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Daily Crystal Horoscope for Saturday *06/21/14*

Crystals for the day: Manganese w/ Sugilite &  Kyanite.  Does it feel as if what you are giving doesn’t correlate to what you are getting – particularly when it comes to work or relationships?  This could be a legitimate wake up call that you deserve more in reciprocation for your output or it could just be Venus and Pluto casting undue suspicions.  We can all feel unappreciated from time to time and there may be some merit to your feelings.  That feeling of deserving more is a highlight of this transit, so you want to be very cautious before you try to take any actions. Wait a day to make sure that you really do have a case before you ask for more.  You don’t want to seem manipulative or passive/aggressive and it is always important to come from a place of strength before you take a stand.  Manganese w/ Sugilite will offer insight and allow you to see how much you really are valued.  Kyanite will bring some mental peace.

Number of the day: 7

You really never know what will happen until it is done.  7 reminds us that is where faith comes into play.  Believe in the outcome you are working towards and let Pyrite amplify your intentions.

Posted on June 21, 2014

    (Submitted by: Mamz on June 21, 2014)

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