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You’re in the flow. You’ve been thinking about a business challenge and suddenly the answer comes and you know it’s exactly the right choice. Connections to people and resources happen magically. You have a bill due and a prospective client calls to book an appointment – it’s exactly the amount of money you need. Your vibration is aligned with source energy and the Universal Plan is able to unfold as it should, without resistance, for the highest good of all concerned.
Do you want to make that happen more often?
Sure you do. That’s part of why we meditate, use crystals, do yoga, practice energy medicine, tap (EFT) and employ a host of other modalities. We want to align ourselves with nature and the Divine so that energy can move through us.
Many of us use pendulums or muscle testing to sense the energetic patterns of a person or a supplement we’re considering. But what about our food?
When we are aware of our own imbalances (or those of clients) and using crystals to foster a return to balance, making conscious food choices can also aid in the process and foster healing. For example, let's say I'm using Red Jasper to correct an imbalance in my root chakra. I would also want to add more beetroot into my diet. Why beetroot? The correlation of red vibration and also because it is a grounded vegetable. It carries that energy pattern with it. But, there are times when using a Smoky Quartz to correct a root chakra imbalance would be more appropriate, right? Similarly, there are times when one might choose apples or cherries to work on the root chakra. Although these carry the vibration of red, they grow high and do not have the same vibration of rootedness that beet or radish has. They are more appropriate when one has a root imbalance with elements of simply being lost (as opposed to those who are not grounded because they are living in their upper chakras or perhaps more in the ethereal plane. They do not want to participate on Earth very much and spend most their time elsewhere.) If one is not grounded, as in not tied to their purpose or in touch with their spiritual OR earthly nature, then red/root vegetables would be of great value. If one is not grounded, as in not living in the material world very well, then foods which grow higher are more appropriate. The food acts as a bridge for vibration. Use the food which matches where the person is at and also carries the vibration that will bring him or her into balance.
We can think about the colors of food and how they relate to the chakras. This is an easy first step. So, for second chakra issues, we may choose oranges or butternut squash. For fourth chakra issues we may select greens of any sort or kiwis or honeydew.
Another way to consider the energy patterns of food is by how they grow. The closer to the ground a food grows, the lower the vibration. The higher it grows, the higher the vibration. Strictly in terms of energy, that is, to measure quantitatively, butternut lettuce may have the amount of energy as cherries. But there is a qualitative difference which one needs to consider.
We know there are differences in the energy patterns of different's been shown and proven with kirlian photography. Cooked processed foods have smaller auras. They have reduced energy, compared to their uncooked counterparts, a lower vibration, and chaotic energy fields. Compare a cookie and an apple and you’ll find the same thing. We are what we eat – on a vibrational level as well a nutritional level.
Sharon Greenspan
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Posted on January 06, 2011

  I never thought of food this way, although we do try to eat a well balanced diet and organic as possible. It makes sense to me and I will explore this further. Thanks for the informative article.  (Submitted by: Anne M on January 06, 2011)

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