space for some positive."

2020 brought us a year that was incredibly uncomfortable and challenging for majority of us. Saying that it was tough feels like an understatement to me. If you find yourself in a space of confusion and overwhelm, Smokey Quartz can be that comfort and calm through the storm. Its energy is stable and cradles you. Think of lieing on your back in the grass on a warm day feeling that earthy support beneath you - Smokey is that.

2021 may be the year that we can begin to welcome in the positive to love and life again, and while many people encourage working with Labradorite when you're going through a change, I believe that many of us need the stability and density that something earthy, like Smokey Quartz, can offer us.

Root yourself in the comfort and ancient knowledge from Mother Earth. Allow yourself the space to let go and release what doesn't seem to be working. Stop forcing. Remember that when you can let go, there's space again for blessings to come in. Welcome that.

I sincerely hope that 2021 brings this acceptance to let go so that you have the space to rebuild. May your heart be blessed, always.

Creative Crystal Blessings,

Posted on January 01, 2021
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