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Daily Crystal Horoscope for Sunday *01/03/16*

Crystals for the day: Aquamarine & Sunstone.  

Quintile transits always bring out our creative talents and help us to use them for practical gain.  We have two upcoming quintiles beginning today with Venus and Jupiter, helping us to appreciate and aspire to “perfection".  It is important that you treat that term as an ideal rather than an absolute, because each of us will see “perfection” in a different manner.  You want to strive for your personal idea of something beautiful and sublime rather than worrying about what others think.  Otherwise you could feel as if you fell short of expectations, rather than feeling empowered by uncovering and working with your individual view.  Carry Aquamarine so you can focus on your unique vision without being swayed by outside influences. Venus moves into another quintile with the Moon the next day and that will lighten up your mood.  It will be the inside that counts right now over the exterior appearance.  How does someone or something make you feel?   If it is light, lively and just plain fun, then that is where you’ll want to be and what will attract you.  This is also the person that you want to be, so if you’ve been a little too serious lately it is time to let that go and discover what makes you feel fun and happy.  Sunstone will help you uncover that creativity and joy and help you to see the positive impact it has on your overall well-being.

Number of the day: 4

Keep to your schedule and accomplish your tasks - there will be a better time to play later.  4 keeps you focused and on the straight and narrow.  Carry Brown Jasper to reap the benefits.

Posted on January 03, 2016
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