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I was wondering, if you cleanse some crystals and charge them, and then decide to smudge them, (before programming) do you have to re-charge them again or will they still be charged from before the smudging? Does cleansing a crystal always take the charge out of the crystal?

I am going to try to explain this without sounding to scientific or technical. Everything vibratesand vibration creates energy in the form of waves created by moving electrons. In its normal state these electrons go willy nilly everywhere they feel like, following the path of least resistance. This energy is very disorganized and chaotic. It also has a set of characteristic, in other words how fast are these electrons moving,and how many electrons are moving. A crystal left to itself or exposed to other energy will do what the other energy does and follow along the path of least resistance. Sometimes this new energy is moving so slow that it is not good for the human body.
You have to remember in nature energy doesn't know the difference between what we call negative or positive energy, It just see's it as more energy. A charged crystal means its atoms are ionized to hold more electron and make tighter molecules. When we interact with a crystal we use the energy of our thoughts to cause the energy to flow in a more cohesive manner and in a specific direction. We push all these electrons into a tight beam that we can control with our thoughts. So we call this energy positive energy. After a while the crystal runs out of extra electrons to make this tight beam of positive energy so it begins to look for other sources of energy. It takes any energy it finds. When we do healing the body releases unwanted energy, the crystal sees this as an energy source and uses it to replace the energy it lost. Kind of like a battery. But the crystal atoms are no longer ionized so it doesn't want these new electrons. By placing the crystal to charge we are allowing the sun to recharge the crystal by ionization. Ionization allows a crystal to hold more electron in a cohesive molecular structure, once again giving us the energy we want.
To answer your question no. As long as the atoms in the crystal remain ionized the crystal just see the energy from smudging as more energy and will add it to the crystal. As long as the crystal remain ionized it will continue to add to its energy until it runs out of places for the energy to go.

This is a very simplified explanation. There is much more to it, but then you would be getting into quantum physics and we just don't have time or space for that.

Roslyn Bohanan
Master Crystal Healer

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Posted on September 23, 2011

  thank you for this information ~ _3  (Submitted by: Marilyn M on April 05, 2014)

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