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Inside this Issue Feb 2021 Newsletter

Virtual Personal Shopping Experience

Would you like to walk through our warehouse and choose your own crystals? Well, now you can do that with a Virtual Personal Shopping Experience!

Every Wednesday from Feb 10 we have seven timeslots available where you can schedule an appointment to personally shop around our Showroom, virtually on Zoom (free app). No matter where you are in the world, you can now shop in our Showroom instead of online. How cool is that?

Virtual Personal Shopping Experience Available Time Slots
Want to grab one or two timeslots to shop with us? Give us a call at (703) 828-4325 to schedule an appointment! We cannot wait to hear from you!

Crystal Love in February

February 2021 - Crystal Hearts

"Life is the flower for which love is the honey."
- Victor Hugo

It's the month of love as we all know, and we invite you to celebrate the Crystal Love with us! Whether you're celebrating with self-love, a new partnership or rekindling romantic love, there's a crystal or heart for you!

Healing Crystals Product Feature: Love Pouch

PS: Get our exclusive February Love Pouch! Only 20 available! Each mix is packaged in a Red or Pink Pouch and is filled with some heart-felt items to promote love, loyalty and commitment! 

Remember to join us every FRIDAY for our online Live Sales in our exclusive Facebook Group. We showcase some special items, some only available in the showroom and it's a great time to see grab of the new items before anyone else!

Love and Crystal Blessings always,
The Healing Crystals Team

This month we are featuring a super cool video from Krista Mitchell about Coppernite vs Nuummite. She shares how to quickly tell them apart and then gets into the juicy energetic bits about these two stones! This is an overdue discussion in the community and we're so excited that more and more people are talking about Coppernite in its own right, distinguishing it from Nuummite!

Zenned Out gave us permission to share an article from their blog about 7 Self-Love Rituals for Valentine's Day. We thought this would be a nice addition to add to the newsletter so that we could touch on a little bit of self-love during this month. Too often February gets lost in romantic love and finding that love within ourselves for our own magick, makes life a little more sweeter! We deserve our own love as much as love from the outside.

We finish off the newsletter with Siobhan's Crystal Talk. This month it's about Morganite which is a powerful, high vibrational, universal stone of unconditional love that may catch your eye if you were looking for something other than Rose Quartz *wink*


Nuumite vs Coppernite

Nuumite vs Coppernite with Krista Mitchell
(Click the above image to watch in YouTube - just over 10 minute watch)

Coppernite has been misidentified and sold as nuumite. Has this happened to you? Learn how to identify the two, and what the differences are in their energy properties and tips on using them in this comparative crystal channeling!


Master Crystal Healing Teacher and Author of "Change Your Energy: Healing Crystals for Health, Wealth, Love & Luck”, and "Crystal Reiki", and teaching people how to heal themselves and others with crystals since 2005.

Visit her WebsiteFacebook PageInstagram, and YouTube.

7 Self-Love Rituals for Valentine's Day

By  for Zenned Out


It’s that time of year where everything is about love, but the most important thing you can remember about love is this: Love is not outside of you. Love is within you.

Love is your divine nature.

It’s easy to forget that, but it’s true. The rituals below will help you connect to the love already within you, and most importantly give it to yourself.

For all of these rituals, you might like to incorporate:

  • Rose quartz, to open your heart chakra
  • Clear quartz, to amplify the energy
  • Myrrh incense, a healing scent associated with feminine energy, the moon, and the water element


Try just one of these rituals, or try them all throughout the month. Each of these rituals will be more powerful the more you do them, so find one you like and make it part of your routine this month.



Nothing gets the energy of love flowing like creativity. Do a coloring meditation (check out The Goddess Discovery Book for some beautiful coloring pages), make a vision board, cook a nourishing meal, write a poem, paint with watercolors, play an instrument, or create your own yoga flow.

However you’d like to do it, create a sacred space and tap into your creative energy.



Tarot and oracle cards are amazing magical tools for self-reflection and connecting with your intuition. Try this three-card spread with your favorite deck:

  1. What is holding me back from loving myself right now?
  2. What might I experience if I give myself the love I desire?
  3. How can I deepen my love for myself?

Don’t know how to get started? Check out this blog post, or this post for the ultimate tarot guide.



What holds you back from loving yourself more? What limiting beliefs do you hold onto that keep you small? What things about yourself do you struggle to love? What parts of yourself do you hide from yourself and from the world because deep down you believe in their unworthiness?

Get quiet, get your journal, and allow a stream-of-consciousness type of writing to flow until you feel like you’ve got it all out on the page.

Once you’ve poured your heart out, light a single white candle and hold your paper over the flame. Allow the negative energy, limiting beliefs, and your dislike for any part of yourself to burn up with the page.

Then, free-write to these questions: What do I love about myself? What is amazing about me? What am I grateful for? What parts of myself am I working on loving?

When you’re done, place this page on your altar and return to it anytime you feel those sticky, negative beliefs trying to creep back in.



Writing your own self-love mantra is incredibly powerful because while there are many beautiful affirmations and mantras for self-love, you are unique and your journey with self-love is unique.

Write your own mantra that tells you exactly what you need to hear. Something kind, nonjudgmental, and compassionate that you might say to your sister or your best friend to let them know that you love them and they’re not alone.

Say it to yourself.

