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Inside this Issue April 2021 Newsletter

Personal Shopping Experiences

Did you know that you we are offering Virtual and In-Person Shopping Experiences?

Virtual Shopping Experience allows you to shop with us no matter where you are in the world! Yes you can do this on our website, but you aren't able to actually see the crystals you're choosing. Now you can choose the exact crystals which speak to you, and you can do it from the comfort of your own home! 30 minute appointments for Virtual Shopping can be made on Monday to Friday between 10:00AM and 3:00PM. Appointments are offered via Zoom (free app) and our team of amazing ladies are there to guide your shopping experience!

An In-Person Shopping Experience is perfect if you are in the area and would love to shop in our brick-and-mortar Showroom! Make an appointment to visit and shop around. Appointments for In-Person Shopping can be made from 9:00AM to 3:00PM on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Strictly one customer per appointment in the Showroom only.

To schedule your appointment for Virtual or In-Person Shopping:
Call us at (703) 828-4325 or eMail

Hatching something Egg-citing!

April 2021 - Egg-citing Sales and Promotions

We're planning to fill the month with crystals that will bring out your playful side. Spring is budding, flowers are peeking out and it's beginning to look like spending a little more time outdoors in the sunshine! You're invited to join us in warming up this April, because it's going to a cracking time and here are some of the promotions you can look forward to this month!

Amethyst Eggs

The shape of crystal eggs are ideal for holding energy that can be used to locate imbalances in the body. Crystal eggs are comforting to hold in your hand and the pointed end can also be used for acupressure or reflexology. They really do make great tools for massages!

From the 1st to the 4th, you can get 20% off our collection of Crystal Eggs.

April's Birthstone is the Diamond and while we don't have real deal diamonds on the website, you can enjoy the next best thing: Our Herkimer Diamonds and they'll be 10% off through the month *wink wink*

The Herkimer Diamond is a stone of release and relaxation. It helps to clear the mind/body of unconscious fears and repressions, allowing for a complete and total relaxation and expansion of life energy.

Herkimer Diamonds

Rose Quartz AngelsRose Quartz Angel PendantRose Quartz Star of David

Through the month, our Rose Quartz Angels and Star of David Cut & Polished Pieces will be on sale and you can happily get those for 15% off!

Crystal Live Sales

Crystal Live Sales

You are invited to join our team for our Crystal Live Sales where we showcase special crystals and items, some only available during our Live Sales in our exclusive Facebook Group so you don't want to miss out! Want to join our Live Sales? Sign up for an account on our website, then request to join the group by answering all 4 entry questions.

Live Sales are held every Friday at 3PM EST during April!

Featuring This Month

Crystal Empowerment for Empaths by Krista Mitchell, who shares her top crystal picks to help Empaths take back their power again. As she says, crystals may not solve the problem entirely, but they're a good start and so many Empaths these days are turning to crystals not only to better navigate what they experience, but also to better connect with their own power!

Kim's Calm Spray to spray your bedsheets before bed, during the day at work and on your lunch break. Basically a super handy vibrational spray to keep in your space and use in your life daily. Kim shows you how to make this and what to use in her video!

We finish off the newsletter with Siobhan's Crystal Talk. This month it's about Lepidolite to help relieve anxiety which many are struggling with and some crystal support is always welcome on our journey to better mental health.

Crystal Empowerment for Empaths

By Krista Mitchell from

Crystal Empowerment for Empaths /

Are you an empath?

Are you someone who's so sensitive to the feelings of others that you experience them as your own?

If so, you're in good company: I'm an empath, too.

And I'll be completely honest with you: I went through energy hell living in New York City. It's a pressure-cooker, and I was doing spiritual healing which required me to be extra in tune.

It was overwhelming, to say the least.

It took me a looooong time to learn how to manage being an empath, but I never saw it as a liability - I saw it as a strength.

It was how I was able to tune in so powerfully to my crystals, read my clients' energy systems, have a sensory awareness of the vibes in a space when I was doing a space clearing.

It was also how I was able to fill a room with healing presence, because yeah, empaths aren't just receiving, they're projecting, too.

It was a gift that I learned to nurture.

So the # of messages I get on a weekly basis from empaths asking me how they can protect themselves from other peoples' feelings concerns me.

It concerns me because it means that they're not in their power. They're exposed, vulnerable, suffering. And it's my experience that the empaths of the world are our healers, our artists, teachers, guides.

They're the ones that can help bring the balance of kindness, healing, and compassion back to a world that so desperately needs it.

I've made some crystal suggestions below that can help support and shield you as an empath, but I'm going to be completely honest here: simply wearing crystals to help protect you is a bandaid solution.

