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Daily Crystal Horoscope forFriday *06/23/17*

Today's Crystals: Citrine &  Green Tourmaline.  Venus and Saturn don’t want you thinking about your plans and goals right now.  They want you to focus on the excitement you feel while you are going after those things.  It isn’t about the achievement but the passion and dedication it takes to get there.   It will be clear that if you aren’t enjoying the ride then you are going in the wrong direction.   Citrine will give you the courage to do something about anything meaningless that is draining your energy.  This is progressive energy that creates plenty of opportunities for change.  You don’t want to allow fears of losing your foundation to keep you from considering other options.  Green Tourmaline  will help you get past those insecurities.  Flexibility and a willingness to try something new will strengthen your security – not diminish it!

Posted on June 23, 2017
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