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It’s February already…it seems as if time just flies after we finally make it through the holidays! This is a great month for slowing down and resuming a less hectic pace. Thankfully, by this point any New Year’s resolutions we’ve made have morphed into realistic expectations and healthier habits that will stay with us throughout the year.

In this month’s newsletter, we offer you two great articles. The first helps celebrate Valentine’s Day, which we pay tribute to on February 14th. The second is in honor of Susan B. Anthony Day, a lesser-known holiday celebrated one day later, on February 15th.

In our first offering, Crystal Cosmopolitan brings us “Crystals for Love”. This great article presents us with information about the historic symbolism of Valentine’s Day, along with crystals such as Garnet, Morganite, and Rose Quartz that can enhance the healing energy of love.

In “Take Back Your Life: Crystals for Women”, Sonia Acone gives us a look at women’s rights advocate Susan B. Anthony’s life. She suggests Amethyst, Amber, and Moonstone for women. This article also contains a list of qualities that strong women possess, such as confidence, creativity, and courage, along with the crystals that can support these attributes. Sonia also gives us information about some other very interesting holidays that we can celebrate this month, such as Margarita Day on February 22nd!

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Wherever you are, we here at Healing Crystals wish you a warm and safe winter!

The Healing Crystals Team

Now, on to our Newsletter...

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Crystals for Love

By Crystal Cosmopolitan

“Love can heal.
Love can renew.
Love can make us safe.
Love can inspire us with its power.
Love can bring us closer to [God*].”

(*May substitute Spirit, Goddess, Universal Consciousness, etc.)

The Path to Love, Deepak Chopra

There are many legends about the origin of St. Valentine’s Day, celebrated on February 14th, by exchanging gifts and symbols of love. First associated with romantic love in England in the Middle Ages, it has since become one of the most popular holidays throughout the world. Whether we are looking forward to the romance of it, or dislike it because of its commercialization, we could envision it as a day to remind ourselves about, and reconnect to, all the people we love and who love us. Deepak Chopra, a world-renowned author and expert on mind/body healing, suggests that the keys to successful relationships are the three A’s: attention, appreciation, and affection. To help you open your heart, pay attention to, appreciate, and be affectionate with those that you care about, try using some of the following crystals:


Known as one of the most powerful cleansers and energizers of both the Root and the Heart chakra, Ruby is known for increasing vitality and passion. It improves self-confidence, brings courage, stimulates sexual energy and desire and opens us up for new experiences.

For those for whom the energy of Ruby alone may be too strong, Ruby in Zoisite, a.k.a. Anyolite, might be a better choice. It balances the heart, releases long-held pain, and transmutes it into a sense of well-being. By balancing and healing the heart, it is also helping us to intuitively harmonize our relationships with others.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is one of the most universally recognized LOVE stones throughout the world. Since it is most commonly described as a crystal that brings new love into our lives, in addition to wearing it, Feng Shui experts recommend placing it into the “relationship” corner of the house and also next to your bed. However, crystal healers emphasize this stone’s ability to release emotional pain, increase self-love and build healthy self-esteem.


Rhodochrosite supports spontaneous expressions of feelings and affections. It is a great stone for those who are hesitant in revealing their true feelings because of past experiences.  This stone helps heal the wounds of the past and supports one’s inner child through empathy and compassion.  Some crystal writers refer to it as a stone that helps one attract their soulmate.


Red Garnet stimulates the Root, the Sacral, and the Heart chakras, bringing stability, increased sexual energy and devotion into relationships.  It assists in releasing energetic blocks and opens us to receive love and affection.  It is generally known as a stone of fidelity and one that solidifies a committed relationship.


The key words for the healing properties of Green Aventurine are that it is comforting, healing, and harmonizing. While green is one of the colors that assist the Heart chakra (in addition to pink and some varieties of red), green Aventurine specifically brings a renewed joy, lightness, and optimism.  It supports emotional stability and moving forward in life.

Pink Calcite

This crystal’s gentle vibration attracts unconditional love and forgiveness.  It slowly releases all fears that keep the heart trapped in the past and is soothing to the emotional body, while at the same time brings calming and loving energy to one’s energetic field. This crystal is often recommended for strengthening the bond between parent and child.


