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Daily Crystal Horoscope for Monday *07/11/16*

Crystals for the day:  Blue Tiger Eye & Chiastolite

Mercury begins the day in a Square with Uranus that will awaken dormant areas of your mind that are usually laying back and keeping quiet.  Now is the time to tackle complex issues and problems because you will see them in a new light.  Your thoughts are working in different patterns than usual and that will produce insights and creative solutions that have been eluding you.  While you may uncover objectives and ideas, you don't want to enact anything under this influence.   While you are mentally productive it won't be as easy to accomplish physical tasks.   You will be too busy innovating to focus on your normal routine and you won't have the clarity to communicate effectively.  Once Mercury moves into another transit with Saturn you will feel overwhelmed by policies and procedures.  You don't want to allow the stress of this energy to override your potential for life-altering mental breakthroughs.   Defer what you can and use Blue Tiger Eye to concentrate and power through the rest.  It will also help you feel comfortable with the probability that you may need to amend things at a later date.  Spend quiet time with Chiastolite to increase your vision and ingenuity.     

Number of the day: 9

Often we dismiss an idea or plan when it seems too hard or impractical.  9 can help you to fully consider all of the options before you discard an opportunity.   Use Azurite to see the true potential beyond the labor.

Posted on July 11, 2016
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