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Dolphin Animal Totem

This animal totem is Dolphin - Breath of Life/Power of Breath and Sound, Cooperation and Protection, Exploration and Play

There is a rhythm to Dolphin's breathing and swimming. Just as breath control is the key to Dolphin's power, he is teaching you that it is the key to your personal power. Meditation is about breath control; when you have aligned yourself with your own body's rhythm you can begin to explore places and times, go deep within yourself, and uncover knowledge that will help you grow and heal. Breath is also required to produce sound, and sound is a creative force. Be in rhythm with your breath to create the inner sounds that will create outer manifestations. When you find your rhythm you are able to resonate and communicate with All That Is. Do you ever wonder why when you get angry it is best to take a deep breath before speaking? This is why. It provides you with an emotional release. Suppressing emotions constricts your breathing. The suppressed emotions do not go away; breathing allows you to experience those emotions and move through them so that you can find joy again. When Dolphin surfaces after holding his breath, he forcefully expels any remaining air and takes in a deep breath. As you move through those emotions forcefully expire each one before taking in another breath.

Dolphin lives in a cooperative community. He works together with his pod members to hunt for food. As they corral a shoal of fish into a tight ball, they all switch off so that others can take a moment to breathe. Once the shoal is in a tight enough ball they all take turns going into feed as the rest continue to keep the shoal in shape. Dolphin is also known to protect other animals from perceived threats. Adults in this community work to protect the weak, injured, those giving birth, and the newborns. Dolphin is teaching you to practice cooperation and selflessness. His actions stem from a place of love, making it easier to work with others without sacrificing your own needs. He shows you how to protect those in need so you can lift them, with love, to the surface so they can breathe. This works to keep the community thriving.

Dolphin is a being with higher intelligence.  He has a natural curiosity about his world and explores it in what appears to be a playful manner. He trusts his instincts and when it is time to try something different, he moves on. Try new things out. If you find something is not for you, let it go and move on. Dolphin is reminding you to keep a sense of humor about your life. As much as you need to work, you also need to take time out of your busy life to let your inner child come out and play just for the sake of playing.

Crystals to help remind you of Dolphin's teachings are:

Breath of Life/Power of Breath and Sound:

Exploration and Play:

Cooperation and Protection:


By Susan Jolley

Posted on December 18, 2015

  Thank you for creating this resource. I love meditating with crystals and pulling animal medicine cards. Now I can get more out of the experience. ????  (Submitted by: JaRule on September 25, 2021)

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