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Daily Crystal Horoscope for Sunday *09/27/15*

Crystals for the day:  Amethyst & Rose Quartz & Clear Quartz.  The energy of the New Moon/Partial Solar Eclipse a few weeks ago gave you the opportunity to heal and fortify your inner being.  Now it is time to employ a similar strategy and utilize the energy of the Full Moon/Supermoon/Total Lunar Eclipse to look outward and consider the people and situations that surround you.  Does it sound like a lot of powerful energy?  Well, it is!  The Supermoon amplifies the effects of the Moon here on Earth. The Full Moon is about the conclusion of a cycle and, since it is in the sign of Aries, you’ll be tasked to proactively initiate whatever needs to be concluded before you can begin a new cycle.  The Lunar Eclipse is your wake up call to what needs to get repaired and healed in your surroundings in order for you to be happy.  This Eclipse will have a particular focus on relationships, so expect to be very aware of those concerns.  Whatever is not working for you is going to come to light so that you can repair it and be done with that destructive cycle.  Once you begin to clear those past patterns, you’ll begin the construction of a new cycle.  It may be with the same people and situations, but now you have changed the flow of energy from negative to positive and that will change everything!  Remember that everything takes time, so don’t expect a sudden switch - but be assured that the good that you do for yourself now amplifies over time.  Crystals in the Quartz family will be powerful assistants and conduits for positive energy right now.  Use Amethyst for insight, Rose Quartz for emotional balance that is constructive, and Clear Quartz to shine the light on what needs to change and help you to make those changes.

Number of the day: 8

Every powerful force needs stability and balance to expand.  You are that catalyst that can set that force in motion.  Carnelian enables you to realize your immense power.

Posted on September 27, 2015
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