Write it on your mirror, on a piece of paper to tuck in your bag or place on your altar, or paint it in a picture (see ritual #1!), and return to it whenever you need it. Learn more about embracing the power of mantras here.


Inhale deeply into your heart chakra. Exhale out of your mouth, releasing all that doesn’t serve you. As you inhale, visualize a bud of green light glowing in your chest, blossoming bigger and brighter with each inhale as you strengthen this chakra. Allow the unconditional love to wash over you with your breath.



Turn bath into a ritual by using herbs, lighting candles, and playing whatever music or sounds help you relax and turn inward.

Try using rose-hips, lavender, elecampane, and balm of gilead to promote self-love. Rose-hips promote healing, compassion, and self-love. Lavender balances and calms while elecampane opens the heart chakra. Balm of gilead promotes love and helps you manifest your desires.


Simply fill a muslin bag with about a third of a cup of the herbs, loop the bundle onto the faucet, and let your tub fill with hot water as it runs through the bag. When it finishes filling, drop the bag into the water and let it infuse with the herbs for about 20 minutes.

For an extra dose of self-love, add a rose quartz crystal to your bath. For more herbal bath recipes, check out this blog post.


Creating a goddess altar is a beautiful way to honor the divine feminine energy of the universe and the divine feminine energy within. Make this altar your own! Buy a statue of a Goddess who resonates with you, or just print out a photo online. If you’re not sure which Goddess you’d like to use, do some research! What Goddess energy would help you love yourself more? Some suggestions are:

  • Greek Goddess Aphrodite for love, gratitude, and beauty
  • Hindu Goddess Lakshmi for abundance and wealth
  • East Asian Goddess Kuan Yin for mercy and compassion
  • Hindu Goddess Kali for destruction, creation, and transformation
  • Greek Goddess Artemis for independence, strength, and fearlessness
  • Egyptian Goddess Isis for magic, healing, and protection
  • Greek Goddess Athena for wisdom and courage
  • Sumerian, Babylonian, and Phoenician goddess Inanna for sensuality and divine femininity in all its forms


Once you choose your goddess, add a white candle, incense, and maybe a cloth to your altar. Choose some objects that represent love to you and ask for help loving yourself. You can also put fresh flowers or a piece of fruit on your altar as an offering to the Goddess.

Goddesses are beautiful archetypes and energies to work with because they remind you that you, too, have this energy within you. You possess the abundance of Lakshmi, the compassion of Kuan Yin, the magic of Isis, and the transformative energy of Kali.


My name is Cassie, and I’m the lead Goddess here at Zenned Out. My goal is to help you feel connected to Spirit through meaningful rituals and soul-centered tools. You can read more about my journey below, but let’s get back to you.

Whether you’re here to begin or rekindle your spiritual journey, you’re in the right place. I know spirituality can feel overwhelming. There are so many avenues to go down and different topics to learn about. Here’s the thing, the best place to start is within you because your connection to Spirit (Source, God, Goddess, The Universe, etc.) is inside YOU.

The books, cards, and tools I offer are centered around forming a connection with your inner divine wisdom. I want you to feel supported to forge your own spiritual path in a way that feels meaningful to you.

Visit their WebsiteFacebook PageInstagram or YouTube.

Crystal Talk in February 2021

Crystal for February - Morganite (Infographic)

A lot of people associate Rose Quartz with love and it is one of the best stones to use when you wanted to work with the energy of love, but what if Rose Quartz was not your thing? What then? Well then I'm going to introduce you to Morganite because it's time!

Morganite is part of the Beryl family, making it a Pink Beryl and it's siblings include Emerald, Aquamarine and Heliodor, amongst others. It is often mistaken for pale Rose Quartz, which is usually less transparent and slightly softer than Morganite. It’s a pale pink to peach-pink crystal that ranges from translucent to opaque. It gets its pink shade from manganese. Morganite may have vertical striations or terminations that resemble small, pyramid-like faces in its natural state.

When I look at Morganite, I get this sense of a strong hug. One of those deep, fierce hugs from someone you haven't seen in a long time who you dearly love. It whispers to me:

"You are safe and you are loved now, be at peace."

Morganite is a powerful, high vibrational, universal stone of unconditional love. It helps to attract as well as maintain love, making it great for any relationship. Also, it brings forth loving thoughts and actions, keeping you centered in love. Morganite’s sweet energy makes it the stone of puppy love and first kisses.

Morganite is a very gentle stone, allowing for easy, gentle release of emotions, “like an angel holding my heart”. Those overwhelmed by the huge Heart Chakra opening brought on by Rose Quartz will resonate better with Morganite’s slow, gentle opening that moves at the rate which is perfect for each user.

Holding a piece of Morganite with you through the day brings a sense of deep peace and joy, both within us and with the world. Really useful for the somewhat chaotic and confusing times many of us are experiencing of late don't you think?

In addition to the love and peace properties, Morganite can also open your heart to receive messages and wisdom from guides, angels and guardians. If you love working with your guides, this may be a wonderful crystal to keep with you to deepen that bond in Divine Love with your guides.

With all that being said, are you willing to open your heart and make space for Morganite or is Rose Quartz going to stay firmly put?

Morganite Natural ChunksMorganite PendantMorganite Natural Chunks Extra Grade


Creative Crystal Blessings,

Posted on February 01, 2021
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