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Daily Crystal Horoscope for Sunday *11/05/17*

Today's Crystals:  Smokey Quartz & Fuchsite.  Yesterday’s Full Moon in Taurus reminds us of the importance of contentment.  You don’t want to feel stressed or hurried during this sensual Moon because Taurus is all about comfort and security.  These are essential to our happiness, but the downfall is that it brings out a strong resistance to change.  Taurus energy doesn’t like being out of control because its sublime bliss is threatened.  This is not a great pairing with a Scorpion Sun that loves to stir things up and remind us of the inevitability of change.  Remember that you have all the power in how you use this Full Moon energy.  If you need a break from whatever turmoil you are experiencing, use Smokey Quartz to relax into the energy.  A proactive use is to gather your strength and resources for storms on the horizon.  Fuchsite lets you consider how you feel when you are happy and secure.  Know what is producing these feelings and how you attained them.  Use this as your intention when you are working through changes so you know where you want to end up - feeling as good as you do now. The Moon shifts into Gemini later today and while Gemini is also not a fan of change, it does need to exert its considerable power to take charge of every situation it encounters.  It will help you to gain control over your experience and make it a healthy and happy one.

Posted on November 05, 2017
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