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Daily Crystal Horoscope for Tuesday *09/30/14*     

Crystals for the day:  Bronzite & Mahogany Obsidian.  You know that Jupiter is always going to push you towards excess and most of the time that quality can get you moving in the right direction. Today's semi-square with Venus could send you quickly in the opposite direction of wherever your best interests lie. Under this influence your actions are likely to be based on momentary impulses and overblown emotions rather than reasonable thought.  It will be very easy to say the wrong thing and say way too much of it!  It will be just as easy to overspend, overextend and in general just overdo everything.  Patience and restraint will save you from impetuous reactions that you will likely regret.  Bronzite can offer stability and Mahogany Obsidian will remind you that you can always go after what you want another day...if you do still want it!

Number of the day: 1

Whatever action that you decide upon, do it because it is what you really want to do.  The trick is to be confident in your choices and prepared for the consequences. Pink Tourmaline will help you know the right move.

Posted on September 30, 2014
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