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Flicker Animal Totem

This animal totem is the Flicker – The Power of Rhythm, The Heartbeat of Mother Earth

Flicker medicine is showing you that it is time to find your rhythm, for you have a new cycle of growth that you will be entering. She is grounding and will teach you to connect with Mother Earth and to find balance and harmony in the physical, mental and spiritual realms. Flicker is asking you to take a look at the issues in your life, find the deeper meaning and the hidden qualities in the patterns and “coincidences” that you are experiencing and accept that your perceptions are changing. Trust in your intuition. Flicker’s constant hammering is telling you to have tenacity in your endeavors, while also having patience. Her rhythm will guide you to perfect timing and show you how important it is for healing love and how powerful forgiveness is.

Have you found your balance? Are you connected to Mother Earth and nature spirits? Rhythm is a powerful way to affect your energy - are you tuning in to your own unique rhythm? If you have tuned in to your unique rhythm, are you following it? Do you follow it with tenacity? Do you get frustrated or do you exhibit patience? Do you honor what works for you? If you have not tuned in to your rhythm, then it is time to change what you are doing. Open yourself up to your own healing love and forgiveness so that you can find your rhythm. Do you look at the aspects of your life rationally? Do you jump into situations or do you take the time to dig into them to find the hidden meanings?

Crystals that will help you remember the medicine of the Flicker are:

Finding the Rhythm of Mother Earth:

Dancing to your own Rhythm



By Susan Jolley

Posted on February 14, 2015

  Was reversing out of my garage and spotted a bird incapacitated in the adjacent alley. I stepped out and noticed the bird was not able to use it's legs and or fly. I felt terribly about it so put on some gloves, picked her up and gently placed her in an empty shoe box. Not sure how or why she may have been injured but there was a rain storm the evening before that may have caused this. By some miracle she was not run over while injured in the alley. I called a few pet stores and animal shelters and eventually found Chicago Bird Collision Monitors. I explained the situation and text them a picture of the bird and was told it was a Northern Flicker. Made arrangements for them to pick her up and nurse her back to health. A nice gal named Annette picked her up and I pray she's now in good hands.  (Submitted by: JMO-Chicago on September 08, 2020)
  Thank you  (Submitted by: BJ on August 05, 2018)
  I found a Northern Flicker feather on my walk today and upon looking up it’s totem meaning, I found it to exactly replicate the words I’ve come to hear during meditation. I will take these lessons to heart. Thank you! ????????  (Submitted by: Tobi on August 18, 2020)

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