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Hello everyone and welcome to the New Year! Winter brings the energy of hibernation, and now is the perfect time to recuperate and recover from all of the holiday festivities. Rather than wishing we are still on holiday vacation we can patch ourselves up, start planning ahead, and set the foundation to accomplish all of our new year’s resolutions.

To achieve lasting results from new year's resolutions, we’ll want to rebuild ourselves on all fronts: physical, mental, and spiritual. Stephanie Arnold’s Healing the Body, Mind, and Spirit is the perfect resource to guide us through this. With a variety of crystal recommendations including Malachite, Sodalite, and Selenite to support healing of the body, mind, and soul, we’re bound to make a true difference.

Of course, crystals are not the only way to bring about healing and change; scents are a very important part too! As Stephanie Tingle explains in her article Healing Through Scent: Eucalyptus, Eucalyptus can change your mood, help your sinuses, and support energy centers in the body. Combining it with crystals like Blue Lace Agate and Green Aventurine gives an extra boost!

Whether you’re new to crystals or a long time fan you’ll want to use the code HCCARD10 with your order this month. We’re giving away a free crystal card deck along with 10% off an order. These card decks are a great reference and source of crystal energy; we’ve had a lot of fun using them and hope you will too.

Happy New Year!

The Healing Crystals Team

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Healing the Body, Mind and Spirit

By Stephanie Arnold


Healing the body is a fantastic step towards achieving overall health, but if you really want to help yourself to make more permanent improvements, you need to look at healing your whole self – mind, body and spirit. These different aspects of the self are integrated so completely that it is impossible to separate them. Balance or disease in any one area can quickly and easily affect the others, so it’s important to pay attention to total health.

The body is naturally responsive to the healing energies of crystals. People have been benefiting from the healing powers of crystals for over 3,500 years. One great way to have the crystals available when ailments or problems occur is to carry a small collection of crystals with you. When creating your own set of healing crystals, let your intuition guide you to the best choices for your needs at this time. If you are having a hard time deciding, a good place to start would be with Clear Quartz and Amethyst for general healing, protection and pain relief. Then add some Malachite, a multipurpose healing crystal beneficial for a variety of problems including pain, cramps, swelling, eliminating toxins, supporting the organs and boosting the immune system. Jet is another crystal I recommend for your medicine bag. I like to use Jet for swelling and also to reduce a fever quickly. Rhodonite is excellent for healing cuts, scrapes and burns on the skin. Keeping a basic set of healing crystals with you will ensure that you always have them on hand when you need them. Remember to clear the crystals in your crystal first aid kit periodically too!

Much of the body’s healing depends on the mindset and positive thinking of the person involved. To have a healthy mind not only depends on the physical brain and mental function, but also on your subconscious mind and connection to higher energies. Fluorite can assist when you need to focus and concentrate, and it can also assist you in strengthening your intuition and accessing information in your subconscious mind. Sodalite is also good for working with your subconscious too. Working with Pyrite will benefit the mind by increasing its capacity and abilities. This golden crystal also assists those wishing to access higher knowledge. Blue Calcite and Epidote can assist you in bringing a positive outlook for the future. Worrying unnecessarily can contribute to illness over time, so keep that smile on. :-)

One important way to strengthen the connection between the mind and spirit is through meditation. Clearing the mind during meditation is a key to benefiting from your experience and raising your vibration. Selenite can help to silence the chatter in your mind. One great way to meditate is by using a candle as a focal point. In a dimly lit room, light a candle and focus on the flame of the candle while clearing your mind of all other thoughts and worries. Once your mind is a blank slate, allow information and guidance from higher sources to flow freely into your mind. Pay attention to the thoughts, ides and feelings you experience. Try using a candle with a calming and relaxing scent, such as Lavender. Be patient with yourself at first - meditation can take practice to achieve desired results. A good way to help train your mind is by meditating at the same time each day.

One of my favorite ways to connect with higher energies is through the Angelic realm. Anyone can reach out to these high vibrational beings for assistance with their daily life or even just to feel the loving connection and guidance. Seraphinite and Angelite are excellent for building this relationship. Meditate while wearing or holding these crystals and call on the Angels and Archangels to guide and help you on your life path. There are also crystals recommended for connecting with specific Archangels, such as Golden Topaz for Michael, Aquamarine for Gabriel, and Malachite for Raphael. A complete list of crystals for the Archangels is located here:

Manifesting uses both the mind and spirit to create what we want in our lives. Every person possesses this ability and you only need to learn how to access it. Try visualizing yourself inside your mind as if you have already achieved your goal. Imagine how you will feel – physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Hold a Celestite and Kyanite in each hand to help with manifesting your goals. It’s also a good idea to carry a crystal with you and work on visualizing your manifested future throughout your day, whenever you have a free moment. The more energy that you put into your manifestation, the better the results will be. Try working with small goals in the beginning and working up to your bigger aspirations.

