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Daily Crystal Horoscope for Wednesday *04/09/14*

Crystals for the day:  Sodalite & Lithium Quartz.  You are caught in a battle of extremes caused by Venus and Mars.  Are you interested or obsessed?  Are you in love or in lust?  Do you want or do you need?  The answer is Yes to all of it, therein causing the tension that you feel as you make your way through the day.  And Mars in retrograde will turn this stressful energy inward affecting your emotions and reactions. Don't waste your energy attempting neutrality because it will be nearly impossible.  You want to avoid decisions, actions or acquisitions because they are sure to go over the top.  You do want to reflect upon your thoughts and desires because they will help you at another time.  You will find a purpose for what you can learn about yourself today and make it work for you when balance is more attainable.  Since that is not this day, use Sodalite to gain some insight and Lithium Quartz as a calming influence.

Number of the day: 2

2 will help when you want to conjoin opposites to make a greater whole.  Banded Agate will show you how to take what you have and create something special.

Posted on April 09, 2014

  Thank you I look forward to eeach dayto see what is in store & to see how iI can make it better ,thank you for your time for all your input !  (Submitted by: GODsChild on April 09, 2014)

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