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When wearing crystals in a vial pendant, are their energies trapped & ineffective or do they actually radiate outside the glass vial? If the latter, is the energy significantly reduced? Thanks for your input, have been wondering for a while.




Hi C,

Thank you for your inquiry.  You can still benefit from the energy worn inside of a glass vial.  It may not be as noticeable, since they are usually smaller chips and the energy is somewhat more contained than if it were directly on your skin.  Crystals are kept in many different types of containers or holder both while in use and when not.  I tend to prefer anything copper for wearing my crystals as it is a wonderful conductor of energy, but you can find crystal jewelry that incorporates many various materials.  Some crystals are easier to find in chip form so the vial pendants may be a good choice, but for others you may opt for a larger tumbled or raw piece.  In the end, it is mostly a matter of personal preference.

Crystal Blessings,


Posted on April 26, 2016
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