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Daily Crystal Horoscope for Wednesday *09/06/17*

Today's Crystals:  Blue Topaz & Apophyllite .  A Full Moon in Pisces means it's time to look around to note what has reached a natural conclusion and what that means to you.  This period forces us to take some kind of action that may be physical, emotional, spiritual or a combination.  It may mean consciously letting something go and/or deliberately proceeding forward but you do want to take definitive action.  This period reminds you that can't control everything in your environment  but you always have complete control of how you react and work with your present conditions.  That is the message of a Full Moon and it can feel challenging since it is an emotional period.  You want to acknowledge and use those feelings that rise but they shouldn't be your only tool.  Blue Topaz will help you find the logic and focus necessary to make this a productive time that is more about beginnings than endings. This is the end of a cycle but it is also the beginning of a new, fresh one.  Pisces energy does not always like working with reality and it's inherently rough features.  You don't want to let fantasy factor into your choices at this time because it will only delay your progress.  Apophyllite can help you base decisions on the facts of now and know that is how you will make your wishes come true.

Posted on September 06, 2017
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