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Healing Crystals NFLGS NFLGS
I absolutely LOVE these!!! all different colors and even solid blue!!! _3
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These are marked as B grade, but I think they are really beautiful, especially for the incredible price. I bought the 10 piece bag and the 1 pound bag. There are mostly green stones with a nice number of green/purple combo stones. The color can have some light colored ones mixed with some amazing dark brilliant colors. I think if you are looking for rough fluorite at a great price, definitely consider these. The energy is fantastic. They are beautiful. I give them an A!!!
5 5
To be honest, I didn't have very high expectations of these but they were at an unbeatable price! When I received these, I was absolutely blown away; they are wonderful and very nice looking!
5 5

Green Fluorite Natural Chunks    [NFLGS]

Instock $ 2024-03-20
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