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Daily Crystal Horoscope for Friday *08/11/17*

Today's Crystals:  Orange Calcite & Picture Jasper.  Those doubts and worries are creeping in again as you wonder why your actual progression isn't matching your projection of events.  Uranus and Neptune are battering your thoughts with a mix of inspired hope and practical concern.  You want to remember that this conflict is going on in your mind and not in your physical reality.  Orange Calcite will enable you to control your thoughts and use them to create new opportunities instead allowing them to create stress.  This can be useful energy to point towards your goals and objectively determine if they are the right ones for you.  Sometime we subconsciously sabotage ourselves because deep down we know that what we are going after won't be satisfactory.  This is transit will alert you if you are expending a lot of effort towards the wrong thing. It is time to either renew your devotion to present goals or let them go in favor of something new.    Either way this is the fresh start you need so pay attention to those dreams and fantasies that seem unlikely at first glance.  Picture Jasper helps you determine if they are something you really want and how you can make them work.  

Posted on August 11, 2017
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