Another stone known as the “love attractor”, Morganite encourages us to enjoy life. Peace, joy, and emotional strength--these are the words that many who have experienced working with this crystal use to describe its effects. Crystal writers often describe it as presenting one with a sense of emotional abundance.


While Carnelian is not typically recommended as a “heart” stone, it does wonders in terms of an optimistic outlook, creative energy, and self-confidence.  Even just looking at its vibrant color is energizing!  By activating the first three chakras of the body, Carnelian restores vitality and creativity, which are the keys for a passionate life.

Finally, for those who enjoy the HEART symbolism, and the Valentine’s Day holiday, there are two treats: take a look at our selection of the Heart shaped crystals and our special Valentine’s Day Mix.



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Take Back Your Life: Crystals for Women

By Sonia Acone


Listen up, ladies! This month we’re going to step away from the all the “male holidays” for a moment and take a look at one that some may not know about, but is worth looking into. Susan B. Anthony Day, which falls on February 15, was the birth date of this remarkable woman who fought for women’s rights as well as the abolition of slavery. It commemorates the passing of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution, which gave citizens of the United States the right to vote, regardless of sex.

Susan B. Anthony (Feb.15, 1820 - March 13, 1906) was a staunch supporter of women’s rights. She fought to help women keep their earnings, own their own property, and the right for all people to an education regardless of their race. Together with her longtime friend, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Ms. Anthony strove to give women their independence. She devoted her life to the cause, and one can only imagine what life would be like if she hadn’t taken up the fight.

So, get comfy, have a cup of coffee/tea, and take a look at this list of crystals that can empower you, give you confidence, keep your patience, find your sanity, unleash your creativity and give you the wisdom to take back your life and make it the best it can be for YOU. And, you can always celebrate these other February holidays to get you in the mood: International Boost Self-Esteem Month; International Expect Success Month; Weddings Month; Plant the Seeds of Greatness Month and Spunky Old Broads Month. There are also days devoted to February: Dump Your Significant Jerk Day (3rd); World Marriage Day (10th); Satisfied Staying Single Day (11th); Madly in Love with Me Day (13th); League of Women Voter’s Day (14th), and let’s top it off with Margarita Day (22nd)!

Here are some crystals to get you started on your journey:

For women in general: Amber, Amethyst, Moonstone, Coral

Creativity: Carnelian, Orange Calcite, Pietersite

Confidence: Chrysocolla, Garnet, Golden Tiger’s Eye

Control of your life: Hematite, Jet

Courage: Amber, Red Coral, Carnelian, Red Jasper

De-Stress: Amethyst, Aquamarine, Blue Lace Agate, Blue Kyanite, Herkimer Diamond, Labradorite, Lapis Lazuli, Purple Fluorite, Rose Quartz

Education/Learning/Study: Fluorite, Blue Chalcedony

Goals (achieving): Amber, Amethyst, Dioptase, Golden Tiger’s Eye, Golden Topaz, Ruby

Guilt (removing): Peridot, Sodalite

Happy Home: Moonstone, Onyx

Justice: Black Obsidian, Black Tourmaline, Hematite, Jet, Red Jasper

New Beginnings: Citrine, Diamond, Herkimer Diamond, Moonstone, Tiger’s Eye, Tourmaline

Soul’s Purpose: Blue Kyanite

Wisdom: Carnelian, Chrysocolla, Coral, Jade, Moonstone, Sodalite, Sugilite

Zest for Life: Clear Quartz

“Failure is Impossible” - Susan B. Anthony



The Path to Love, Deepak Chopra (1997, Random House: Harmony Books)

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The Book of Stones, Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian (2005, 2007, North Atlantic Books)

The Illustrated Directory of Healing Crystals, Cassandra Eason (2003, Collins and Brown)

Posted on February 14, 2014

  Enjoyed this newsletter. Look forward to the next one!  (Submitted by: Gina on February 16, 2014)
  Great newsletter!  (Submitted by: Stephanie on February 15, 2014)
  Thank you for all the helpful information.  (Submitted by: Sharon on February 14, 2014)

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