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Daily Crystal Horoscope for Saturday *11/21/15*

Crystals for the day: Tourmalated Quartz & Sunstone.  

Don’t waste your time and energy trying to exert your control in an effort to avoid the inevitable.  A Sun/Pluto semi-square will make you think that this is your best move right now, but it will only lead to disappointment and exhaustion.  Instead, use this energy to figure out how you will manage whatever comes your way.  Think of all the possible scenarios – the good and the not so good – and form different plans to make it all work in your favor.  That is how you can use this transit in a manner that will benefit you rather than drain you and your resources.  If you absolutely need to control something, then work on managing the myriad of insights that you’ll be receiving once Mercury and Uranus join up in a sesquiquadrate.  They will be coming fast and furious and that will make them hard to hold on to long enough to really determine their value.  Find a way to record them for the future because there will be some fabulous ideas that you’ll want to reference at a later time.  You don’t want to share them just yet, because you want to hold tight to that power, so use Tourmalated Quartz to keep things to yourself for the time being.  Sunstone will help you maintain a proactive attitude that makes good use of the tumultuous atmosphere.

Number of the day: 4

4 wants you to stop procrastinating and get busy already!  You've got things to do and it is time to get them done.  Pink Aventurine will get you moving.

Posted on November 21, 2015
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