Your Chakras also contribute to your overall health and any slight imbalance can cause illness or other problems. One way to help is by laying a crystal that resonates with each Chakra over the location on your body for at least 15 minutes. Doing this balances and activates the Chakras, contributing to your overall health. While there are many crystal combinations that will work for this, a basic set could include Red Jasper, Carnelian, Citrine, Green Aventurine, Sodalite, Lapis Lazuli and Amethyst. There are also Chakra sets that have been prepared for this purpose. Wearing a Chakra pendant, bracelet or necklace that includes crystals for the seven Chakras will continuously work to keep your Chakras open and balanced.

While the outward symptoms are the easiest to analyze, remember to look within for the deeper root cause of the problem. A healthy spirit and mind greatly contribute to our overall well-being. Enjoy healthiness in all aspects of your life to help you enjoy life to the fullest. Love, Light and Crystal Blessings to all of you!



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Healing Through Scent: Eucalyptus

By Stephanie Tingle

Have you ever walked into a space and felt instantly at peace, or perhaps rejuvenated after a long day? Many times this is due to the use of specific scents to enhance the mood of that space. Restaurants, department stores, hospitals, and other businesses have long been aware of the ability of scent to influence behavior. You can reap the same benefits in your own space through the use of aromatherapy and essential oils. Aromatherapy is the practice of using scent to influence mental and physical well-being. An easy way to benefit from aromatherapy is by using essential oils, which are the pure essences of plants, flowers, or herbs. These pure oils are collected by various methods, including steam extraction and pressing. Essential oils can greatly benefit your body and change your emotions through their natural scents. While they can smell pleasant, “fragrance oils” do contain synthetic ingredients and do not offer the therapeutic benefits of essential oils, so for the greatest benefit, be sure to use only pure, good quality essential oils and products that contain them. Unless specified otherwise, essential oils should not be ingested. Skin should always be tested for sensitivity prior to topical use.

In this article, I’d like to talk about Eucalyptus essential oil. I have to confess, I was never a huge fan of Eucalyptus oil. Sure, I appreciated the way it could ease allergies and congestion, but I saw it as more utilitarian than enjoyable. Then I lit a Balance & Harmony Eucalyptus Candle and everything changed. Before a recent healing session, I lit the Eucalyptus candle and when I returned to the room, I could not believe the difference. The smell itself was amazing; herbal and slightly minty. But, the main thing I noticed was the transformation of the energy of the whole space - it felt so clean and purified!

Eucalyptus essential oil is a medicinal powerhouse. It is antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and is a potent decongestant. It is a main ingredient, along with petroleum and preservatives, in most commercial chest rub products that are used for congestion and cough suppression. You can make a much more natural version by melting 1 ounce of coconut oil and gently stirring in 20 drops of pure Eucalyptus essential oil. Pour into a small container and allow to harden. This simple salve will soften on contact with skin and can be used on the chest to break up congestion, open stuffy sinuses, and relieve coughs. It can also be rubbed on sore muscles and joints to reduce pain and inflammation. For an even simpler application, you can put 20 drops of Eucalyptus essential oil into a warm bath to relieve both congestion and achiness at one time. Also try placing 10 drops on the floor of your shower. When the hot water hits the Eucalyptus, the steam is infused with the benefits of the oil.

Eucalyptus can be used to help keep both the Heart and Throat chakras balanced and functioning properly. If you have physical throat irritation, or if you feel like you are not communicating effectively, try putting a drop of Eucalyptus oil on a Blue Lace Agate and placing it directly on the throat chakra while you meditate. Use this same technique to balance the heart center by placing Eucalyptus oil on a Green Aventurine and placing it on the Heart chakra, as this particular stone works in conjunction with the oil to help heal the lungs and sinuses.

A simple but effective aromatherapy spray can be made by adding 20 drops of Eucalyptus essential oil to 4 ounces of distilled water and adding Blue Lace Agate or Green Aventurine crystals, depending on what you’d like to accomplish. You can also mix 10 drops of Eucalyptus oil to one ounce of carrier oil, such as sweet almond or jojoba, and apply this to the throat or chest to help open the airways. I love to lightly mist my furnace filters with this spray when changing them. It’s an easy way to get the benefits of Eucalyptus oil flowing throughout your entire home. The refreshing scent will make your space feel spring clean even in the middle of winter!


Posted on January 10, 2014
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