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We are finally here—December, 2012. Or 12:12, if you prefer. This is the last month of a busy year that has seen a lot of changes. We here at Healing Crystals have embraced the changes of 2012, and are looking forward to great things—and more changes—in the new year.

As we prepare for the end of the calendar year, we are reminded that as things end, there are also new beginnings. Dec 21, 2012 is the end of the Mayan Long Count, the great eon spanning calendar that has gotten so much press lately. At Healing Crystals, we know that when one calendar ends, we must turn the page to begin a new calendar for a new year. We look forward to seeing you on December 22nd and beyond, in 2013.

Since we are talking about changes, please check out the article on ''Crystals for Changes and Transitions” by crystal expert, Rachel Niemczyk. It contains great advice on what crystals you can use to facilitate and adapt to changes in your life. Then crystal expert and Reiki master Lourdes Lebron offers excellent advice on using crystals to enhance your Reiki energies in her informative article “Crystals and Your Reiki Practice.” Her excellent article will help you calm and center your energy so you can direct it towards improving your life.

Please remember those who are dealing with hard times and changes this holiday season. Join us in sending positive energy and prayers to those hurt in the recent Connecticut tragedy. All of us here at Healing Crystals wish you and your families a happy and positive holiday season. We look forward to seeing you in 2013, a year sure to be full of light and positive changes.


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Crystals for Changes Transitions

By Rachel Niemczyk


Most people can look back from their current selves to how they were six months, one year, five years, ten years ago or more and recognize differences. Some are physical; a new haircut, a different clothing style, changes in location or occupation. Others are mental; learning a new subject, trying a different approach to a situation, activism for a social or political situation of interest. Emotional shifts are more frequent, often resulting from interactions with family, friends, co-workers, or negative people. Spirituality seems like the least likely to change, yet can be quite fluid through deepening a practice and an openness to learn about differing views from yours.

The point is, however much we may try to deny it, change is a constant factor in our lives. Some changes are small, others large and life altering. Sometimes we have weeks or months to prepare and ease into these changes, but more often they are unexpected, jarring, confusing, and stressful. Yet for better or for worse, change is a fact of life we have to deal with. Otherwise, we get stuck in the past, unable to move forward and help ourselves or those we care for most.

While experiencing any change or transition it is useful to have crystals to aid you. They can’t erase all your problems or miraculously guarantee a perfect outcome, but they can act as constant companions who make transitions easier and smoother for you and the ones you love. If you allow them to, the following crystals can be as comforting as finding safe harbor in the midst of a turbulent storm.


The green color of Chrysocolla relates to the heart chakra and perfectly symbolizes how this crystal can support you during difficult times. This stone give boosts your confidence and gives you the courage to deal with whatever situation you are facing. It is excellent for your heart, helping you release stress and tension while bringing joy into your life.


Garnet is a fantastic stone for the base chakra. It enhances confidence and survival instincts, allowing you to navigate tricky situations more easily. It is less well known for, but equally effective at, subtly bringing out love for life.


Commonly known as a grounding and protective crystal, Jet is also powerfully cleansing. It slowly removes negative energies from your body, essentially reducing the hold that emotions such as fear and sadness can have over you. Combined with its ability to balance your yin and yang energies, Jet leaves you as steady and stable as possible for whatever may come.


Labradorite radiates a magical quality, and is excellent for alchemical purposes. By simultaneously enhancing your intuition and mental clarity, it allows you to envision multiple possibilities and find a path to the outcome of your choice.


If you are ever emotionally exhausted Malachite might be the perfect crystal to use. It balances your emotions, reducing negativity such as stress and tension while increasing positivity in the forms of hope and happiness. With the final touches of boosting endurance and cleansing the aura, Malachite leaves you in a much better position than that which you started from.


When your emotions are too strong to think clearly and seem to take over your life Moonstone is the crystal you need. Unlike Malachite which supports emotional health in general, Moonstone is specifically geared towards helping you find inner peace. As such it helps relieve stress, mitigates oversensitivity, and calms you down so your actions can come from a place of inner harmony.


Rhyolite promotes a strong body and soul connection within you. Its wonderful earth energy grounds you in the physical while its deep soulful energy connects with you on a higher vibration. This facilitates change on the soul level so that you can find solutions to conditions on the physical world.

Rutilated Quartz

Rutilated Quartz has a fantastic higher vibration that supports spiritual growth. This is best facilitated by guiding the user towards truth. Recognizing the truth (whether it is an unbiased understanding of a situation or a personal truth) helps you understand why a particular transition is necessary; and that very action opens up doorways towards spiritual enlightenment.

Tree Agate

Another crystal very symbolic of its name, Tree Agate promotes positive attributes of trees within you. It helps you to remain calm, rooting you into clarity and logic rather than emotional overreactions. These “roots” in turn give you a strength and flexibility to persevere through all types of weather.

Watermelon Tourmaline

This crystal is exceptional for applying mental and emotional clarity to a transitional period of your life. On a mental level it brings patience and understanding to learn and accept the who, what, when, where, and why of the situation. Emotionally, it relieves stress and supports inner peace so you can move through this transition as painlessly and securely as possible.


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Crystals and your Reiki Practice

By Lourdes Lebron

Many Reiki practitioners find that crystals augment their energy work in a very positive manner.  Crystals can increase vibrations to assist in the release of blockages or can send more positive vibes to help a person achieve a more relaxed state.  In the following article I’d like to give some ideas on how crystals can enhance your practice.

