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Giraffe Animal Totem

This animal totem is Giraffe - Farsightedness, Wise Communication, Gracefulness

Giraffe’s long neck symbolizes your ability to see far off into the future. He is telling you that it is time that you let your intuition and foresight lead your way. Your instincts are guiding you. Are you following them? Do you take action and follow through? Have you become complacent? Have you lost sight of the future? Life will become less difficult when you set your sights on your path in life. Giraffe is saying listen to your heart. 

His long neck is also asking you if you are willing to stick your neck out and willing to take on a challenge. He is asking you to start making new connections. Giraffe is also telling you that you have a broader view of life. Has your vision become too constricted or narrow? Conversely, are you sticking your neck out for others or other things that will only hurt you in the end? Can you remain above the chaos?

Giraffe is generally a quiet animal who seldom verbalizes sound. Most of his communication is through body language. He is telling you to be careful of what you say. Are you able to balance silence with words? Do you say too much? Do you say too little? Do you speak to the right person or the wrong person? Do you make your words count? Can you read someone else’s body language? There is often power in silence, for words can deflect our focus away from silent reflection. He is also telling you to apply gracefulness and gentleness in your actions, as they will always be apparent to others around you.

Crystals to help you remember the medicine of Giraffe are:


Wise Communication:



By Susan Jolley

Posted on February 14, 2015
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