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Welcome to 2015! Are you ready to make a fresh start?

Are you feeling a bit “blah” now that the festivities are over? Maybe even a little blue? We have just the solution! Crystals and Color by Sonia Acone will bring some color and sparkle back into your life. Learn about the energies of different colors of crystals in this helpful article, along with crystal suggestions for the various colors that Sonia writes about.

Are you ready to dig even deeper and bring in some really fresh energy? The new year is a great time to do some space clearing, decluttering, and rearranging! Cassie Desir brings us Crystals and Feng Shui. In this article, Cassie gives examples of crystals that are helpful when placed in the eight different Feng Shui areas of your space, as well as a sample Bagua map.

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Here's wishing you a happy, healthy, and abundant 2015!

Crystal Blessings in the New Year,

The Healing Crystals Team

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Crystals and Color

By Sonia Acone


Here’s the scenario – you walk into your favorite crystal shop (or, if you shop online, the crystal catalog opens) and, most likely, the first thing that draws your attention is the array of colors represented by those shimmering gemstones. Whether they’re lying in little bowls on a table, hanging in strands on the wall, set behind glass cases or peer from stunning photos on the internet, they call to you like little sirens. You’re hooked now and can hardly hold in your giddiness. You wander and can’t help but want to touch (you know you do!).

But we don’t always choose our crystals – they choose us and, like it or not, it’s because we need the particular healing energy that a certain stone carries and wears proudly by its color. Perhaps it’s the vitality of red stones, the grounding energy of black, the soothing of blue or the energizing yellows. Color is as important in crystals as the energy they produce. Crystals are treasures of the Earth, packed with energy. They carry with them a variety of metaphysical properties that have been widely used for thousands of years. They can be used for healing, luck and prosperity to love, protection and removing negativity.

Energy Qualities

Gemstones possess either receptive or projective energies. Receptive stones are magnetic, soothing; promoting love, calm and peace. They can be used for meditation and de-stressing and can promote wisdom, love, sleep, friendship, prosperity, fertility and growth. Projective stones are energizing; used for healing, luck, success, courage and self-confidence.

Red, Orange & Yellow

These are projective gemstones. Red crystals, such as, Red Tiger Eye, Ruby, Red Jasper, and Garnet provide courage, vitality, will-power, passion and protection. Physically, red stones help boost the immune system, aid in blood circulation and help with problems associated with the reproductive organs. They are associated with the Root Chakra.

Orange stones relate to personal power and are excellent for those with low self-esteem. They promote joy and give you a boost of confidence. Orange crystals, such as Carnelian, Sunstone, or Orange Calcite are helpful with kidney or bladder problems, exhaustion, food allergies and eating disorders. They are associated with the Sacral Chakra.

Yellow stones, like Citrine, Yellow Tiger Eye, and Yellow Calcite are attributed to communication, concentration and self-expression as well as skin problems and digestive system disorders. They offer a “sunny” outlook and can increase prosperity. Use these stones on the Solar Plexus Chakra.

Green, Blue & Purple

These are receptive stones. Green stones are useful for healing, bringing luck or money and working with nature. Physically, green crystals keep the heart and respiratory system functioning properly as well as the immune system. They also help calm those that may suffer from anxiety, panic attacks and addictions. Green crystals are often associated with the Heart Chakra. Examples are Malachite, Green Aventurine, Moss Agate and Peridot.

Blue stones promote peace and restful sleep (think ‘deep ocean’). They are also used for healing, especially for reducing pain, inflammation, fevers and headaches. Blue crystals are good for increasing communication skills, intuition, helping with legal matters and long-distance travel. Examples are Lapis Lazuli, Blue Lace Agate, Sodalite and Kyanite. They are associated with the Throat or Third Eye Chakras.

Purple gemstones, such as Amethyst, Lepidolite, and Sugilite promote harmony, aid in meditation and reduce stress. They increase psychic awareness and inner wisdom. Physically, purple stones are great healing stones – relieving migraines, sleep disorders, asthma/allergy symptoms and problems from ear, nose and throat ailments. Purple crystals are often linked to the Brow Chakra.

Black & White

These two colors are receptive stones. White is used for safe travel, psychic abilities and intuition, as well as a true sense of purpose, and inspiration. Physically, white crystals help with bones and teeth and heal both the physical and spiritual body. Moonstone, Quartz Crystal, Selenite and Apophyllite are good examples. They are associated with the Crown, Brow or Sacral Chakras.

