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From:    Linda
Date:    Fri, January 16, 2009 8:50 pm
Subject: Re: - Discount Prices on Healing ...

Thanks Judy.

I have searched around and haven't had any luck.  Cinnabar seems to be  a
difficult stone to get because of the shape/size issues being so varied.
Several shows are coming up but they are all out of our area (we are in the
middle of "now where"!  Her practitioner wanted her to use it now but  we'll
keep looking.  I sent her home with a piece of black  tourmaline and
suggested she put it on the painful area with moist heat  over it.  I also
sent her home with an herbal complex that works great  on pain an
inflammation.  That should help.

 She's got a nasty  lower back issue happening and some negative energy
around it.  I  appreciate you getting back to me so quickly.

I've had a blast placing an order today!  It's hard enough just  selecting a
few things for my store here...I wanted to buy everything for  ME!  If I had
a rock shop or a full metaphysical store, I'd be in huge  trouble!  I'd have
to ask what stone works for shopaholics because  I wouldn't be able to stop
buying!  Great selection!!!

Thanks for being out there trying to make a difference, one person at a
time.  That's what I try to do as well.

Hugs and smiles,

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