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Elephant Animal Totem

This animal totem is Elephant – Gentleness, Strength, Communication

Elephant medicine is teaching us about relationships and that in order to keep relationships alive you need to have gentleness, commitment and communication. Elephants can be tough when protecting others and gentle when nurturing them. They show us that by showing love and support to others our own ability to thrive is greatly enhanced. Elephants teach us to honor the elders from which we learn and to nurture the young with what we know. The matriarch is the keeper of ancient wisdom and through her we gain insights into the power of three feminine energies; the child, the mother, and the wise elder. By having an open heart we can create strong relationships within the community, thus building a strong community. Elephants have a strong sense of hearing and teach us to truly listen to others.

Elephant also has great strength and confidence. His ability to move the largest of objects in his way is why the Hindu’s god Ganesha, is known as the remover of obstacles. The elephant’s tusks are used for digging and could represent that you have to unearth buried memories in order to release them. 

Are you remembering to nurture yourself? You must look after yourself if you are to look after others. Do you let your intuition and knowledge guide you? Do you effectively communicate with others to create harmony and a strong community? Do you belong to a community or have you isolated yourself? Do you exercise compassion to the young and old? Are you strong and confident? Do you have an open heart?

Crystals to help you remember the medicine of Elephant are:





By Susan Jolley

Posted on February 26, 2015
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