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Once a year, people around the world consciously try to become more aware of the condition planet Earth is in and how to improve it. That special day is known as Earth Day.

Celebrated on April 22nd, Earth Day is recognized as a time of awareness and respect for the environment. Many people recycle, clean up parks and neighborhoods, learn about eco-friendly products, use eco-friendly products, and plant greenery on this day in honor of Mother Nature.

On a metaphysical level, Earth Day is a wonderful reminder to connect with nature. This can be taken literally, such as using energy work to help plants grow, or grounding one’s energies into the Earth. It can also be taken symbolically, as a sign to flow with the cycles of life, or to protect oneself from electromagnetic energies which are more prevalent today because of new technologies.

Whatever special meaning Earth Day has for you, the following crystals will help you to celebrate it in your own way. Happy Earth Day!

Crystals for Earth Day

Crystals for Earth Day

Black Tourmaline (AKA Schorl) - Black Tourmaline is a superb stabilizer, grounding all of the auric fields in the human body. Its ability to shield against electromagnetic energy instantly makes you feel better.

Chrysocolla - Chrysocolla is lovely for healing plants! Said to create an empathic awareness of the Earth’s consciousness in its users, this crystal also develops a connection to the Earth.

Dravite (AKA Champagne Tourmaline) - By opening the Earth Star Chakra and deepening a connection to the Earth, Dravite is able to cleanse and align the auric fields—similarly to how plants cleanse the air.

Gaia Stone - Formed from the volcanic ash of Mt. St. Helen’s eruption, this stone literally comes from the depths of the Earth. Consequently, this lovely green stone connects your Heart Chakra to the heart of the Earth.

Moss Agate - As its name implies, Moss Agate is a fantastic crystal for helping plants grow. Its gentle energy also aids you when detoxifying or balancing your energies.

Petrified Wood - Petrified Wood is quite literally a part of earth’s geological history preserved. As such, it encourages the user to release stress and trust in the flow of life.

Tree Agate - Another fabulous stone for supporting plant growth, Tree Agate is a restorative crystal. It encourages a calm mind/body relation and helps you find beauty in all things.


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Post By Rachel Niemczyk

Posted on April 15, 2013
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