As a healer, I know that in order to truly bring about positive change, you have to address the underlying cause.

I also know that when you're in your power, you don't need protecting. And empaths need to reclaim their power.

Wearing crystals to help you is the first step, working with them to help heal and empower you, is the next.

Read my crystal suggestions below, and if you're ready for the next step, click on the button at the bottom of this article to learn more about my new, self-paced eCourse: Crystal Empowerment for Empaths.

Crystal Suggestions

Wear the following 5 crystals on a daily basis for empathic shielding and support. Suggested size: 3/4” - 1.5”, rough or tumbled. Be sure to clear them on a nightly basis if you’re wearing them daily! They are best worn over the heart chakra.


smoky quartz /

Grounding, centering, helps to clear lower, harmful energy from the aura and the system.


Red jasper /

Grounding, fortifying, revitalizing energy that builds resilience and stamina and strengthens the aura’s natural defenses.


rose quartz /

Nurturing, loving energy that helps to create a compassionate and joyful buffer zone in your energy field.


black tourmaline /

Black tourmaline creates an electric forcefield around the aura, repelling lower and harmful frequencies.


Hematite /

Hematite helps to ground and center you in your feelings of empowerment, and also helps you to form and maintain healthy boundaries.

Crystal Empowerment for Empaths /
In this online training you will learn how to work with crystals in a variety of ways to clear, shield, and fortify your energy, how to respond and recover from psychic attack, as well as how to fine-tune your empathic abilities so that they heighten your psychic senses.

Light Walker Poster.png
Also check out Krista's New Course: Light Walker: Crystal Mediumship Certification Course which starts April 10th!


Master Crystal Healing Teacher and Author of "Change Your Energy: Healing Crystals for Health, Wealth, Love & Luck”, and "Crystal Reiki", and teaching people how to heal themselves and others with crystals since 2005.

Visit her WebsiteFacebook PageInstagram, and YouTube.

Kim's Calm Spray (Vibrational Spray)

By Kim Grandal from SpiritualReSOULutions by Re-CreativeResources

(Click the above image to watch in YouTube - just over 8 minute receive)

In this video I share a simple way to make a vibrational spray that I personally find to be very calming and cleansing.

(For this spray Kim uses: Distilled water, a Black Tourmaline bead, Amethyst chips, Clear Quartz chips, Rose Quartz chips and two different Essential Oils. Give it a try and let us know how it works for you! It's a definite winner)


Kim has an on-line crystal store, and offers crystal coaching, crystal healing, and oracle readings.

Visit her WebsiteFacebook Page, and/or YouTube.

Crystal Talk in April 2021

Crystal of the Month - Lepidolite

I receive so many queries about crystals for anxiety that I decided it time to share my power couple for those who are struggling with anxiety and don't know where to start with crystal support. I see you and I hear you!

My favorites for anxiety include Lepidolite and Black Tourmaline together. As simple as that.

If Lepidolite doesn't work for you, remember that there are many stones that you can use to help with anxiety relief. Choose what works for you and some of these include AmethystBlack OnyxGreen AventurineGreen ChloriteChrysopraseHowliteRose Quartz, and even Rhodochrosite.

The calming nature of Lepidolite encourages emotional balance and promotes inner peace, wheras Black Tourmaline grounds energy and promotes vitality.

Black Tourmaline works superbly well with Lepidolite, as it does with many other stones. If you are continually in your head worrying and thinking (like I am most of the time), then it can help to ground you, and bring you back into your body again. Black Tourmaline is one of the supreme grounding stones.

When you add Lepidolite to the equation, you are bringing in deeper inner peace and calm. In addition, the Lepidolite helps you catch your breath again which can be sometimes hard to do when you are focusing on all the thoughts running.

Honestly, working with this power couple will not change your life overnight, but it can help you to bring you back to yourself, the present moment and find a little more calm.

My favorite picks from our website are our Black Tourmaline Cabs and the Lepidolite Tumbles. They easily fit into your pocket or bra to carry with you through the day.

Black Tourmaline CabochonLepidolite Tumble

When you are feeling anxious or like you need a break, whip these out whether at your desk or in a bathroom break and hold one in each hand. I like to hold the Lepidolite in my right hand and the Black Tourmaline in my left, but do what is comfortable for you. Then focus on your breath, simply witness it. Bring your focus to the Lepidolite and breath in calm. Feel your shoulders relax, unclench your jaw, lift your eyebrows if you've been frowning and keep breathing in calm. Stay here at long as you need to.

Creative Crystal Blessings,

Posted on April 01, 2021
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