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Daily Crystal Horoscope for Friday *10/06/17*

Today's Crystals:  Hematite & Brecciated Jasper.  Confusion persists throughout the day with Neptune continuing to disrupt our plans as it moves into a transit with Mercury. Neptune always makes everything a little soft and fuzzy since it does not like the harshness of reality.  Mercury’s effectiveness as a communicator will be diminished and you will notice it particularly with your inner support system.  That voice in your head won’t be loud or clear and your intuition will be off.  You simply won't feel comfortable trusting your own mind and Neptune takes advantage by urging you to fantasize the day away. Any attempts at focus and logic will likely result in stress and frustration.  There are some days when you are better off just taking it easy rather than trying to fight against the energy with your drive and will.  You might accomplish something, but it won’t be worth the mental anguish and physical stress.  Hematite  will enable you to calmly flow with the energy without feeling as if you have to conquer it and get something done!  Grounding will be a real boost to your mood and physical feeling, so keep a Brecciated Jasper with you throughout the day.

Posted on October 06, 2017
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