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A true Golden Healer is defined as a crystal or crystal cluster with an iron oxide coating under or in between layers of crystal. Colors will range from a pale, clear yellow to lemon to darker mustard. These crystals will have almost a greasy-like, transparent coating, which may show a surprising rainbow or two when turned under a light source.

Unlike Tangerine or Limonite stained Quartz, the color of the Golden Healer will not be affected by an acid bath due to the coating being “protected” by a thin layer or layers of crystal growth. In other words, this is not a crystal that has a dusting or stain on the outside, but instead it is included within the crystalline growth. Golden Healers can be super clear to milky and dense.

The Golden Healer is a powerful healing crystal as it allows the golden light of Universal Life Force to flow into the body through the Crown Chakra. The energy then spreads its golden light throughout the body as it clears blockages and imbalances that ready the body for multi-level healing.

The Golden Ray energy of the Golden Healer may represent the Divine Spirit, Source and Creation. A Master Healer, the Golden Healer is of the highest vibration. Its energy is powerful, yet gentle and soothing.

Golden Healers can be used to raise the holder’s energy vibration or frequency, which will facilitate spiritual communications over a long distance, including between worlds and dimensions.

Hold a Golden Healer when meditating to connect with Source energy and to reconnect with the “One”. Place a Golden Healer cluster under a healing or massage table to fill the area with gentle, sustainable energy throughout your healing session. Highlight a Golden Healer on an altar or grid, to raise the frequency/vibration of your intent.
This is a powerful and amazing piece, which enhances joy, peace and the spirit of Oneness.

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Physical and Metaphysical Properties for
Crystal Name:Golden Healer Quartz
Affirmation:I am amazing and inspirational.
Question:Do you find comfort in religion or spirituality?
Astrological Sign:All Astrological Signs
Primary Chakra:Solar Plexus Chakra
Secondary Chakra:Crown Chakra, Third Eye Chakra
Color:Clear, Gold (metallic yellow)
Mineral Class:Silicates
Crystal System:Trigonal Crystal System
Hardness:7 Hardness
Numerical Vibration:Number 11
Chemical Composition:SiO2, Silicon Dioxide
Physical:Health and Healing
Emotional:Calming, Joy, Peace and Peacefulness
Spiritual:Amplifying, Raising Vibrations, Spirit Communication, Spiritual Awareness
Reference 1:

Posted on April 16, 2013
  Feel compelled to leave a comment regarding the comment above. I am glad you found such intense healing with the Golden Healer but please, remember always that thoughts are things. Moms wise words. If you think it so, it shall be. You are not under any cars except the ones you manifest yourself. Believe yourself to be of the highest vibrational frequency, pure light and love. And nothing can harm you. Because you are surrounded by the highest light and love. Believe it. This is something that took me 44 years to realize. Hopefully you can learn it a lot sooner ???? Blessed be to anybody reading this.  (Submitted by: MoonShyne on March 23, 2020)
  I purchased the Golden Healer Quartz directly from this site. It came with a card of authenticity. I've worn it off and on for months clustered with a thousand other crystals and stones I wear. I got the message from spirit that told me stop wearing all those crystals/stones on your crown chakra just wear your golden healer quartz on your crown. So I have a raggedy knit hat that I have been wearing for about two years that somewhat keeps my stones/crystals in place while at home and when I sleep. I listened to spirit and only had my golden healer quartz on my crown talk about a quick reaction. The G.H.Q. starting healing me right away! I have been under psychic attack for years and was coming to the understanding that I had numerous hooks, cords, arrows and darts in my chakras. That would have killed others. The G.H.Q went right to work on my crown, throat and solar plexus chakras simultaneously. I have never felt clean in my energy ever but I also never knew this. For the first time ever I was/am free. Free from the bondage of attacks, free from demonic entities, spells curses and negativity. My cat immediately noticed the difference also. She jumped on me w/o warning as to enjoy the healing also. I am so relieved and happy I read about the G.H.Q in the 3rd edition of the crystal bible and purchased from a reputable seller.

Blessings  (Submitted by: Shawnee on March 17, 2020)
  Thank you for your wonderful Golden Healer crystal. I would love to have one!  (Submitted by: Patsy on January 09, 2018)
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