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I had one of my favorite crystals (a beautiful, large flourite crystal) break today. After it had broken, I was no longer able to feel any of the energy I had previously been able to feel coming from the crystal. My husband had told me that he was able to feel the energy just the same as he had before it had broken, but I am not able to. Can you give me any advice on this?
Hi Meredith :)

My feeling is that the energy is still there, in each and every piece. Sometimes, when a crystal breaks, it takes a bit of time to heal from the trauma (just like when we break a leg for instance--the energy in that location at first is displaced, a little shocked, but then returns to the area to assist in the healing. Once healed and whole again, the energy flows again, as it always has). Each piece of the broken Fluorite will keep the energy within.

Try placing the broken pieces together and put some quartz points around them in a circle, with the quartz points facing in. Or you can put the pieces on a piece of Selenite for a while. Give them a bit of time. I have no doubt that you will be able to feel the energy again very soon.

It is possible that you may not currently feel the energy because emotions are in the way--you may feel sadness that the piece broke, or the circumstances in which it broke may be temporarily blocking your connection to it (I broke my favorite fluorite piece and felt guilty for weeks!), but trust me when I say that this will pass :)

I have always personally felt that when a crystal breaks or splits it is a gift :) It is giving us two pieces--either one to keep and one to share, one to put in a healing room or sacred space and one to put in another area of the home, or maybe one to place in the house and one to place in the garden.

I would like to recommend some articles in the Healing Crystals archives that may also be of assistance to you as well-
I would love to hear back from you after a time to see how you and the fluorite are doing :)

with love and crystal blessings,
Kristi Huggins
Author and Project Manager for Healing Crystals

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Posted on November 16, 2009
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