Before doing any energy work on a person (or yourself), I find cleaning the room with a combination of crystals and Reiki beneficial.  I also like to invoke angels, guides, Ascended Masters, Fairies, and any other spirits I feel a connection to at the time.  My personal preference to clean is to use Clear Quartz Points, but use any crystals or shapes that feel right to you.  First I open the windows to let clean energy in. Then, starting at the east, I make CKR symbols and place them in each of the corners with the intention of it keeping the room clean and protected. (CKR is the power symbol and can be used to strengthen an intention). I proceed in a clockwise manner around the room.  When I am done, I go to the center of the room and do a double CKR to the front, sides, and back of the room.  If you are not attuned to these symbols, you can still follow this formula, but channel Reiki through the crystals and keep them pointed at the area you want clean and protected.  After doing this please thank not only the spiritual energies you have invoked, but the crystals too.

When doing an attunement (of any type, whether for yourself or others), I like to use crystals under the chair or table. If you are a Reiki Master and attuning someone to Reiki, a Howlite crystal can strengthen the spiritual connection to Reiki.  For clients that may have a tendency to become ungrounded during an attunement, I use Hematite, or Dravite. Some of your students may also be nervous when receiving an attunement and for this type of student I use Moonstones under their chairs. After an attunement, I like to give students Obsidian,Jet, or Black Tourmaline to hold to help integrate the energy into their physical bodies.

When working on clients I usually like to put crystals on all their chakras.  I place crystals on them for a few minutes to allow the vibrations of the crystals to start flowing.  I then ask clients how the crystals feel.  Some are more sensitive than others and the use of crystals may be too much; in these cases I take the crystals off.  Others are fine and can handle the crystals with no problem.

With the following tips, the rule of thumb will be crystals on all the chakras unless specified. As always, please check with the individual client (or your intuition) to make sure the crystals and the client are in sync.  Most importantly, whether using crystals or your hands, please make sure that your clients are comfortable and at ease with what you are doing.

For clients who need a chakra clearing I like to use Selenite, not only on their chakras but around their aura.  After placing crystals on the energy centers I place one between the feet, one on each side of the feet  at a 45 degree angle, one by each of their hands, one at 45 degrees to each of the shoulders, and another one 3 to 4 inches above their head. The crystal pattern I just mentioned above is the “aura” grouping I usually use and will refer to it in this article as the “aura pattern”.

Some people who come to you may be experiencing the “blues”.  I use Sunstone for these folks, and besides placing them on the energy centers and using the aura pattern, I like to place an extra two on their hand chakras. Many people receive a lot of energy through their hands, but aren’t aware of it.  By placing the crystals in the client’s hands you increase the amount of positive energy flowing through them.

Many people who come in for Reiki may just be fatigued and tired. I use Double Terminated Clear Quartz on the solar plexus and Clear Quartz tumbled or rough stones on the rest of the chakras. Clear Quartz can be placed around their aura too.   

For folks who suffer from sinus issues, I like to break up the energy blockages with rounded tips of Selenite wands. I trace the eye socket gently with the wands, and massage the forehead and scalp (in that order) with the wands. This usually helps open up the sinus passages.

Some folks suffer from migraines.  When working on someone with migraines, I like to use Amethyst or purple Fluorite around the entire head like a halo. If working on them with wands, I use these crystals to massage around the back of the throat, neck, ears, and head. The easiest way reach these areas is to have your client sit up in a chair.

During cold and flu season I highly recommend Amazonite. Not only do I use it on the clients, I also keep some on myself during sessions.  You can also use Amber, Moss Agate, and Rainbow Fluorite

Some clients may experience feelings of being unloved or do not have a positive image of themselves.  For these clients, I like to use Rose Quartz. In addition to the chakra and aura pattern, I like to give a Rose Quartz Massage. I take two Rose Quartz wands and when the client is on their stomach, I massage the client’s back gently with these crystals.  I go in circular patterns around the shoulders, working my way down the back and stopping at the waist.  This is a favorite among my clients.

There are times when you may have to do psychic surgery on someone.  I prefer Vogel type wands.  They feel very precise to me and can focus energy easily.  A single terminated Selenite wand or Clear Quartz wand can also be used.

Although I have given suggestions for the types of crystals to use, always use your intuition and keep in mind the comfort level of your clients.  If a crystal doesn’t feel right to a client, I change it out.  Sometimes it is the texture of a crystal.  Many people may feel more comfortable with tumbled stones as opposed to crystal roughs.  Always work with your clients to help them get the most out of the Reiki Session.

When finishing your session don’t forget to thank the spirit energies around you and your crystals.  Also remember to clean your space and your crystals.  For cleaning, you can use essences made out of crystals (Black Tourmaline is my favorite) or even herbs (sage) and put them in a spray bottle to clean out the room. You can also use the same method to clean the room (explained at the beginning of the article) at the end of the session.

The possibilities of using crystals in your Reiki practice are endless.  I hope this article has opened you up to more ways to get the most out of your practice using crystals as your allies and guides.  Listed below are three links describing which crystals work best with particular ailments. These are great guides for anyone, not only people starting out on their crystal path, but for the Reiki practitioner who wants to enhance the depth of energy healing for their clients:

Physical Issues:

Emotional Issues:

Spiritual Issues:


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Permntt, Philip. The Crystal Healer: Crystal Prescriptions That Will Change Your Life Forever. New York: CICO Books, 2007. Print.


Posted on December 21, 2012
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