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Daily Crystal Horoscope for Friday *06/17/16*

Crystals for the day: Rhyolite & Banded Amethyst

What if you discovered that you had an extraordinary ability that you haven't been using?  Would you continue to ignore it or figure out how to perfect it and utilize it to better your life and the world as a whole?  That is the question that the quintile aspect challenges us to answer.  This energy points us towards those unique skills and talents that we possess but haven't realized or have been underutilizing.  Mercury and Chiron are in that transit today, giving you the chance to recognize any mental acuity, creative/imaginative and impressionable communication skills that you possess.  You may suddenly become aware that you possess these talents or find new uses for current skills.  These could be awakened by a desire to heal and help others, or limited by your own doubts of worth as a result of Chiron's influence.  This transit could effectively neutralize and eliminate those limiting beliefs but you will need to be open to the energy and be willing to work with it to transform your self-image.  Rhyolite will be a wonderful crystal to assist with your transformative efforts.  A Saturn/Neptune square transit will try to block your efforts as dreams seems impossible to realize in the face of harsh realities.  Be comfortable with your ability to do the work and get the resources that you need and the Universe will have your back.  The planets and stars want to direct you towards finding your happiest place here on earth - not prevent you from enjoying your journey!  Work with the positive energies and use Banded Amethyst to uncover your calling and assert your will.

Number of the day: 5

Quintiles work very well with the energy of 5 so this is a particularly powerful time to understand the impact of you living your life with purpose.  Life is a constant adventure and everything changes from one moment to the next.  Always know that it will turn your way.  Celestite will encourage you to keep the faith.

Posted on June 17, 2016
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