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February 2019 Newsletter

It's the month of LOVE! It's one of my favorite times of the year because I'm all about the love here at the online HQ!
One thing I want to highlight, is that while it's great to give love to others, do not forget to give love to YOURSELF. Self love and self care is becoming a popular topic these days and that excites me because finally we are relearning to put ourselves first for a little bit of time. If you cannot love yourself, then how can you expect others to? That being said, how will you be giving yourself love this month?

I am absolutely delighted to share this month's awesome articles with you! We have the awesome Terreasa Burgess from Enchanted Thyme Gift Shop sharing her article about Rose Quartz for Self-Love as well as Romance Rocks! Crystals for Love & Relationships, a blogpost by Ashley Leavy from the Love and Light School. I hope that you will enjoy these articles as much as I did!

What's happening in February at
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Sharing the love,
The Healing Crystals Team

Rose Quartz for Self-Love

by Terreasa Burgess, Enchanted Thyme Gift Shop

Rose Quartz for Self Love

Rose quartz has long been a crystal that has been recommended for use in relationships with family and significant others but what about using it to enhance our relationship with ourselves?

Too often we think of what we need to do to help fix or promote relationships with others and we ignore that important relationship with ourselves. As life gets more complicated and sometimes out of control we need to remember to take care of the vital link we have with our inner self. We become "people pleasers" and lose touch with the self-love that we need to tend to for our own mental and physical well being. Rose Quartz always gives a vibration of warmth, peace and love. Why not use it to promote your love of self? 

According to the dictionary, self-love is the regard for one's own well-being and happiness. With this in mind, the nurturing of well-being and happiness for ourselves sometimes takes a back seat when we are dealing with family and friends on a daily basis. For us to truly have self-love we must give the proper amount of time to the issue. Rose Quartz always gives a vibration of warmth, peace and love. Why not use it to promote love of self?

Rose Quartz is wonderful for raising self-esteem and restoring confidence in yourself which we tend to lose when pleasing others. By having self-esteem and confidence in ourselves we can move forward from past emotional hurt and traumas inflicted by others and bring about happiness. It helps us to bring closure and forgiveness to places of our heart that may so desperately need it. But how can we use Rose Quartz to help accomplish this task?

One of the first things we can do is to remember to take time for ourselves. It doesn't have to be an hour a day, it can be just five or ten minutes when you get home from work, when the kids leave for school or whenever there is a break in your day. Try holding a Rose Quartz heart and focus on taking a few deep and steady breaths. Imagine the beautiful, calming pink color from the Rose Quartz heart seeping into your system and flooding you with its warmth. As this feeling of calm and warmth fills, you let go of all the negative things that find their way into our heart that take the place of our self-esteem and confidence. Take a few more deep breaths and on your exhales release these negative things. You can repeat an affirmation like the following, "I reclaim my self-esteem and confidence and release the negative to the Universe" or you can use your own words of affirmation.

Rose Quartz can be a wonderful crystal friend to help you with self-love and regaining your self-esteem and confidence!

May you have a blessed day!

Romance Rocks! Crystals for Love & Relationships

by Ashley Leavy from the Love and Light School

Stones and Crystals for Love

It’s that time of year again… candy hearts and construction paper valentines… boxed chocolates and lacey delicates.  That’s right – it’s almost Valentine’s Day!
But if you’re bored of the same old traditional, mass-produced gifts of romance, why not try something a little bit different?  Why not try some steamy, sexy stones!

Gems and Crystals for Love

Have you been thinking about how to add a little romance to your life?  Do you want to create a deeper emotional connection with your partner?  Are you interested in spicing things up in the bedroom. Healing crystals are a simple and accessible way to create more romance between yourself and your partner.  Each crystal has its own unique properties: physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual.  When the crystal is brought into your environment, it can shift the energy in the space to help you connect with those desired traits.

Check out this list of must-have stones for love & romance:

Gems and Crystals for Love

You can use each of these crystals on their own or in combination to help you supercharge your love life with healing stones – just in time for Valentine’s Day!  You can create a little medicine pouch, filled with just the right combination for your relationship, arrange the stones in a crystal grid, or just tuck one away in your partner’s pocket to let them know they’re loved and adored.  Just let your heart be your guide!

Create a Crystal Gift Box for a Romantic Valentine's Day

Create a Crystal Gift Box for a Romantic Valentine’s Day

Want to REALLY “Wow” your partner with crystals this Valentine’s Day?

STEP 1: Buy an inexpensive heart-shaped box of chocolates (but be sure the box is pretty – you can even glam it up a bit yourself with some ribbon & rhinestones)
STEP 2: Our favorite step – EAT ALL OF THE CHOCOLATES (ok…you can share them too…or save them in a baggie for later) 
STEP 3: Choose some crystals that are meaningful to your relationship and put them in the little holders inside of the box
STEP 4: Give your crystal surprise box as the best V-Day gift ever!

Check out this quick video for another great romantic Valentine’s Day tip for unique crystal gifts!  Here’s a hint… it’s even better than a box of chocolates!

Rose Quartz Meditation

Open yourself up to love with this Rose Quartz Meditation that is under 2 minutes long and you can watch it directly on our YouTube channel!

Posted on February 15, 2019

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