Black crystals, such as Onyx, Obsidian and Jet, aid in getting rid of negativity, grounding and protection. They help one to move away from destructive influences and keep you from making the same mistakes repeatedly. Physically, black stones help with overstressed nerves, shock and trauma, as well as alleviating spinal problems. Black crystals are often associated with the Root Chakra.

Rainbow Colors

Gemstones that are multi-colored, such as Tourmaline and Opal, are multi-purpose stones and carry the metaphysical properties associated with the colors that they possess.

So, while you wander amidst the beautiful crystals and have your heart set on a specific color, you may just find yourself going home with something totally different and unexpected – the crystals have chosen you, for they know you need them, whether you realize it or not. Enjoy your crystals!


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Crystals and Feng Shui

By Cassie Desir

I would like to first acknowledge Karen Rauch Carter for being an invaluable resource on teaching the basics of Feng Shui in a way that is accessible and understandable.Her website can be accessed here for further information.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art that teaches one how to create balance in their environment in order to promote balance in their life.

Before we delve into the use of crystals to assist this purpose, I must first share the cardinal rule of applying Feng Shui to your space: DE-CLUTTER! Many of us accumulate a lot of possessions throughout our journeys, which tend to collect dust after the novelty has worn off. My mom recently advised me to leave the curtains open over my windows to let the blessings flow through. This applies to all of your space! Go through your possessions and start sorting into three groups:

1. Keep – these are items you not only absolutely love and need in your life, but that you have also used or admired within the past year or two.

2. Give Away – as they say, one (wo)man’s trash is another (wo)man’s treasure. Have a garage or yard sale, give these items to someone you love, or donate them to a local thrift store. It feels good to give something you no longer appreciate to someone who will.

3. Toss/Recycle/Compost – these items can only be given new life by being destroyed and reborn.

After you’ve decluttered your space, you can then begin to map out your space using the Bagua, a visual tool for assessing what areas of your home and room correspond with certain areas of your life.

The front door or entrance to your space will align somewhere within the bottom three squares of Wisdom, Career, or Travel and Helpful People. If your front door is in the center of your house then this is the career area. After figuring out where your front door aligns, you can grid the rest of your space and place crystals that correspond with the colors and life areas represented in each box.


The wealth area supports abundance and prosperity in all areas of life, including - but not limited to - financial wealth. It corresponds with the color purple, so Amethyst is a good addition to this area to increase spiritual wealth, as well as Citrine and Green Aventurine which are also known to aid abundance.


The fame area represents your reputation, and it will affect how you are perceived by others. It corresponds with the color red and with the element fire, so Carnelian and Fire Agate can be placed in this area of your space.

Love and Relationships

This area relates to romantic as well as other types of love that exist in the various relationships in your life, including your relationship with yourself. Rose Quartz and Kunzite are wonderful additions to this area for their ability to enhance these various types of love.

Children and Creativity

Children in your life and your inner child are represented by this area. How does your inner child express its creativity? Are you seeking inspiration in your life? Clear Quartz programmed for this purpose and placed in this area could be your muse.

Travel and Helpful People

Clearing and programming this area can help attract the right people into your life at the right time and ensure safe travels. Clear Quartz, geodes, Smokey Quartz, and Moonstone all correspond with silver, the color associated with this area.


This is an area to pay attention to if you are feeling stuck in your career or unsure of your path in life. Black is associated with the career area, so Black Onyx and Black Tourmaline are good additions, particularly if your front door is located here as they will protect your home. This area is also associated with the water element, so to get things flowing, Aquamarine works well as an additional placement.


This area relates to your acquiring and communicating knowledge. Sodalite and Lapis Lazuli work well here as these are qualities they are known to impart, as well as being blue, the color associated with the wisdom area.


This area affects your physical health as well as familial relations and ancestry. Green stones help get the energy flowing in these areas, such as Moss Agate, Bloodstone, Malachite and Peridot.

Everything Else

The center of your home concerns your spiritual health, well-being, and anything not mentioned previously. It also connects to each one of the other areas, so will affect the well-being of all areas of your life. This would be an ideal area for a crystal grid programmed for whatever your heart desires!



Cunningham, Scott. Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem & Metal Magic. Llewellyn Publications, 2002.

Kennedy, Teresa. Eason, Cassandra. The Illustrated Directory of Healing Crystals. Collins & Brown, 2003.

Posted on January 16, 2015
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